Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Come Vintage Garage Sailing with Me this Weekend

This weekend I will have a stall on the Garage Sale Trail. Come on in and check out some of the things I will have there.  Looking at it all, I am wondering how I will get it down to the sale.

Most things are in original condition, so you will need to use your imagination.  With a little loving and a bit of a style makeover, some of these pieces would add wow factor to any room.

Take this cane chair.  Painted white, with a lovely blue and white square cushion, it would be beautiful as a desk, foyer, or bedroom chair

This cane table needs a glass top but she will be going cheap.

I have seen these swivel cane chairs in the home section of several magazines lately.  Painted black with a sheep skin rug and a stunning throw cushion, they are hot right now.

I have hung on to the this pretzel cane lounge in the hope of finding a spot for her at The Beach House, but alas, I have only got an uncovered outdoor area and I fear she will be ruined in the weather.

I was going to make a coffee table out of the Malibu, but I then found the lovely coffee table I have now, so am letting this one go.  The Egan surfboard is up for grabs too.

I have 2 of these galvanized wash tubs.  The bucket will be there too.  Imagine her full of roses or lavender.

The galvanized wash tubs could be hung in a vintage look laundry, or drill a few holes in the bottom and plant out with succulents.

Shutters are handy and I have seen them used for anything  from bed heads, plant stands to wall hangings.  They are great as a study organiser to hang notes, cards and keepsakes with pegs.

Paint this baby white and stack it with the other suitcase I have going and you have an instant coffee table with storage.

In addition to this magazine rack, I have a cute cane one on sale as well.

This esky has seen better days, but she is original and looks very efficient and intact on the inside.

Remember these?  I loved them.

A coal scuttle, a milk can and a removable tray with stand.

Old boxes and a lantern and please excuse the empty bottle of wine on the kitchen bench, but I will need a drink after this weekend I think.

In addition I have lamp stands, pictures, books, work horses, a towel stand,  telephones, a vintage tennis racquet, a deck chair and so much more.

My girlfriend Lisa, will be selling her range of vintage clothing on the same stall.  So be prepared for a trip back in time.

Pop in and say hi at stall 49.  I'm up the back.  I hope to see you there this weekend. 

Saturday 26 October
Maria Regina Primary School
42 Central Road
From 7am

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  1. Bonjour,

    J'aime beaucoup vos seaux...
    Je vous souhaite de belles rencontres.
    Gros bisous

  2. Good luck with your sale and in getting all your things to the stall. Where have you been storing all of these things up until now? We've moved house so many times lately that we're now very minimalist. xx

    1. Thanks Charlie
      The garage is groaning under the weight of this stuff and I can't wait to clear it out a bit.

  3. wish I lived closer- lots of lovely things I could redeem!

    1. If often wonder how you'd make out with this stuff Deanne.

  4. Seriously luuuuuuuurvely garage sale items...... hope you have fun!!!
    Your Sydney Opera house post was a beautiful piece, lovely connections for you to hold dear to your heart.
    Great read, enjoy your week ;) Neen

  5. WOW, I bet all of that stuff will go quick. It's all great for doing up. If I lived near you I would say hi!

  6. Oh so much stuff I would go crazy for! Would love to refurnish those cane chairs and those galvanised basins!

  7. What a great collection Carolyn, I bet it will get swooped up fast! Love that old Esky, that has to be quite valuable to someone?

  8. I am amazed how vintage stuff is highly collectible - I love your junk.
    My hubby is a huge American pickers fan.

  9. you have some great stuff there!
    i'd buy the galvanised tins if i was closer.

  10. I have no eye for design or renovating - seeing the potential in things, but looking at the things you have for sale, you are so gifted at spotting potential and opening the possibilities!
    Hope you garage sale goes amazingly.

  11. Oh if only I lived in Sydney... I love those galvanized tubs! Cute stuff, your going to miss them! Rx

  12. An absolute treasure trove Carolyn. I was thinking about linking up to that garage sale too but I haven't got a lot. No where near as nice as your stuff either.

    Anne xx

  13. OMG, your finds are amazing! Love them all! Loving your blog and business as well! Hope you'll stop by my place and follow along! Happy Friday! Found you via Feathered Nest Friday! Best, Kennesha from Restoration House Interiors.

  14. Oh it looks like something Gemma from Urban Style Hunters would love!
    I'm not great at upcycling this kind of stuff, so I have great admiration for those who can!


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