Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lifesaver Cafe Narrabeen

Lifesaver Cafe Narrabeen
Do you have a cafe that you walk into and feel like settling in for the duration?  Well Lifesaver cafe in Narrabeen on Sydney's Northern Beaches, is one such place for me.  The weather has been hideous in Sydney the last two weekends, so last Monday when the sun began to shine, it was time for a beachy fix and what better way to do that, than in the company of a lovely girlfriend from my inner city single days.

I'm not a big fan of sand, probably too many experiences of it sticking to everything and I mean everything, but I do love to watch the ocean from a slight distance and you can do that at Lifesaver Cafe Narrabeen.  The couches were free and that's where I plonked myself, knowing from past experience that it's the only place for me in this once was corner shop.

There are the conventional tables and chairs too, or a more alfresco option with the same, but spread eagle on a red couch opposite a good friend, with the wind in my hair due to the huge windows, is not a bad way to spend the best part of a Monday.

I stuck to a healthy chicken and salad wrap, sans sour creme, which they will happily leave out for you.  There are other more substantial options as you can see and the coffee is great.

There are some well loved toys in a box for the kids, if you are a mum in need of a dose of getting in touch with humanity, with toddlers.

All round this is a cute little place to spend a few hours.  According to my sweet blogging friend Seana from Sydney, Kids, Food and Travel who introduced me to this spot, the breakfasts are terrific here too.  So if you are looking for somewhere to park yourself after a dip on the Northern Beaches, to just watch the world go by, Lifesaver cafe may be just the spot for you.

Lifesaver Cafe
Open daily 7am-4pm
1 Malcolm (cnr Ocean St) Street
Ph 02 9913 3266

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  1. This looks like the perfect beach side cafe, if only it was in Perth! I could bite right into that healthy salad wrap ... yum!

  2. Yes, seeing the sunshine on Monday was so good for the soul. Like you said, the recent weekends in Sydney have been foul. I love the look of this cafe and the view from windows is very relaxing. I haven't met Sienna but I do follow her blog - we should get together in the holidays xx

  3. They make a mean latte there too. We must catch up there one day soon hun xx

    1. Love to and don't forget a day at Royce in the holidays with the kids.

  4. It looks lovely and relaxing, and nice summery weather, something we are missing up here. Thanks for linking up at Eat.Pray.Love. Linky.

  5. Can I come to Royce too?? Where's that one? There's something about the feel of Lifesavers that is totally soothing. And even though it isn't right on the beach, and doesn't have the best beach views, it's one of the beachiest feelinf cafes ever.

    I've got a bit superstitious and go there with my laptop to write introductions to my books, well I have done for the last two and will be there for the new one I'm working on now.

    Catch you there!

  6. I love a place with great coffee. I'd be there in a nano second if it weren't for the 12 hour flight.

  7. bonjour,excellent article .
    j'aime beaucoup tous ces informations pour le Lifesaver Cafe Narrabeen .
    merci pour ces belles photos .


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