Friday, September 20, 2013

And Now for Some Stunning Palm Beach Real Estate

This beautifully inspired Palm Beach Waterfront is absolutely stunning.  With her own sandy beach and original boat shed, you are still left with something to do in this gorgeous recently renovated beach house if make overs are your thing.  Otherwise she has been completely overhauled.  I adore the styling ideas in this home.  Look out for the wonderful use of map art in the master bedroom.

This one is perfect Beach Dwellers.  Here are more of her details.  I shall definitely paying this one a visit on the weekend.

Have a splendid weekend.  

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  1. Wow that is absolutely stunning.

  2. Wow!! What is that shiny white flooring?? Can you do a report when you've visited... and where is this, the Pittwater side, but didn't realise there are such absolute waterfronts there. Gorgeous.

  3. Nice choice to showcase with the water and sand coming right up to the steps.

  4. these are beautiful all white, must be hard to keep clean?


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