Tuesday, June 4, 2013


There is no doubt, I do have some beautiful paintings in my home , but it has been a very long time since I was able to purchase artworks for anymore than a few tenners at once.  This post is inspired by a question from Lisa about ideas for sourcing artworks.  I have shelled out big bucks for art in the past, but that was in the days of high disposable income and no kids.  So here are a few tips on how to get your hands on some beautiful artworks for very little at all.

You can frame clothing.  These used to be Mr Beach Houses golfing pants,  I purchased a frame from IKEA....which has since fallen apart, so next time I may need to spend a little more on that aspect of the art work, but it can look great.  I am in love with those framed vintage swimming costumes I often see on American blogs.

I have also hung beautiful dresses of my daughter's that I cannot part with.

Or my own evening dresses, Which now frequent the back of the cupboard and rarely see the light of day.

I have made art using vintage stamps

And felt letters, which I have cut from felt sheets purchased for a few dollars at the craft shop.

I bought this beautiful French beach scene from an antique shop, for less than just the frame was worth.  I think it is a print treated to look like an oil painting.

You can make art using collections like driftwood

This is a piece I bought from the Red Cross shop for $10 for a client, because the wall needed to be dressed  for next to nothing, for the open home.

Sometimes kids art can look stunning when framed if it is colourful.  This one only made it to the fridge, but I really should use this more as it can look stunning, if properly framed and hung.

Clocks can be beautiful art.  I use this one to hold up inspirational photos in my kitchen.

Chalk Board Paint is another way I love to make over art.

You've seen this one many times, but it is the most popular pieces of art I have ever made

Hung vintage objects can look great.

Wash Boards and galvanised basins can look great as art hung in a laundry.

Globes can pass as art

I use maps of all kinds to decorate my walls.  An $8 piece of wrapping paper formed the basis of this piece, which I had backed for about $20.

Here's the next victim waiting to be mounted onto a surfboard.  I was then going to make a coffee table out of it until I recently found my vintage French one.

I think Palm Fronds can constitute art

And look pretty good hung from a ladder.

I adore this Renior print, another under $5 Red Cross find, which would look stunning leaning on the wall over the mantel piece in a French themed blue room. She was once somebodies little girl.

I saw a pair of these hanging on the wall in Don Draper's office last night on Mad Men.  I am very glad I grabbed these ones from my mum, when she no longer wanted them.

And when all else fails, there are always flowers.  Many have been known to hang them,

but sometimes just plonking them into a jug can pass as an artwork too.

What are your tips for sourcing and creating affordable fabulous artworks?

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  1. Amazing artwork!!!A driftwood board and a wood collections are adorable!
    Thanks for made my day colored!

  2. I used a palm frond for my Christmas tree decorated with shells and led lights....very cool!
    I love using anything from the garden to use as art, from flowers to pinecones or fruit to cicada skeletons...weird I know!
    Bec x

  3. the paintings of your local area are lovely and the vintage surfboard is fantastic!

  4. You've really got an eye Carolyn. I love small tapestries and plates on the walls as well. My two prized possessions are two limited edition Noosa prints, reminiscent of the time I spent there in my younger days. Sometimes I wish I had more wall space. Its a great way to display things you like with minimal dusting. LOL

    Anne xx

  5. Love that vintage surfboard Carolyn :) x

  6. thankyou so much for this post Carolyn!!! Some great ideas (ps - I am thinking of hanging a world map in our study!)

  7. Your house is looking lovely, so many pretty and interesting details.

  8. Love those carvings of your mums, how beautiful you got to keep them. Love getting art from thrift stores too, sometimes you can find beautiful paintings by complete unknowns...love how a beautiful frame can do wonders too!

  9. Iv pondered how much to spend on art for my home so much and thats why I end up just buying prints from Target or Freedom and not spending a lot. I have 2 original art works, one was a gift and the other I bought at a charity auction. Im a big fan of creating my own art from gift cards or letters, its such a cheap way to create something new and if you tire of it you can always re use the frame and replace whats inside.

  10. Bonjour,
    Un grand merci pour votre gentil passage sur mon blog.
    Une publication remplie de très bonnes idées... Des photos extraordinaires... Un moment de bonheur !
    Gros bisous et à très bientôt

  11. Little Miss Beach House has such a pretty room!

  12. Hi C, I think flowers in vases are always magnificent. Love the chalkboard in a frame, very cool. I have some washing boards too, and can remember seeing them in my Granny's house!

  13. Love those golf pants!!! Such a fun idea to frame them. Laura

  14. The golf pants are just priceless!!! xx

  15. As a mum with a passion for travel I love the idea of using world maps.
    I also think using your favouirte kids clothes to decorate their walls is clever.

  16. Some great ideas here, I LOVE the stamp one - I have lots of stamps - very clever! As the kids grow I'm going to slowly put more effort in to decoration!

  17. I loved browsing at your pictures. I love that ladder. I would love for you to share this at my weekly linky party.



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