Monday, July 30, 2012

Beach Home Decor Bedrooms and Living Spaces

Lately I have been running a Beach Home Decor series revealing different aspects of the Beautiful Norma House in Palm Beach Sydney. Today we are talking living spaces and bedrooms.  The cottage is modest in proportions, but has been beautifully styled to reflect the Beach House luxe to which many aspire. 

The snug proportions of the cottage have not stopped the decorator going big in contrast.  This bold and beautiful fabric chandelier sits over the dining table surrounded by mirror panelled walls, which assist in magnifying the space.

A similar version of the chandelier has also been used in the foyer to the cottage, as you can see through the French doors. Along with some other gorgeous light fittings, such as this black fabric covered lamp shade, on a glass top and chrome side table, the light fittings in this cottage are lovely.

As we move around to the kitchen hub, which in any self respecting Australian Beach Cottage is now well and truly part of the living space, we see that the island bench is the feature here.  A gorgeous white stone bench top adorns her, complete with under bench sink.  I would have gone double here, but with space at a premium, and this cottage currently used for luxury holiday letting, one sink was deemed adequate. Obviously one does not come here to cook.

In addition to the gorgeous detailing on the cupboard doors, I am very partial to the pressed metal splash back.  Hopefully they are as easy to clean as they are on the eye.

The use of gallery walls in this cottage is extensive and carried out to great effect.  The photographs are very personal and extend back to family members who served in the First World War, to Australian Beach scenes of the 1950s, with the inclusion of many of Max Dupain's works.  They are beautifully framed in an eclectic mix of silver and black frames, which really appealed to my love of vintage and depict a beautiful photographic history of both the the family and the region.

The incorporation of the natural Sydney sandstone, which is extensive throughout the block, has been incorporated into the cottage beautifully.  Here it forms a back drop to the cellar, which is adorned with that great homage to the Widow Clicquot.  I love that so many of the famous champagne houses of France were successfully run by the widows' of their founders.  Girl power has been alive and well for centuries ladies and here it is to be celebrated in the walls of this gorgeous cellar, come second living space.

As for the bedrooms of the Norma House, they are again modest, but beautifully installed with stunning white linen, beautiful mirrored furniture and of course the classic bedroom chair. I believe every room should have a little corner for a woman to sit, to do up her heals and dab a little scent behind her ears, or anywhere else she expects to be kissed.

A strategically placed beach basket evokes all kinds of holiday thoughts

 A seat in the morning sun would set me up very nicely for the day ahead.

Although it would be very difficult to leave this luxury in the morning and make the short walk down hill to the beach, at least it would be incentive for the uphill climb for lunch and an afternoon snooze if I knew I could fall into one of these beautifully appointed beds.

 So there you have it ladies.  A final look at perhaps one of the prettiest beach cottages on Sydney's Northern Beaches.  The house appears to be under contract, which to my American friends means she is all but sold.  I just feel lucky that I was able to check her out before she did.  You will believe me when I say, I truly didn't want to leave.

If you would like to look at her outdoor spaces or gorgeous bathrooms, I encourage you to go here and here
Have a wonderful week!!!!!
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  1. I love the basket with the towels and the navy and white colours throughout, but that chaise lounge seems out of place IMO.

  2. What a delightful cottage. I love everything about it.

  3. Beautiful cottage and so comfortable looking.

  4. gosh it is gorgeous! I wonder why they are selling it, it would break my heart to do such a fabulous job and then have to put it on the market. x

  5. ooh you have a lovely blog with so many beautiful images...found you over on beachcomber.
    will surely revisit!
    Bec x

  6. Gorgeous decor - I really love the chaise just off the kitchen. It's a great spot for the cook to take a break, or have others welcomed into the space to keep them company without getting underfoot!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  7. So enjoying seeing all your photos of Norma House and all the details of the rooms that we don't normally get to see. Stunning and such a clever use of a simple colour palette.

  8. What a beautiful space!! I love everything about it! Thanks for the tour!


  9. Absolutely love the simplicity of the whole house ... my favorite way to display "beachy".

    Thanks for the peek ~

  10. What a gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!

  11. love this! Would love to have you link up to our party!

  12. What a wonderful cottage - full of charm...adore the chair in the first image!!

  13. Carolyn, This is such a wonderful beach house! Thanks for sharing this pretty cottage at the Open House party.

  14. I love the first one. It is really nice. I want it for myself.

  15. stunning pictures!
    Come show them off:
    Thank you in advance for joining in!

  16. Hi Carolyn: The room is modern, serene and crisp--very pretty. I like the beach basket near the end a lot.

  17. Such beautiful spaces captured in your post.

  18. Gorgeous place. Thanks for the fabulous tour. Hugs, Marty

  19. Glad you were able to take us on a tour before it was sold! Thanks, it was fun to see!

  20. Love the beach decor! So light and airy. I would love for you to share some of your designs at my linky party, Twirl & Take a Bow at It's every Tuesday. Your decor is gorgeous and would make a great addition to the party!
    Hope you can stop by!


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