Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Narrabeen Lagoon Bike Track, Bilarong Reserve and Middle Creek Reserve

I love introducing you to beautiful places in my hood and Narrabeen Lagoon Bike Track, Bilarong Reserve and Middle Creek Reserve are no exception to that.  We are always looking for cost effective ways to get together as a family and Narrabeen bike track and associated picnic areas well and truly fit the bill.

The littlest Beach House Brat has just had her trainer wheels removed at her own request.  She watches this kid on YouTube called Annie, and if 'no trainer wheels' is good enough for Annie, well then, apparently it's good enough for my baby as well.  I reckon if I can keep this kid on the straight and narrow until she is an adult, she may just change the world, as she has alot of spirit and is prepared to try anything at least once.

She can ride pretty well now, but still has no idea how to stop and is keeping her father fit by running along side and catching her when she falls.

Her brother was trying to teach her how to jump off a moving bike and showing her how he did it when he was at her stage.  Meanwhile I was having kittens watching the whole thing, but they all survived just in time for some snags hot off the BBQ.  The BBQs were clean and plentiful in Bilarong Reserve and it was lovely sitting by the lake munching on some good Aussie fare.

I only brought the bare minimum of lunch with us and afterwards Mr Beach House suggested "A chocolate brownie would be nice" with the cup of tea I had just poured him.  Amazing what they expect on a regular basis, isn't it? 

The kids had a great time feeding the resident ducks, who are probably used to eating way too many left overs.

There were other kids having a dip.  As the lake is shallow, it's a good one for an early Spring paddle.  

We decided to walk the track rather than bike it, owing to the littlest ones deficiencies in stopping, but there where plenty of game little competents who were skilled enough to ride it.

Part of the track got a make over under the governments cash splash during the GFC.  They obviously threw lots of money at it, as its a fabulous track with sculptural distractions,

viewing platforms

and architectural seating.

The track does go by the Wakehurst Parkway for the briefest of moments, but it is quite safe and well guarded from the road.

The Wakehurst Parkway was built during the war years, a time when we were so tied to Britain, that we used to name things after the Governor General.   The construction of the road at this time is understandable, considering it was quite possible the Japanese would invade Sydney via the then underpopulated Northern Beaches.  The discovery of Japanese midget subs off Bungan Head near Newport Beach and also at Collaroy Beach near Long Reef suggests those fears were well founded, but the road was obviously hastily constructed, as it is still impassable in heavy rain due to flooding today.

The Olympic torch also passed here on it's way to the opening ceremony in Sydney that night.  An event which appears important enough to have its own plaque.  I had seen the torch the night before in front of the Sydney Opera House.  I was standing next to the tennis player Ken Rosewell in the grounds of Government House as Olivia Newton John passed it on to Pat Rafter.  Andrea Botchelli sang opera and Ken Rosewell turned to me and said "Isn't this incredible?"  I had to agree.  I remember thinking this feels like Christmas time as a kid and also that Ken Rosewell was one of the nicest and most unaffected super stars I had ever met.

I was offered a free ticket to the opening ceremony the next night and turned it down because Mr Beach House and I had a date.  I could kick myself now, but the relationship was new and we were madly in love.

I shall tell you one day about my Sydney Olympic journey, as it is a biggy.  I was a protocol assistant to Dick Pound, Vice President of the IOC, who found himself in charge all of a sudden, as Juan Antonio Samaranch had to return to Europe due to the death of his wife, after the opening ceremony.

Anyhoo that is for another day.

So at the other end of the track to Bilarong Reserve is Middle Creek Reserve, as indicated by the solid blue line.  It's a 2.2 km walk between the two and on a bike as a return trip, it would be considered a very doable ride for kids.

Middle Creek Reserve is the posher of the two picnic areas on the track, with ample parking and great BBQ and seating facilities.    

So if you are looking for a great day out these school holidays, bring your bikes, cozzies and some snags to throw on the barby for a bit of good old fahioned fun in my glorious locale. 

If you are looking for some day trip ideas in Sydney, consider a day up this way.  Here are some other ideas for you.

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  1. I saw the Olympic Torch moving along Wakehurst Parkway. The road was lined with people all clapping and cheering. I didn't think it would be a big deal but it certainly was and I found it quite emotional. Like you say, it was as exciting as Christmas. I was a Placard Bearer at the Olympics and led the team from Bangladesh onto the field of play at the opening and closing ceremonies. I blogged about it a while ago. I love this bike track and have done it quite a few times but before it had its renovation. I must take my little guy there these holidays xx

  2. That looks like a beautiful day out! Nice to meet another Aussie based blogger!

    AmeriAus Blog

  3. Oh and I liked you on facebook as well :)

    AmeriAus Blog

  4. I remember the Olympic torch coming through our town. We all dressed in purple because the Mayor thought it would be good if the whole town turned out in purple- the colour of our famous Jacaranda's! The park looks like a lovely place to spend the day!

  5. Looks like you had a really great day.cant wait to hear your Olmpic story-love dee x

  6. You should be employed by Lonely Planet or somebody like that. Seana should give you a job!

  7. What a lovely day with kids and hubby, and few snags on the barby to complete the day. Would have been exciting to be part of Sydney 2000 Olympic opening ceremony. But things happen for a reason. Enjoy school holidays with your little precious ones Carolyn.



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