Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What to Do in Manly, Bikes, Fishing, Water Skiing, Swimming & Walking Trails

We've discovered a fabulous spot in Sydney to spend a day,  Manly Dam.  If you are in anyway family oriented this is a fantastic location to hang out together.  There's bike riding, fishing, swimming, walking trails, water skiing and beautifully equipped picnic spots in which to just be together.

We are very lucky that in Sydney, our Winters can be very mild.  This time is often the best to discover the cities treasures, as there are less crowds to wrangle in the cooler months.  The park surrounding Manly Dam is well organised and signed posted and you can even book a picnic table for a large gathereing. (phone 9942 2545) How very civilised!!!!
The only vehicular access is via King Street Manly Vale. Although walkers and mountain bikers can access the park from suburbs such as Allambie, Frenches Forest and North Balgowlah. Parking is free.

Many of the picnic tables have their very own open fire (wood provided) and we saw families toasting marshmallows and Bar B Queing up a storm.  It certainly put our ham and avocado rolls to shame. Some people seemed to be eating as though it was their last meal, with beautiful cuts of meat and all types of exotic   fare.

Fishing is definitely allowed

and a walk across the dam wall is a must.  The Beach House Brats noticed water seeping through the wall and spent the next little while contemplating what would happen to us and the suburb of Manly, if the dam wall collapsed.

There are points of interest along the wall, such as the winch used for water testing.  The Beach House Brat was determined to only drink from the dam that day and despite my warnings of a tummy bug, so far so good. It must be pretty clean.

There is also a water skiing ramp (top right) and part of the dam is cordoned off exclusively for water skiing and motor craft.  The lake is available for boat hire through Manly Warringah Water Ski Club. (Ph 9451 8880 or 9451 7042 ah)

This looks like a great spot for a camp fire, but unfortunately there is no over night camping allowed.  The gates open at 7am and close in the evening according to the season.

There are non power boat ramps in which to launch your boat.

And numerous walking tracks in the park.  The one we took had two gorgeous water falls.

With this lovely spot on the Curl Curl Creek

Lately I've been pushing Mr Beach House hard to do more of this kind of stuff.  I did it lots as a kid and these kinds of days are what being past of a family is all about.  I want my kids to grow up remembering that we spent quality time together just hanging out and having simple fun.  What better way to drag the kiddos from their respective screens on a gorgeous Winters day in sunny Sydney.  It was a day to remember and apart from the picnic I put together, didn't cost us a brass rarzoo.

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  1. What a wonderful post. Love the shots of the water, waterfalls, the tree reflected in the water and your beautiful family.

  2. What a beautiful place...
    I love places like this because
    they promote family bonding and relaxation.

  3. the kids would love all the space there. i haven't heard of it before.
    great weather we're having!

  4. looks like a great place to catch a fish & while away a sunny afternoon!

  5. This place looks great - and a lot like home for this Canadian! Canoes, water-skiing, fresh water... it's what I've been craving since moving down under! Thanks for sharing!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  6. Who would have thought?!!!
    Amazing spot.
    Nic x

  7. Great tip! Always looking new places to explore.

  8. Looks like a great spot! Might check it out sometime :-)
    Passing by via Windows of Happiness x

  9. What a beautiful spot! I wish we had somewhere in Adelaide like this. I am looking for different things to do with my Munchkin. Popping in from Windows of Happiness :)

  10. It was definitely a great day for it! What an awesome place, the fire looks very inviting, I love a good fire in the winter :)


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