Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thredbo I love It

Skiing in Australia can be a great challenge and I have often found myself sweating on the conditions before a snow holiday at Thredbo, over my lifetime.  This is what it used to be like quite often as I was growing up as a child, before snow making was installed in Thredbo.  The village is set lower than it's main competitor resort Perisher, so when the snow is not hot, Perisher always looks like the better bet.

This year the snow making couldn't cut it either unfortunately.  And Thredbo was the worst I have seen it in about 30 years.  Happily there was enough for a ski, even if the runs were a little shorter this year.  'Til now, I have been a climate change skeptic and I hope this was just a blimp on the seasonal chart and this it is not a sign of what is to come.

Because when it does this or the snow machines are working like crazy, 

on a good day, Thredbo can be world class.  I had such a day like this last season.  I would consider it one of the best days I have had skiing....EVER and that is saying something, as I have skied lots of the famous ski fields of the world.

That Monday last year looked like this.  A blue bird day with beautiful dry snow and no crowds.

and this

but unfortunately this is what we got this year.  Can you spot the difference?  Lots of grass.

It can be like that and I have learned to take the good with the bad.  When you are getting temps of 30 and over in Sydney, you kind of know the snow will be trashed before you set off.

But really, it is all about the kids these days and they said this year was their best season ever.  The Friday Flat beginners area shut a week before we arrived, so the Beach House Brats were forced to go higher up to a more challenging area.  They skied longer and steeper runs then they had before, accordingly they improved greatly.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of skiing top to bottom Merrits with your kids hard on your heels and handling it very well.

And then there was this.  It snowed on our last afternoon, which gave the kids plenty of time to play in the beautiful white stuff.

The village is completely stunning when it is covered in a white blanket of the fluffy stuff.

A white Winter wonderland if you will.

Remember this shot from my last post?  It truly was one of the happiest moments of my life.  The quiet fluttering of a snow flake across a beautiful landscape is just something that has to be experienced to understand.  I cannot get enough of it.

And to see your children enjoying something so intensely.  Something you have enjoyed since you were the same age is one of life's delights.

She was still happy after a full days skiing in cold and snowy conditions.

I stood here in the snow for 40 minutes waiting for the kids to sign them out of ski school for a late ski and it was so lovely to watch everyone enjoying the last of the Winter snow whilst I waited.

The loud music from the Alpine Hotel was calling us as we got off the chairlift that day.  I had to drag Mr Beach House in for some apres ski, but the kids and I danced our way in for a drink as the snow fell by the fire pit.  It was a happy time.

When we got back to the lodge, I grabbed my good camera and went out to try and get a few pretty shots.

We stay in this lodge known as Boali, which is fantastic because they serve gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner so I get a complete break.  It has truly set the bench mark in what I now call a holiday.  As much as I love to cook, it is lovely not to have to think about it for a week.

And my beloved Thredbo, looking a little the worse for wear after a poor season, but still an insanely beautiful landscape whatever the weather.  I have made so many memories within your bounds over the years, that you are perfect in my eyes.

And of course the kids.  They lingered a little the morning after to play in the last of the snow.  Their father was trying to wrangle them into the car for the trip home, but I was on their side.  Making them snow balls to throw at each other and enjoying the wondrous white stuff for just a little longer.

And that would by soy sauce all over the snow ball.....don't ask.

Then it was good bye until next time.  I never fail to click off my skis for the last time that season and hope to God that there is going to be a next time.  Because skiing is my thing and the challenge now is to do it for as long as I possibly can.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our ski holiday.

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  1. Wow beautiful pics Carolyn! It is insanely beautiful, would love to make it there one-day. I love how adaptable kids can be, glad you all had a lovely time!

  2. I would rather fly to the moon that take a holiday in the snow Carolyn. I think being a Qlder, I'm born and bred to holiday by the ocean. I'd like to take the kids one day but I've never, ever thought about skiing nor have any desire too. It does look beautiful though and your photos are gorgeous. Great to see you posting again. I've missed you.

    Anne xx

  3. Lovely pictures, you are blessed to live so close to the snow, the most I can hope for is a bit of frost!!!

  4. Great photos!! So weird to see trees. We have no trees on our alps. Kids look fabulous!!

  5. look like you had a great time despite the snow conditions. my son was there a few weeks ago and was lucky to get the best snow of the season. your photos brought back memories, especially the silver brumby. we lived there for a summer and a winter in the apartment right at the top.

  6. That looks like fun! Nice to find another blogger from Aus :) Found you via the thriving on thursday blog hop and followed !

  7. Some lovely shots of your trip, the kids seem to be having a ball. Glad you got some snow.

  8. Wow, great post - fab snaps. I've never been to the snow, now on my hit list of things to do. FHG

  9. It certainly looks like you had a great family holiday and made the most of your time even if the conditions were less than perfect. I think that's the way it is with skiing in Australia. I remember spending two weeks in Perisher one year where there was nothing but blizzards and white outs and rain and gale force winds for the entire 14 days. It was miserable but there was plenty of snow! You just can never tell how it's going to be and it's been unpredictable for as long as I can remember. I love your images and your children look so happy xx

  10. You know, I grew up in Camberra and despite having close access to the ski resorts, I didn't learn how to ski until I lived in Japan. And there I was spoilt with fantastic snow! I have still yet to try out Thredbo! Beautiful photos!

  11. Lovely post Carolyn, great to hear your exhileration, and the thrill of seeing the love of skiing passed down to a new generation. Love the pics esp the tree trunk. Time to catch up on the science of climate change, I fear... and hope that snow makers get better and better and the climate gets hotter, sad to say.

  12. It looks beautiful there, though cold. Which is why I have never skied.
    But my son asks occasionally for a snow holiday so one day we may have to oblige.

    Meanwhile I keep thinking I should have a skiing with kids packing list on my site - but not really sure exactly what is essential. Would love to have your input and I could give you a credit bi-line.

    1. Ps they have a day care centre as well. We have used it but it was expensive.

  13. You will find lots of info for kids here it is so well set up for kids. We drop ours at ski school at 9.30 am and don't need to pick them up until 3.30 if we don't want to. We also stay in a lodge where there are lots of other kids. It has a play room so they all have a ball together. There is also an aquatic centre in Thredbo with water slides etc so it is a great resort for kids. But it does get very pricey, what ever you do.

    1. Oh that sounds fantastic thank you.
      Maybe Thredbo is the answer as my son always wants water slides on holidays and I have reminded him there is no swimming in the snow so this could be the answer.

  14. We were in Queenstown in 2004 and this was the last time I saw snow :(
    I am an abysmal skier.. in fact I wouldn't even claim the 'skier' part of that sentence. I was more like a twisty pretzel- in everyone's way and completely annoying.. I totally get the happiness part of your post though. There's nothing quite like it is there? One of the happiest times of my life. Great pics.

  15. Loved the pictures and Blog the sound of that lodge your staying in :-) Despite the lack of snow I feel your happiness in your blog. Kids look happy too...and Mr Beach house..was he happy????


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