Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Sunken Garden of Mt Gambier South Australia

Just to prove Australia really was the star of our recent roadtrip, have a look at this stunning sunken garden, built over a century ago in a limestone sink hole in Mount Gambier.
  It was originally part of a beautiful garden of a homestead and farm.  In typical short sighted fashion, the house has been demolished (sadly), but there is no way they could get rid of the hole, so they planted a beautiful garden in it. At one point in time it was full of water and was used for boating. It is now empty except for this stunning oasis.   

It's interesting and a bit worrying, how the water table has dropped

The pink hydrangea were in full bloom, so January was a great time to see it.
If you are ever passing through the town, don't miss this one,  just follow the tourist signs for a beautiful experience.

Note the BBQ centre back.  What a lovely place for a picnic.


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  1. Isn't it fabulous? Did you catch the light show at night? So glad you dropped in at my part of the world and blogged about it x

  2. Sadly no I didn't see it by night. Sounds lovely. Perhaps next time.


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