Monday, January 9, 2012

Marvellous Melbourne's Best Kept Secret

Wanna know a little secret?  I've found another place where I could happily live in harmony.  It's a beautiful historical suburb by the water, Williamstown, Melbourne's first Port. And just 15 minutes over the West Gate Bridge from town.  Woo Hoo!!!  I found myself standing a many a real estate office pretending to live the dream.   Maybe one day, but it seems I have missed the boat a little on price.  Mum told me when she lived in Melbourne, until her flight attendant duties dropped her in Sydney, Williamstown was a no go area, but not anymore baby!!!!

It's now a hip and happening area that was so me!!!  Funnily enough I found out that when my relatives left the Old Country in the mid 19th century, this is the first place they stepped ashore in Australia. Maybe I was meant to be here after all as it really felt like home! It was early in Melbourne's history and it looked nothing like this, but lets just say it made me very happy to be walking in their footsteps last week.

This suburb is loaded with beautiful Edwardian cottages.  It has its own Botanic Gardens, which are just superb and a favourite wedding destination.

The gardens provide cameos to Port Phillip Bay

Lawns for Lovers to sit at sunset

And a place for a weary mother to lay down under an oak tree during a heat wave and take in the beautiful blue of the sky, while her baby slept soundly in the pram beside her.

Williamstown has lovely cafes that do very entertaining stuff with kiddo coffee.  A pirate I think!!!

Stunning streetscapes that haven't changes in 150 years.

Lots of this.  Yippee

And beautiful nautical touches in house design, owing to it being an historical port

I loves this screen door with the boat wheel motif

And the beautiful etched glass in the front door of the cottage where we stayed.

But most of all it was the fabulous cottage gardens that got me in.  The standard iceberg rose seemed to be the thing for these parts.  It was popular and seemed to do very well.

The picket fences were great and there were so many to inspire me.

These cast iron post tops were a popular choice

It was also a great spot to watch the fire works on New Years Eve.  Williamstown provides the best view of the city in Melbourne.

This artist must have thought so

And it's only 30 minutes to Werribee Park, a beautiful mansion built on profits made off the sheep's back.  My father was in the wool industry, but we never lived this well.

And the best bit was The Beach House Boys managed to win 2nd place in the International Mirror Class National Championships.  Thanks Williamstown, we loved every bit of you!!!!

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Next up is my Coastal White Christmas Tablescape.  It's not at all Christmasy, just very coastal and white so don't forget to pop back for that.

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Have a great week lovely people.

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  1. You are tempting hubby here ... he's drooling over these exquisite captures of this gorgeous town. He so loves resurfacing his Australian memories.

    Spectacular town, sights but most of all the precious pinky princess, how adorable. Your mirror pic is great.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. It's beautiful. Love all those historic buildings.

  3. what a gorgeous suburb! i haven't heard of it .. thanks for taking us with you. the boys did well..what an achievement! congratulations to them!
    looks like your son has a big sailing future ahead of him.

  4. Congrats to the boys on a fabulous achievement. Loved the tour. Gotta love the standards! Fiona

  5. Happy New Year Carolyn! And congrats to the guys on their win!
    Have to agree - could easily live there too! Very creative shot of the mirror. Looking forward to seeing your part of the world thru your lens in 2012!
    xo Cathy

  6. What a trip down memory lane... I used to live there years ago and loved it. Glad you had a nice time. ;-)

  7. The decorative details are just stunning on that house..., they remind me of the Victorian's on Martha's Vineyard here in the US. Love, love the etched glass!

  8. This a beautiful post! Congrats to your Beach House Boys! Your adorable little one stole the show!

  9. What a gorgeous area, I can see why you'd want an office there! What a great start to the New Year!

  10. I've totally fallen in love with that little cottage surrounded in roses in the first photograph... my dream! Lovely lovely... and that little girl so cute, she reminds me of my granddaughter Averi.... she's only 6 months, but looks like her... ;)

    Thanks for participating in SOYCM

  11. Don't you just love historic seaside towns? This looks like such a great place to explore! I really like the nautical screen door - it's the details that really pull everything together :)

  12. What a beautiful seaside town! How fun it would be to live somewhere like that! The houses are fabulous and the scenery is wonderful!

  13. ohhhh how very pretty! looks like a wonderful adventure! would love to have you come visit & link up some of your projects

  14. nice spot. shame I dont have time in march to go there, we only have 24 hrs in melb and we have a zillion things planned, but another time for sure. I read on tripadvisor it was a bit run down but those houses and verandahs....MMMMMMM loved them!

  15. That trip advisor needs updating. A little chippy round the edges perhaps, but to me that's just how it should be. A little bit rusty and a lot loved.Chuck in a coastal breeze and lovely Melbournians and you shouldn't miss it.

    Carolyn xx

  16. the fireworks would have been awesome there!

    ok, will change my plans if the weather in march obliges!!!

  17. What a gorgeous spot! I spotted you at Wow Us Wednesday and I am wowed! The first picture is just wonderful. The flowers are so beautiful.

  18. I've never seen a more beautiful place. Thanks so much for taking me there thru your lovely photos.
    xo bj

  19. Thank you for the beautiful tour... I just couldn't get enough. Loved each and every one of your photographs!

  20. Oh I want to move is a most beautiful place..thanks for showing it to us. Like everyone else said, congrats to the guys..great job!

  21. Thanks for the tour, Carolyn! What a beautiful place!

  22. Gorgeous! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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