Monday, October 14, 2013

10 things I am grateful for lately

I rarely give away too much of a personal nature on this blog, as I don't want to bore you with the mundane, but today I felt like sharing a little more. So here are 10 things I have been grateful for in the recent past.

An invitation to lunch at the yacht club with beautiful food and company

A play date at Whale Beach with gorgeous 5 year olds asking funny questions and believing everything I said.

A piece of art made from a piano lid made by my family in the old country, over a century ago at least.

Piano becomes a bird

A beloved baby sitter, whose attendance at the Beach House is always much anticipated by mother and daughter, but for completely different reasons.

A mid week chicken roll with people I love.

Some 13 year old Summer shoes on cow hide with jeans.

A new floral jacket with cleavage and skin that has seen too much sun in its life.  The plastic surgery on my skin cancer went OK though.  I can't even see the scar.  Can you?

A blurry start to the sailing season

A quick coffee at Palm Beach 2108.

Have a beaut week Beach Dwellers.  I am and going to try to.

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  1. Sounds like you have some lovely things to be thankful for! I remember us taking our babysitter to the beach with us one summer and how much of a difference it made - heaven!

  2. We should all take time to list the things we are thankful for in life!

  3. We are enjoying a Thanks giving long weekend in Canada and your list reminded me to be thankful for the simple things in life the everyday family time and precious time spent with friends and the beauty of nature which surrounds us.

    Margo on Vancouver Island.

  4. Great post and you look amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  5. Lovely lovely photos, gorgeous shoes, beaut beach shots and fun with a babysitter. Hope the weekend is as lovely as these photos.

  6. Your posts of a personal nature are amongst my favourites on your blog. You have an appreciation for the important things in life, you're wise in dealings with your family and you seem very unmaterialistic. By the way; I love your new haircut. Julie

    1. Hi Princess Lucy
      As I can't link back to your blog I shall reply here.
      That is a very nice and much appreciated analysis of my strengths. Thank you for taking the time to let me know.
      Now I am off to google a blog by the name of Princess Lucy.

    2. Don't bother; I don't have a blog. Princess Lucy is my dog's name! I'm never really sure how to use those profile things on the comments pages of blogs. :)


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