Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beach Cottage White

Hi All
I had planned to style, shoot and blog about a blue and white tablescape today, but the Beach House Brat rang me from school to say he was getting an award at assembly this afternoon and was I coming?  'Yes of course I am coming darling boy....what do you think I am a forgetful shrew who would rather foof around the house preening in the dining room, than coming and watching you receive an award.  All the while sitting through yet another one of those school assemblies, where the guy sitting next to me has to sing the second verse of the National Anthem at the top of his voice that is never generally sung in Australia and no one knows anyway.  Yes my darling of course I'm coming.'

Well I went and I must say they had all the best bits the school offers on show today and I don't know why but the medley of Queen songs played by one of the school bands made me well up, as did the school song.  Not sure why, but there you go!

The Beach House Brat then convinced me to sign him out for the afternoon.....because 'Everyone else is doing it mum'.......  I relented, but the fact that he has just missed a week of school cause of our ski trip did not sit so well with me.  But a little boy hugging me and crying into my belly button in the playground just sucker punched me!!!!  I said yes as long as he read Club Penguin for 15 minutes before he did anything else....which, God love him, he has just duly executed.

Anyway the up shot is that I am not bringing you the blue and white tablescape, but rather this gorgeous little white beach cottage that oozes casual beach cottage style.  An all white house is just a dream for me, but I love to look in any case.  This one looks like there are kids involved with this tepee in a playroom.  And don't forget to check out the bunk room in the last shot.  I would love one of theses in my beach house.

The large light fittings are also my kinda thing.
This gorgeous home is currently for sale in Palm Beach.  Click here for more info if you like.

Hope you are all having a great week.

Postscript:  I got around to the blue and white tablescaping and also made over my porch.  You can see that here if you like.
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  1. I love this beach cottage. The second photo of it reflected in the pool is gorgeous.

  2. The playroom is very cool - I love all the low-to-the-ground shelves.

  3. i love it!! i'd be happy with the little pool house part ..
    i remember getting teary at my kids assemblies, i think it was menopause.
    ; )

  4. Oh my word, thats my sort of house :)... well done to your little boy for his award x

  5. club penguin...as in CLUB PENGUIN!??

  6. Love each and every photo...so much seen in these rooms would be in my dream beach house. We just came back from a beach vacation...in a condo that had many clashing colors. All I could do was think to myself, "I would change...". In spite of the colors, it was a lovely place...especially the view!!! (I did restyle the shelves. :-D )
    Jane (artfully graced)

  7. A beautiful beach house, that's for sure! Love all the classic white and streamlined style. And congratulations to your son for his award. Good on him! Leahx

  8. Congrats to your son!! That is too cool. :)
    I love this house and the room with the tee-pee in it, LOVE!!!!!
    I am glad that you had a great day with him.

  9. Wow, love love love this house. You find such gems to show us. Great outdoor areas, love the lights, all white paintwork, relaxed beachy feel, casual fur icings, terrific bunks and pool. Sensational. And congrats to your little boy, great achievement. Treasure those moments.

  10. Love that playroom! What a great idea for a bed!

  11. I am usually a color kind of gal, but this white just looks so fresh and clean. I really do like it.

  12. This beach cottage is just gorgeous. I'd love to be there right now. Lol. Thanks for partying with me over at DIYbyDesign.

  13. Simply beautiful. I could stay there! Lisa~

  14. I love simple elegance! The beachy feel is so relaxing :)

  15. What a beauty, just love it. That child's room just rocks.

  16. It truly is a dream cottage...so gorgeous and elegant. Nothing nicer than white on white. Awesome.

  17. I just love, love, love this house ...it is so me. I have saved these images for inspiration for my white weathered beach cottage which is going to by next house.
    Melissa from Coastal Style

  18. Carolyn, What a beautiful beach home and I love all the natural light! Thank you for linking to the Open House party.

  19. Hi Carolyn,
    Just popping by to let you know I have featured your post on Friday Inspirations today ~ http://shabbyartboutique.blogspot.com/2011/12/inspiration-friday_23.html
    Thank you for participating in last weeks link up party.
    Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne


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