Friday, March 28, 2014

A Beautiful Beach House on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

G'day from the Beach House, this wet and rainy morn.

I think we could all do with a little house porn today, don't you? Having woken up not feeling completely ship shape, I know I could.

With loads of glass creating vistas from almost every room, this deep waterfront would be a beautiful home in which to spend your days.  Park your boat out front and settle in for the wonderful lifestyle, that residing on Pittwater affords.  If you are a serious player in this market, you will find more of this lovely home's details here.

Just to be clear, incase you were wondering, these are not sponsored posts.  I just love sharing some of the beautiful homes in my area, with you each week.

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And for home decorators, I am giving away some lovely bright paints (colours of your choice) here..  If you have a small furniture or household project which needs tackling, you might want to check it out and enter.   


  1. That wooden bridge is absolutely gorgeous. Hmmm... How to get me one of those. Have a wonderful weekend x

  2. That's a gorgeous house and it has so many lovely features. Like the comment above, I just loved the little wooden beach. I hope we have some sunshine this weekend! xx

  3. I love seeing the photos of these beautiful homes, very inspiring xx

  4. I seriously can't believe my eyes - talk about a gorgeous home !!!!!!!!!
    Love every single thing about it ( location and view being top )
    Thanks for sharing

  5. How could I possibly resist coming over to see this fabulous home? What a dream house it is. Found you at The Sunday Showcase Party.

  6. That is a gorgeous house! I 've driven past it a few times but always thought it was a kind of café - it's got a really nice feel to it. Now I know it's a residence, but where are they putting all their things! I don't see storage cabinets or closets or drawers or anything!


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