Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wooden Spoon Cremorne

Enjoying the ambiance at Wooden Spoon Cremorne
I've been lucky enough to meet some very generous foodie bloggers lately.  The lovely Charlie Louie from Hotly Spiced was kind enough to mention my name when this event at Wooden Spoon Bar and Restaurant was being put together.  The truth is, Mr Beach House and I don't dine out as much as I'd like to.  I love it, but he thinks the food is good enough at home and so there is little incentive to take me out. We are talking about a kid that saved his canteen money at school and went without lunch to buy parts for his boat.  Food is not high on his list of priorities.  If I ever get stranded on a deserted island, I want it to be with him.......or Hugh Jackman of course.  But if I ever wanted to leave the island, I'd prefer Mr Beach House, as he can sail and he's not passionate about food, so there'd be more for me.  That's a win win if ever I saw one.  

It just doesn't occur to Mr Beach House that I might like to be wined and dined, and I've learned to largely let it go and get my kicks elsewhere.   My parents were great restaurant lovers and as an only child, I was often 'dragged' along to eat with them, falling asleep under the table, as they got into it late into the night.  Eating well in lots of different places is my kind of thing, so when I get the opportunity to try a new restaurant, I am there with bells on. 

And let me tell you, Wooden Spoon Bar and Restaurant did not disappoint. The venue has a fabulous bar, overlooking the kitchen, where all manner of gorgeousness is produced.  Or if you prefer to lounge as you sip on your cocktails, there are loads of cute and cozy nooks, where you can hang out with your friends.  The styling was lovely too with a mix of vintage, eclectic pieces, candles and low lighting everywhere.

Livia Wang, in charge of front of house, was incredibly generous and engaging with us 16 bloggers who gathered in her new restaurant, serving us a 5 course degustation menu.  We sat down to a cleverly constructed menu which was a delight to the senses.

The restaurant caters for all menu types, in addition to entrees, mains and desserts, a range of bar snacks, canapes and tasting plates are available to tempt your senses.

The restaurant is several doors up from the Hayden Orpheum Theatre in Cremorne .  It's a great watering hole in which to gather, before or after a movie.  There is a 10% discount at Wooden Spoon, if you can produce your movie tickets.  The  tasting plate is designed specifically with movie goers in mind, who don't want to sit down for a full meal. 

First we started with some cocktail samples.  This one is usually served in a champagne flute at $16 and was delicious

Stay classy San Deigo,

This one,  Passionata came as part of the tasting plate

Passionata served alone is $15 which was lovely - 3 year old rum, with passionfruit, orange and lemon juice
The food was exquisite

Pan Seared Scallops, ox tail sausage, pea and lemon puree, apple and pork juice

Zucchini Flowers Salt Cod and potato Brandade

Confit Pork Belly, butternut squash and Toasted Cumin Puree, Pickled Leek and Apple Salad

The dumplings were superb too

The food was amazing and the vibe in this place is definitely worth a visit. If you have a look at Wooden Spoon's Face book page there are loads of reasonably priced examples of events held at the venue, such as a wine tasting with canapes for $29.

They recently had a cocktail tasting night with 10 cocktails to be sampled for $15.  So why not head over and like Wooden Spoon's face book page to stay in touch with their up coming events. This could be the perfect venue for your next do.

Wooden Spoon Bar and Restaurant was a lovely centrally located spot, in Sydney to catch up with friends.  And for me, dining this kind of way, is what it's all about. A relaxing atmosphere with great food and wine. It's one of life's joys.

3/362 Military Road
02 9904 5687
Monday - Friday 5pm 'til late
Saturday - 12 pm 'til late
I was a guest of the restaurant and thoroughly appreciate the fact I was given an opportunity to dine out in style.


  1. What a great looking place Carolyn. Those foodie bloggers just 'get it', don't they? Speaking of which, won't be long before we'll be doing this together in Noosa. Busting I tell ya!

    Anne xx

    1. Yes I have my details for the cook off and looks like I am sharing with bikebakeblog. Dates are 15-18 May staying in Noosa. The accommodation looks superb. Nervous much, but I don't care about winning I just want the experience. Winning would be nice but it's not my end goal.

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely mention, Carolyn. We must do this again soon. It was such a good night and I'm really glad you were able to get a leave-pass from the beach house to join us - it's such a good venue, maybe you could talk Mr Beach House into booking us a table for four? xx

  3. The atmosphere looks fantastic and those drinks are making my mouth water! looks like an awesome night out. -aroha #teamIBOT

  4. the food and drinks look and sound fantastic.. what a treat!!
    i've just finished writing something for a post about deserted islands, so it was funny to read this.

  5. looks like the place to be...:)
    Bec x

  6. Carolyn this looks just magnificent - what a delightful treat! Emily

  7. I think most women like to be wined and dined, but my Boatman would rather eat at home too, which I guess is kind of sweet and complimentary.
    And I think he would stop eating to save for boat parts too!

  8. Wow what an experience! Thanks for sharing. It all looks so delicious.!

  9. Food looks great and the decor's cool. Good to have somewhere next to theOrpheum that caters to rushed movie goers who still want a good meal.


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