Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Patonga Beach A Great Day Trip from Sydney

We love to go on adventures to the country side and it's great when you can do it all just an hour from central Sydney.  If you are looking for a great day trip, have a think about Patonga Beach on the Central Coast.  It's a short ferry ride from Palm Beach, or you can get the ferry from Bobbin Head,  if you live closer to that end of town.  You can arrive by car to Patonga too, but the ferry trip is great fun for the kids.

We pushed off from Palm Beach Wharf at 11am

and took in the beautiful vistas,

Lion Island

the Boat House Bar and Restaurant

the lovely Palm Beach real estate.

On the way you will see the World War 2 defences facing out to the Tasman Sea, which were put there to defend Pittwater and Broken Bay from a Japanese invasion in the 1940s.

There are 3 pillboxes remaining and if you have kids who are captivated by military history, this will make the trip worthwhile in itself.  We made plans to go ashore in our dinghy one day, but Mr Beach House said there are waves often cracking over those rocks due to it being situated at the entrance of Broken Bay, so you would need to pick your days well.

There is still a cutting in the cliff side where the railway was built at an angle of 60 degrees to ferry down all the guns and ammo to the defences.  I think the railway still exists too.

You will see a different view of Barrenjoey and the light house to the usual view of the north end of Palm Beach.

On approach to Patonga, I was dazzled by the stunning real estate lining the beach

The old pub is absolutely in character with a fishing village

and beautifully styled with rattan and reproduction cane furniture.

We just had a coffee at the pub, which was good coffee, as we had brought our own picnic, but the food looked very appetising.

The bar is a beautiful Sydney Sandstone affair.

There is also accommodation and you can check out their Facebook page here.

After coffee we set off to walk the streets and waterways of this little hamlet.

I particularly loved this Hamptons style home I first saw from the ferry.

So cute.

The Beach House Brats play a game they call 'Germans' in any sand dunes they ever find.  It's a war game played with sticks and imaginary hand grenades.

At the back of the beach is a lagoon, which was an absolute hive of activity because it supports a camping area on it's shore.

Patonga Beach Camping area
I loved the contrast of the original fishing huts, which where basically fibro boxes with a few steps up to the front door on brick pylons to cater for changes in the tide. 

Some of the original beach cottages had just been made over,

whilst others looked completely brand new.

I loved this pulley system,  which was probably part of an old barn and most likely a renovated original.

This cottage was beautifully styled.  I do love black and white in a beach cottage.

Being here felt a bit like revisiting my childhood.  There were roughly built tree houses.

Home made swings

And places to just sit and watch the world go by.  Note the log at his feet, which was carted around as a make shift gun for the day.

Secret fishing spots

and like every county town across Australia, a war memorial honouring those who served in places a million miles away from this paradise.

Just down from the war memorial, was a lovely art gallery in the old bakery and a sort of old wares store that sold a few old bits and pieces.

We wondered back to the fish and chip shop and ordered some hot chips, which I now regret helping to eat whilst we waited for the ferry, which returns to Palm Beach at either 3pm or 4.15pm.

Patonga Fish and Chips
For more details on ferry times to Patonga, you can go here. I do believe these kind of memory maker days bring us closer together as a family.  The kids are still young enough to really enjoy it.  I expect in a few years as teenagers they will not be the least bit interested, but for now I will take it when I can.

For some other day trips on Sydney's Northern Beaches go here and here.  These would all be great days out with the kids in the up coming school holidays.

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  1. it's beautiful! the cottages are gorgeous. i'd love to catch a ferry there. thanks for showing us around.

  2. What a gorgeous place, love the quaint cottages!

  3. What an enjoyable post it brought back many memories as I grew up at Umina.When we were teenagers we used to on a good day be able to climb around the rocks at the end of Umina beach to go to Pearl Beach and Patonga.But then it was just a sleepy little fishing town with not many people going there...Beautiful days but it looks so good now a far change from when we were kids.thanks for that-love dee x

  4. That's so true. Our older two never come anywhere with us anymore unless we're shouting them dinner in a restaurant or an overseas holiday. When we go out as a 'family' we take our 'one' child with us so enjoy these days while you have them. Patonga looks beautiful. I love how you can go there by ferry - so much better than traveling by car xx

  5. Travelling on the water really gives you a different perspective doesnt it. Looks like a great place to visit when Im in Sydney next :)

  6. What a great day Carolyn......I think I might have to make the trip.
    Tania xx

  7. Hi Carolyn, we just came back from our long weekend away and I thought of Patonga as our next long weekend camping destination. Thank you for sharing these photos,

    Hope you can drop by and check out my South Coast post.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  8. Absolutely beautiful Carolyn. I've never heard of this place before (not that I'm all that familiar with all the ins and outs of Sydney). Your photography and eye for what looks good is amazing. Makes me want to do more day trips with my family.

    Anne xx

  9. I fee like I've just been on a trip to the Hamptons - what a fabulous place. Must try to get there soon.

  10. I haven't been to Patonga since I was a kid.You've inspired me to head back ASAP x

  11. Goodness! I think it is time for me to go on a trip. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. The water looks so blue! I love dining beside the water at an outdoor restaurant.
    Thanks, Patty

  12. Gorgeous photos Carolyn. I looks like a fabulous day out.

  13. This looks absolutely fantastic!
    I am leaving this post open for hubby to check out. I think we may be organising a day out very shortly, so thank you!
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  14. Such a beautiful part of Sydney. Great photos too.

  15. Wow - it all looks great (except the camping - too many people). We've done the boat trip but went to Umina (I think). Might have to do the Patonga pub lunch trip....

  16. Lovely post Carolyn, I've never taken the ferry but would love to. Had fish and chips there years ago when staying at the great holiday park at... where is it... one of the central coast beaches. Must take the ferry one day. Lovely snaps.

  17. Wishing I lived in NSW now! How beautiful. Thanks for sharing all those great photos. Love seeing the beach houses.

  18. Wow I want to live in NSW now! Wish I could just pop over to a beach village and explore. Love all the photos. Thanks!

  19. Too bad I live half a world away! It looks like the most charming place to visit~ and I love the history you shared as well! Great pictures of such a nice day with your family!

  20. We've been meaning to visit Patonga. I hear their camping ground is great too. Great photos! Thanks for reminding me about this stunning destination :)

  21. Nothing nicer than home made swings - a lovely collection of photos. I adore jetties!

  22. Interesting post and i loved the tour. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  23. Patonga beach is one of the favourite choice of visitors coming to NSW. Trip to patonga beach is always full of fun and enjoyment.


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