Monday, October 28, 2013

Garage Sale Wrap Up and A Husband of the Year Award

I know some of you will be interested to learn how the garage sale went, so here goes.

Firstly,  I am completely exhausted and my body aches in nooks I never knew I had.  But it is a good tired.

My week was filled with getting ready for the sale.

I have a thing about ornate frames and painting them gold, silver and white.  I spent a lovely sunny afternoon foofing in the back yard last week, bringing these pieces that people had thrown out, back from the brink.

I was very happy with the way this mirror turned out, considering the state in which I found her.  The plaster was chipped, the back was loose, so the mirror was falling out.  She didn't sell, but I am fine with that, as she is now happily hanging in our bedroom.  I really enjoy repurposing these things, as they come up so well from where they started out.

The chipped plaster is now unnoticeable,

and here she is now.  I kind of like the industrial nature of the chain, juxtaposed against the feminine frame.

These dresses didn't sell either, but after the weight I've lost, they fit me, so you may see them out and about in the near future.  I am wearing the champagne dress to a vintage clothing party this Friday night.  She is a stretchy crimpoline, so she covers my curves.  She is in great shape considering her age, the dress I mean.

The big news surrounding the garage sale, is that Mr Beach House gets 'Husband of the Year" award.  He arrived home on Friday night in the dark.  My vintage was spread out all over the lawn.  I told him it would be impossible to get it into and onto 2 cars.  He said, "Just watch me."  He then started singing the Beverly Hill Billy's song and trust me, after he had tied it all on, the cars looked just like that.  When he finished, he said he was ready for more stuff.  But seriously, I doubt one more stick of anything would have fitted, without the tyres falling off the cars. 

Then up Saturday morning, at 5.30am and off to market.

 Of course in the rush, I forgot to take a shot of the cars.  We did however, get some strange looks on the road.

  Mr Beach House helped me transport my stock, unload it and bring home what didn't sell.  He put his own needs on hold to help me realise mine and I really appreciate him for that.  It's so nice to be on the receiving end of his kindness.  His friends know he'd give them the shirt off his back, if they asked and that day I felt very grateful for his efforts and help.

When we got all the stuff unloaded, I set up the ladders as shelving to display some of the kitchenalia.  I began to wish I had brought some flowers or greenery, to make it more pretty, but these events are such a learning curve and I will get better with each one I do.

Wishing I had centred that suitcase better.  Or perhaps someone moved it.
Both times I have done this, I always get lots of comments about 'the beautiful stuff' I have, which is great, but of course, people want to pay nothing for it.  There are lots of tyre kickers and often on the same items.  There were lots of queries about the galvanised tubs and the ladders.  They are still much cheaper than retail vintage stores, but people still turn their noses up when you tell them the price. 

My prices were higher this time than last, so I sold less, but I did end up making more money.  Last time I practically sold out, which does mean a much easier trip home.  I am yet to determine which theory is the best.  Sell everything at rock bottom prices and not have to re pack the car, or sell less, but at higher prices and have to reload the car again.

The other interesting thing, is that the left over stuff that didn't sell last time, sold easily this time.  So the shoppers are different in different locations and just because people don't want it this time, doesn't mean they won't next  time.

One thing is absolutely certain, I am often at my happiest surrounded by vintage, socialising with people, kids running a muck in the background and making a little bit of money on the side, selling off my junk.  It's a shedload of work, literally, but a thoroughly enjoyable experience hanging out with people who see the beauty, style and the potential in this stuff.

Have a great week Beach Dwellers.

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  1. It all looks fabulous! You will have to do it again soon!

  2. You set up a fabulous looking booth, how wonderful. Sounds like you did really well. Hugs, marty

  3. Glad to hear it was a success! I imagine there is a fine art to putting a 'good' price on items such as these - not too high but not too low~!

  4. Happy to hear it went well. There are a lot of things I would've nabbed if I'd have been there x

  5. glad you had a great time.When I used to do the big craft shows I would be surprised at what would sell in one place and then no one look at it at another show.Who knows what will sell you just have to be patience which was hard for me but it had to be done-love dee x

  6. glad you had a good weekend, looks like you've got a load of great stuff. Glad to hear all is good with your husband and you. lovely!
    Fiona x

  7. I'm glad it went well. And well done to Mr Beach-house! I doubt you could have done it without him so excellent that he was so self-sacrificing and willing xx

  8. Your mirror looks lovely, think you were meant to have it. x

  9. The frames have been given a new lease of life with a coat of paint, looking good I hope you sold a bunch of stuff!

  10. I wish this was allowed here, people would find so many great things to buy and sell!AriadnefromGreece!

  11. Terrific pictures, wish I could have popped in... but boys were all hot and grumpy and they would have made it a misery... next time!

  12. Thanks for the post. Glad your day went so well. Love that vintage dress. Have a super day!

  13. Well done. I do love a good market, although the 5 am starts arent that appealing to this sleep lover :) x

  14. I just love the mirror! You did a fabulous job on bringing her back to life and she looks so beautiful now.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  15. The mirror looks sensational! I am a sucker for vintage mirrors!

  16. the white rattan chairs are gorgeous! love how the mirror turned out too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  17. Love that blue suitcase. I have a booth and know customers are always wanting discounts. I turn my booths around a quarter turn each month and it is surprising when people ask why I did not let them know of the "new" stuff! Good luck with the next sale.

  18. Your mirror looks fantastic - I like the contrast between the chain and the frame too!


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