Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shopping at Avalon Beach 2107

Hello Ladies
Fancy a little shopping expedition?  Well come on down to beach homewares central. A few of the girls over @ instagram have been asking for some inside knowledge on Northern Beaches Shopping. So I thought I'd give you the low down on that paragon of relaxed coastal style, Avalon Beach.   We are starting with the newest addition to the high street (actually known as Old Barrenjoey Road) and I love this concept.  It only opened last Saturday and is called FOC, a cheeky cute name, but it's not what you think.  It stands for Furniture on Consignment.  You drop your goods off, they sell them...... you get 60% and they get 40%.  There's some lovely vintage, it's beachy and very colourful. It's open Wed to Sunday and they kindly let me in on a Tuesday to take a few shots to show you.

Next up is an old favourite, Rust.  Liz and Michael have moved premises to Avalon Parade,which only reopened on Monday.  But it's still all the gorgeous vintage suspects, plus the addition of a plant nursery and some lovely fashions.  There's more room, so lots of new pieces in the range and it's totally worth a look.

Loved this lovely fountain in the covered court yard.

Now this is Beachwood and it is amazing.  The price tags are to match, but you will find your statement piece here for sure.  The stuff is drool worthy and they seem to have lots of stock, ready for the pre Christmas shopping season.

There are a few more new kids on the block and they are all domiciled in one funky arcade on Avalon Parade behind Andrew Blake Real Estate.  This one is Tiny Bird and it's full of gorgeous bespoke pieces that you may not find anywhere else.

Tiny Bird's neighbour is none other than Louise from Table Tonic.  She has some fantastic vintage framed scarves.  Doesn't she Emma?  The lovely Emma from Two Little Pirates and I were having coffee, when we spotted her birthday present, a beautiful blue and white vintage framed scarf from Bermuda.  You can see that here.

Mark Tuckey also has a little bolt hole in this arcade, which is about the coolest location in Avalon right now.  This store is in addition to his signature retail outlet in Newport, which you will pass on the drive down to Av.

Frank's cafe is also here and it doubles as a wine and tapas bar on most nights at the end of the week.  They do great coffee as well.

As for fashion, my two picks are Ginger and Smart for it's gorgeous colourful range of beautifully feminine clothing.

And for casual beach chic, I like Costume.

My other pick for food, if you need to rest and mull over your purchases, is the Chelsea Tea House.  They have a gorgeous sunny forecourt and the food and coffee are really good.  They also do dinner on weekends.

If you feel like a picnic, you can stock up on baked goods at La Bannette, a lovely French bakery on Avalon Parade.

And if you take a stroll to the top of that grassy knoll right there, you will be right on the edge of Australia, looking out to the Pacific Ocean.

She's a pretty little spot and a great place for a day trip of bespoke shopping and eating, just an hour from central Sydney.  Oh and don't forget to bring your cozzie.

This post is bought to you in its entirety by Desire Empire.  I hope to see you down here soon.
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  1. looks fabulous- would love to go shopping there if I didn't live so far away!

  2. What a gorgeous spot. Avalon tourism should thank you. I live your little round up. Gorgeous.

  3. avalon would have to be my favourite shopping spot! i LOVE beachwood especially. look forward to my next trip.
    thanks for the tour!

  4. Great tour, would love to get there one day. That French Bakery is making me very hungry!
    Penny x

  5. wow what a beautiful area...I have never known of this little piece of heaven. Great shops...such variety!
    Bec x

  6. I think I need to head back to Sydney pretty soon - definitely did not get in enough shopping! I would loved to have checked out a few of these shops on my way back from Palm Beach. This will go on the list for next time!

  7. Wow - I need to organise a babysitter quick smart for bub and come up there for a guided tour with you. Lots of things I can see I'll be wanting from those shops. Haven't done the Avalon strip for a few years now, so it's high time. When are you free!!!

  8. This looks like a fun way to spend a day. Thank you for linking to the Open House Party.

  9. Love your tour!

    You have to promise me that next time I visit Australia, you will take me on a shopping trip around the northern beaches! Love them all!

  10. This was a very frustrating post for me 'cause I wanted to be there shopping. You did a great job showing off the shops. So much I wanted to buy.

  11. Thanks for the shopping trip ! I lived in Sydney for about a year but never got to Avalon, it looks like a gorgeous place. If I ever visit Australia again, I'll try and get up there.
    from Fiona, on the cold south coast of the UK !

  12. What fun to go shopping there....I saw several things I would love!
    Michigan is a little far away, though! :-)
    HPS! And thank you for sharing all the fun!
    ♥ Jil

  13. My how your lovely posts are making me miss my hometown Avalon so much Carolyn! I used to work at Beachwood when it first started up down closer to the beach end at McMillan Court ( I can't remember what us there now?). Have you been to my Brother and sister in-laws restaurant "Starfish"? Am so looking forward to coming home soon.... Karen :)

    1. Yes I have and it's one of the nicest in Av. Thinking about going there tonight actually.

  14. What a great shopping experience you gave us today thorough your lens.

  15. Enjoyed the cyber shopping spree with you.
    Joyce M

  16. I must start saving my pennies! I had a great time on your tour. Wish I could see every single spot in person!

  17. I love a shopping tour. Thanks so much for showing us around!

  18. Oh how fun, great tour. So much wonderful eye candy. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, marty


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