Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Streets of Sydney

It's school holidays here in Sydney, so there's not much blogging going on at the Beach House.  Although I did have a great cane lounge side of the road coup yesterday, but that's for another blog.

These shots were taken on a recent trip to the city with the Beach House Brats.  There's so much to do in this town.  This day we did the Police and Justice Museum and the Spring Flower display at David Jones.  We also caught up with these fantastic indigenous musicians at the Quay. 

A spot of lunch in the Botanical Gardens  was also on the agenda, so the kidlets  could run wild.

This is the Rose Garden, a favourite Sydneysider's wedding ceremony location.

David Jones is a beautiful store in the heart of Sydney's shopping district.  Each year it does a magnificent Spring display of flowers.  Mr Beach House wasn't keen, but this is one show I don't like to miss.  This year did not disappoint.  Lots of beautiful Australian natives.

The Melbourne Cup, the horse race that stops the nation, is coming up on the first Tuesday in November, so the millinery department was buzzing and bulging with Spring colour.

I bumped into this cute group of international students, who appear very much to like their designer bags. One way to individualise a school uniform., I guess.

I just thought this woman looked very attractive.

I wonder what he's thinking.  You can see he has is army pants on so I know he's in awe of this guy.


  1. I've always wanted to visit I'd really love to. Great photos!


  2. Thanks for sharing some more interesting sights and history from your part of the world. I love Australia.

  3. I love photos from your home and surrounding area. These are splendid. More...?

  4. Sydney is a great city. My husband was lucky to have set up a big industrial project right by the Sydney Opera House. He made many trips back and forth...I however missed out on going during that time :(

    He even saw the Indigenous Australians (is that the PC term nowdays?) playing the Didgeridoo. We have one man playing the Didgeridoo at a few places in San Diego and it is always intriguing.

    Thanks for joining the party this week!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  5. Ooh, I think I need one of those floppy hats to wear in my garden! The flowers are gorgeous in that store! And, yes, the young lady is very attractive.

  6. Have a great week Carolyn with the school holidays and all. Sydney is looking very splendid indeed. Love the flowers. Leahx

  7. Have fun with school holidays! Ours just ended in Tassie. I love David Jones in the city unfortunately we don't have a single one here but I like visiting in Sydney. I haven't seen it's flower display though! On my todolist!

  8. Great photos and what a lovely inspiring shop x

  9. As we are enjoying fall, soon I will be so dreaming of spring. Love all the spring colors in your post.

  10. Beautiful pictures!!I love the hugh flower centerpiece. We have a lot of our youth who att3end college there at "Hillsong church". Would love to visit them.

  11. Gee you're a good mother! Taking your kids to all those terrific, interesting places. I'm just taking mine to Dee Why RSL to see the Dorothy the Dinosaur show, then that's me done!

  12. What a lovely visit I've had this morning; I've thoroughly enjoyed your photos to a place I'd love to day.
    The musicians using baskets for tips...classy!

  13. Great shots, those flowers are gorgeous!! What a great city, everything looks so beautiful and there looks like there is SO much to do and see.
    Have a good break!

  14. How very interesting. I've never been to Sidney and I'm wondering WHY?
    You captured so many beautiful scenes and I enjoyed your post. Happy Pink

    The French Hutch

  15. I so enjoyed this post. I love Sydney, and when I visited I went shopping in David Jones. It is wonderful, then again everything about Sydney is wonderful. I love your photographs too, they made me feel like I was right there.

    Enjoy your holiday.


  16. The girls are looking good in there uniform.


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