Monday, October 29, 2012

The Best Pick Up Line Ever and a New Party Dress

Being 40 something  certainly has it's advantages.  One that comes to mind, is developing that certain confidence and savoir faire, which is the by product of many years of experience mixing with people.  However, being that age also gains one entry into the regions of mid life crisis territory, and I truly believe I might be having one.

Evidenced in recent days, by the purchase of this vintage Hawaiian dress.  My lovely friend Lisa has started a vintage clothing business and we have been having loads of fun trying on all the stock.  She refers to me as her fun loving size 14 house model.  She is about as lean as Catherine Middleton and needs a more curvaceous body to see how the stuff looks on, well, women with more curvaceous bodies like mine.  At first she tried this number on and I was instantly smitten.  Never in my wildest dreams thinking it would fit me.  She encouraged me to slip it on and it blew me away, because it fit like a glove. You've got to love those stretchy synthetic fabrics circa the 1970's. Suffice to say, I was her first ever customer.  Which is ironic seeing as we intend to team up and take a market stall together.  Her selling her vintage clothes and me, my vintage homewares. 

You'd be forgiven for thinking this is mutton dressed as lamb though.  It's  the best shot the 4 year old could manage to take of me, (Mr Beach House is of course, out on the water today, when I need him) but you get the idea and I for one need a bit more of this and a little less of the constant putting out for everyone else in my life, whilst all my dreams and aspirations are relegated to the back burner.

Which brings me to a great pick up line I heard the other day.  It's way too late for me and believe me, I've been spun a few over the years, so I know a good one when I hear it.  It made me giggle and wish for a moment I was 25 again.  It went something like this:
Boy to Girl:  "That's a beautiful dress you are wearing and it would look great on my bedroom floor"

I think if some gorgeous young thing had said that to me on the dance floor all those years ago, I would have had to think twice.  So now I just need to convince Mr Beach House to take me out in this dress and whisper something like that in my ear.

Yeah right......... cue skidding noise and a 'lifting needle off a record' visual.  Day dream over and it's back to the real world for me.

Have a great week guys.
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  1. Love the dress!

    I remember in the 70's shortly after my parents' divorce, my dad went to Hawaii on an exercise (Air Force); he brought us all home Hawaiian dresses. I hate it at the time (I was 14, and didn't appreciate it - I wish I had kept it!)

    The dress looks great on you!!

  2. The dress is great and great on you! It's a really good fit.

  3. Love the dress, beautiful print and so summery.

    The pick up line is superb!!! Made me laugh out loud.

    PS: I'd like to invite to join the Bosisto's giveaway at my blog, I have 4 lavender packs up for grabs here:

  4. i love the old hawaiian print. the dress looks great on you and i love the pick up line!

  5. Carolyn, that dress is truly fabulous! I completely love it and the pick up line is priceless. x

  6. Love it! It looks great too. Am very partial to a Hawaiian print myself! I have a lil purple, strapless number, and its one of my favourite dresses. Think you definitely need a dinner date/ event for this one ;-) xx

  7. Very cute- perfect for cocktails near the sea!

  8. You look fabulous Carolyn. That dress screams Hawaiian New Year's Eve Party. Remember them being all the rage in the 80's and 90's? Or was that just here in Qld? Its a beautiful dress.

    Anne xx

  9. Marilyn,.... this dress is fabulous! And it looks fabulous on you can take it off and ship it on over to me.. :) Way back in our minds we are thinking it's time for retirement and heading to the way downsized it's not funny. And this type of thing is exactly what I would love to wear all the time. (dreaming here) xo

  10. Who would have thought it would have looked far better on than on the bed. Amazing! It really rocks.

  11. Great dress Carolyn, you look fab in it! Your post made me giggle too :)
    Cas x

  12. Gorgeous colours - love the print!

  13. You look fabulous Carolyn.
    You shouldn't doubt yourself!!!
    You just need a midori splice in your hand and hibiscus flowers behind your ear and you'll be set for a night out in the Summer breeze.
    T xx

  14. Mr.Beach house better watch out if you go out without him wearing that outfit. Everything is gorgeous on you. Hot mama. Good you girl. It never hurts to see yourself in something great and know you look better than the outfit wearing it. Happy week. IF that's vintage it sure looks good.

  15. I love the dress and the sandels and you look amazing. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. I love it and I would buy this outfit. Visiting from Shabby Creek Cottage

  17. your party dress is very beautiful. i like your collection for party dress. Mostly this kind of dresses are being used in the party. i just wanted to know that which fabric is you are wearing

    1. It's just a stretchy nylon I think. The dress is home made, but I didn't make it. I bought it as second hand vintage. Hope that helps.


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