Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hoi An Red Bridge Cooking School and Market Tour with a Tailored Suit Thrown In

Another memorable day in Hoi An from the travel diary. Attended the Red Bridge cooking school via longboat. The Biggest Beach House Brat cooked us a 

papaya seafood salad, which he then decanted into a hollowed out pineapple. So hopefully he has been inspired to get into the kitchen at home, although pigs might fly beforehand.
Prior to the cooking bit we toured the local market. The meat market was a sight to behold. Did not smell too bad as we were told the meat had been killed that morning. Although the Biggest Beach House Brat told me that was impossible, as with his agricultural studies he knows the blood needs to drain from it for several days before it can be butchered. Amazing how this all proceeds without any refrigeration and no-one gets killed. One of the ladies I have befriended poolside told me she saw an old lady who was selling fish at the markets, drop her dacks and squat over the river, then poo straight into it. When you've got to go you've got to go I guess.
Picked up our tailored gear on the way home. the Biggest Beach House Brat was asked to model his suit for their facebook page. The suit is beautifully made but pretty radical and is sure to garner some raised eyebrows at the year 11 formal later in the year. Mr Beach House and my outfits are great too but for some reason we were not invited to model them. Ha ha.
Heading to Hue, the ancient capital after breakfast by car. The Littlest Beach House Brat is very sad to be leaving Hoi An as am I.  We have vowed to return as soon as we can. It is basically the best hotel we have ever stayed in. Sunrise Resort for anyone who is interested. But I must say I am not looking forward to getting the bar tab on check out.
Happy Easter to all. There is not a hint of an Easter Egg here which is refreshing. The Buddhists instead were burning all sorts of things out the front of their shops as offerings to past family members and there was a lantern festival to celebrate the full moon instead. Very nice.

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