Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Paint a Rusty Surface and a Paint Giveaway

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How to Paint a Rusty Surface

Part One: The Before
I picked up this vintage drinks trolley at the local charity store, some time ago and have wanted to make it over for a while.  It is going to become a lemonade stand and be the central feature of the littlest Beach House Brat's birthday party, later in the year.  She has been wanting me to make it over for months, but as there seemed alot of work required to bring it back from the brink, somehow it has gone on the back burner.

Whilst it waited for a bit of Beach House love, it had become a bit of receptacle for shopping bags waiting to go back to the car, wet swimming gear and sunscreen.  As you can see from the jumbled mess, the time had come to bring her back to life.

As far as restoration of this piece is concerned,  there are two aspects to it, timber and metal.  Very rusty metal indeed. Living on the coast, rust is a big aspect of our lives.  So when restoring furniture, it is definitely worth doing right the first time.

Some of the loose rust could be removed with a wire brush, but the most effective method was to paint on White Knight Rust Guard  Rust Converter and wait for it to work its magic.  Although the wheel is very tarnished, you can see that the rust has by and large been removed.

In order to then get a smooth surface over which to paint the wheel, I used the White Knight Rust Guard Metal Primer.

It went on smoothly and although my painting skills are not brilliant, it was already a big improvement from what the wheel was to begin with.

Then it was time to harness the 'skills'  of the girl who so wants to be involved in everything. The lemonade stand is for her, so it's only fair she gets a piece of the action. Note to self, never leave her unattended when sanding.  I forgot to tell her to sand the trolley tray in one direction with the grain of the wood.

After rectifying that little problem, it was time to apply the White Knight Rust Guard All Purpose Primer, which can be used on timber, metal or masonry.

And so to complete the preparation phase, the trolley went from this, to that.  After all the procrastination surrounding this project, I was pleasantly surprised at how effortless the whole process actually was. Initially, I had roped Mr Beach House in to help me,  because he is a painter extraordinaire, but that never eventuated, as he was busy running around after clients all weekend.  

I could wait no longer and did it all myself.  Being rather effortless, it has now inspired me to tackle a few other projects that need some love around here.  

I do have to say I am a fan of the spray can.  It makes the job so quick.

I think this product would be particularly great to make over industrial furniture, but works equally well with timber.

When you next see this trolley, I hope to have brought you a beautifully painted and styled lemonade stand.
Until then Beach Dwellers, why not enter this giveaway,

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  1. Oh wow, this would make projects around the house so easy! The Mandarin colour would be perfect for a stool I have as it picks up the colour in the artwork hanging nearby perfectly.

  2. My girls share a room and are going beyond the little girl, fairy/princess stage. I plan to revamp their room to mainly crisp white and would love to use highlights of Squirt Fuschia and Bright Green (somewhat lime green in tonings) and offset pieces with the Squirt Lace - the palest of green tones. This combination will look stylish, more mature and a bit French Provincial. I have a gorgeous lace Sewing machine table which I would paint Fuschia, with white marble top. Various pieces of old lace panels I would love to mount on the wall in pale green and use the three colours to paint some terracotta pots which can be put onto a bookshelf to store their bits and pieces. I am a crafty person so I'll relish in tying these gorgeous colours into bed cushions and trimmings. I would also like to experiment with some canvases, lay some lace curtaining over the top, spray over with the Squirt paints to create a lace silhouette design. Now the creative juices are flowing... the skies the limit.

  3. Love the bright & mute pallet available in this range, I have a lovely outdoor wooden & metal seat that I would love to give a makeover to with the awesome Bright Green Colour would look great in my bright & vibrant garden.

  4. Wow, I learned something new today :) Love the finished effect - that lemonade stand is going to rock the party! :) I'm torn between choosing Cherry Red and Pink! I have an old low cabinet that I want to remake into a kitchen for my 2 year old who is loving playing 'kitchen' :) So it will either be bold and bright (Cherry Red) or pretty Pink!

  5. I love the trolley. My parents had a similar one when I was growing up and they used to pile it high with drinks and wheel it out to their guests - it seemed very glamorous! You did a great job on restoring it. xx

  6. I can count on my fingers and toes how often I've painted in the last ten years but you've done a beautiful job here for your little stealer.

  7. I have heard and read about White Knight on some renovation shows. I was not aware that it came in a variety of colours. My favourite is: Gloss White and it is likely to be a welcome addition as I set about renovating my home this year.

    Thank you for the blog information and this great giveaway!

  8. I have heard and read about White Knight on some renovation shows. I was not aware that it came in a variety of colours. My favourite is: Gloss White and it is likely to be a welcome addition as I set about renovating my home this year.

    Thank you for the blog information and this great giveaway!

  9. My favorite colours are Appliance white, clear and fuschia. I know it's a real combination of colours but I will explain why. I would love to revamp my laundry. The washing machine is over 15 years old and very mechanically sound, but how great the washing machine actually works is not reflected on the outside. The outside is rusted and stained and need a good paint job with White Knight Squirts, appliance white and clear to make it look like new. I would use the fuschia to restore my ironing board, which is old and rusted and I picked up cheap from a opportunity shop, as well as spray the handles on the cupboard doors to give it a new look. It would certainly make a statement and make my laundry go from drab to fab and allow my creative juices to explore these great opportunities. Thanks for the chance.

  10. Hi there! Just found your blog and love it. Your girl is just too gorgeous! Love the remake of the drinks trolley and will look gorgeous and play the part well for your girl's party. I love the spray cans of paint. So easy to use and fast! Have a wonderful day, Catherinexx

  11. My son brought home a wrought iron garden bench that he spotted out for council pick-up. A nice piece of furniture for the garden but needs doing up first. After rubbing back and using White Knight Rust Guard I'd use Squirts Burgundy. Such a nice colour for the job and intended position.

  12. I love Cherry Red; I would paint some bar stools to have some colour accents in our kitchen/dining area.

  13. Claystone & I'd paint the cat.

  14. I fell in love with the Fuschia, but I was out-voted as to the most suitable colour for the outdoor setting.

    I must say that our old table & chairs would come up a treat & look amazing under the trees if we painted them the Brunswick Green. Kind of creating our own jungle hide-away.


  15. I have a garden seat that would look fabulous in Lemon Yellow. It sits in between some potted citrus and I think the yellow would look particularly appealing against the glossy dark green leaves, not to mention the fruit.

  16. 'Cherry Red' would go well for the tv cabinet I'm converting into a childs kitchen!!!!

  17. Gorgeous! Great job... I adore the stand! I have no idea what I'd paint... we need a new tv stand so if I found a nice old shabby wooden piece then I'd probably do over that! I'd definitely go with the lace colour I think.. gorgeous!

  18. So hard to pick but I think I would go with the gold! What an amazing find for a lemonade stand.

  19. Metallic blue is my fave colour in the range. We have some wicker chairs that are looking a bit sad and in need of some love and attention.

  20. I love the metallic Charcoal colour - it would be perfect for me to use to paint the old metal cabinet I have on my back deck.

  21. "Orange" plash of colour for a ornate old metal screen to hang on wall in garden and 'bright green' on retro style chair to be placed as occasional chair on deck area.

  22. I purchased a lovely old metal chandelier for $10 at the Wollombi Markets and I intend to paint and I had no idea the range of colours available which does make it difficult to choose but I think I have settled on either the orange or the fuschia as it is going under a rustic pergola outside and it will bring some colour into a fairly bland setting.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  23. Can I be boring and say I prefer the Flat White?! I bought a gorgeous old six seater wooden table with great legs from a garage sale for $70. It is currently an unfortunate shade of pink. I want to strip it back, paint it white and add a glass top which I want to place different fabrics under to create a changing look. Love a good project!

  24. Bermuda blue! I've spray painted two chairs and a stool for my balcony, but I have one more metal-framed chair that so far I've only primed. It's been a few months now so it's probably time for an upgrade :)

  25. I am loving the beautiful sunny yellow you've chosen, i've used it for a few cane pieces... makes an outdoor area look so happy :-)

    My next 2 projects are a vintage heavy metal filing cabinet that I'd probably do in a Forest second project is turning a metal storage locker into a outdoor coffee table ..Satin Black will be perfect.

    Lovin' your ideas!!!
    Jessica x

  26. I love the metallic Charcoal colour - it would be perfect for me to use to paint the old metal cabinet I have on my back deck.

  27. Love the gun grey have the perfect project for this color


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