Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I Love Wearing Right Now

Shoes K Mart, Top Millers, Beads Classy Lady Noosa , Pants Stehmann
It's not often that I do fashion posts.  Being 20kg over weight will do that to you.  But as the weight has shifted over the last few years, I am getting more interested in wearing clothes again.

I bought these fabulous aqua stretch pants in Noosa and they have started a revolution in my wardrobe.  They are slim line, incredibly comfortable to wear and best of all, they suit my shape, which would be best described as curvy.

Because I am wearing them to death, I thought I would buy some more in a similar style.  I found something similar in W Lane, previously Wombat (sensible name change don't you think?) and they are fabulous.  Known as the Pull On Pant, I am now the proud owner of pairs in white, biscuit, ink (navy) and black.  I thought I'd set myself up for winter as well.  They did have a one, two, free deal at the time, which helped finance my purchase.

I had a funny conversation with the lady at W Lane, as she was completing the transaction, Just before it was finalised, I said, "I need a black pair as well, for Winter".  I am not a keen shopper and only buy clothes once in a blue moon.  As evidence of this, I am still wearing perfectly good outfits that are fifteen years old.

Remember this?

Anyway, I added the extra pair of pants and as I was leaving the lady said to me, "See you next year."  and she would be right.  I rarely go clothes shopping and tend to buy something that fits me well, in multiple colours at the one time.  Anything to avoid taking my clothes off in the changing rooms on a regular basis.

See what I mean about slim line?  Whilst I am still top heavy, the pants do give my legs a good shape.  Wearing moo moo style tops doesn't help, but they are so cool in Summer.

As proof that I buy the same thing at the same time, in more than one colour, here is a close look at those colourful beads.  This time in pink and orange.  Yep the same style as the blue ones.  I guess that comes from many experiences of having to throw out a well loved item of clothing, due to wear and tear and wishing I had bought more of them at the time.  The pink shoes, I bought from Noosa Shoes in 2000.  More proof that I wear things well after their supposed use by date.  

Speaking of shoes, I have another pair of these white ones waiting in the cupboard for when these wear out, I really loved them and decided to buy two pairs, so I could prolong the love affair.

And speaking of fashion, I wanted to introduce you to Bev.  Bev saw that I would be in Noosa over Christmas and suggested I pop in to see her at Witchery on Hastings Street, where she works, to say hello. I did and it was lovely to meet her. Bev is inspired by the style and elegance of her mother, Iris May and has named her lovely new blog in honour of her mum.  Pop on over and say hi.  It is a beautifully designed and well executed website, with loads of useful fashion and health tips.  Let her know I sent you. 

Hope your week is going well.  One thing is for sure, I will not be clothes shopping.

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  1. well whatever your doing keep doing it as I think you always look so nice and smart.-love dee x

  2. I dislike going shopping for clothes too!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver après ma longue absence... Il n'est pas facile de retrouver ses marques... La végétation luxuriante, le soleil et la lumière de Île Maurice me manque déjà !

    Avec l'arrivée du printemps une envie de changement opère...
    Très jolie publication.
    Gros bisous

  4. I love the bold bright colours. I wear clothes for comfort more than fashion - so I keep my clothes a long time too.

  5. I am so the opposite, I love shopping for clothes and am a bargain hunting queen, don't think I have a single thing in my wardrobe that I paid full price for. xx N

  6. I love shopping too, but mostly window shopping there days! The oldest item I have in my wardrobe is a shirt I had when I was a teenager. I do still wear it!

  7. Such a smart way to shop. I can't tell you how many times I have worn out a favorite pair of shoes and became so upset with myself for not having the foresight to have purchased two pairs. I learned my lesson the hard way, and now I do as you do - when I love something I purchase multiples of it (hence the 12 lovely all the same different color sweaters in my closet).

  8. Love love love this post. It's always great to see what real folks like us are wearing. I'm with you on buying a few of something if you love them. I have quite a few doubles of things in my wardrobe. have just been shopping at Metalicus... I am so enjoying clothes shopping these days, which I really never did in my life before. Love having the TIME when kids are at school and I steal a day to myself.


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