Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Advent Calendar on a Vintage Ladder For Christmas

So what do you think of my advent calendar this year?  A Vintage ladder and a few little buckets.  She's cute no?

It's about this time each year, at the back end of November, that I start to think about putting together an advent calendar.

Last year it was envelopes hanging from a vintage frame containing stuff to fill pencil cases. This year it is buckets hanging from a vintage ladder.

I purchased these little buckets from a Christmas clearance sale in January and have been bursting to use them for about 10 months.  They were from Bed, Bath and Table and don't seem to be in store this season, but Ikea has a great alternative.

I saw this cute little set at Ikea and although I had advent plans already locked in for this year, I decided to buy them anyway and do something special with them next year.

I think these cute little bags would do equally well strung up from a ladder as little buckets.

But just what to put in them.  I put it out there to the Facebook girls and boy did they come up trumps.

They had some wonderful ideas that meant I did not need to stuff all the buckets with lollies.

Alana suggested the following:
Day 1 usually announces putting up the tree, thereafter activities can involve make paper snowflakes, origami stars, Christmas colouring in, make a Christmas book mark, write a letter to a relative, dance to a Christmas CD and go see the Christmas street lights.

Lena suggested some Christmas cooking and an outing to see the Christmas lights at DJ's.

Anne suggested a Christmas movie night in.

For the craft, I am using Amanda's Craft in a Pizza Box from My Little Table Designs in Dee Why. 

I also got the fairy wand there, which will not fit in the buckets, so I have announced it via a note. 

Here's the movie we will watch together as a family, one Saturday night in December.

I have also offered to take The Beach House Brats for some spicy squid at their favourite Asian street food cafe.

We will also have a Christmas letter writing session to Santa, which should be interesting seeing the Biggest Beach House Brat knows he is not true, but I am relying on him to keep the spirit of Christmas alive for his little sister.

There are a few lollies and chocolates, just to keep the troops interested.  And also some special decorations, that I know my littlest will love to hang on the tree.

This was so easy to make.  I just dangled snow flake lights (Ikea) over the ladder( Mr Beach House's factory), then wound bakers twine (Ikea) around each tread and attached the buckets (Bed Bath and Table) to the twine with pegs.

All in all I think she is as pretty as a picture, with her sparkly lights and rustic appeal.

How about you?  Have you got an advent calendar planned this Christmas?

You can see all my other easy Christmas projects here.

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  1. Oh, its gorgeous Carolyn. Very Scandanavian. Love it!

    Anne xx

  2. Great idea. I really need to start thinking about an advent calendar. Love your style x

  3. I love it!!! So creative and stylish. I call that a win win

  4. Awesome idea!!! Looks great!

    I bought my two youngest a calendar each for the very first time ever today. I wish I had seen this post earlier!

    MC xo

  5. Bonjour,

    C'est vraiment un très original et merveilleux calendrier de l'avent que vous nous dévoilez.

    Gros bisous

  6. Every now and then I see an idea on a blog which makes me think "Why didn't I think of that myself??" This is one of them. I absolutely love it. I'm going to do some serious pinning now :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. What a fantastic imagination and creative flair you have Carolyn, and very lucky children!

  8. How sweet. I love that you have daily notes/instructions and a Xmas movie!!

  9. So lovely. I am planning to make my first advent calendar this year but it certainly won't be as elaborate as yours.

  10. Carolyn this looks great love the fact you bought the buckets end of Jan on sale and used them now for this project.

  11. This is a fantastic idea especially if you have children or grandchildren.

  12. it's so cute!! i bet your kids love it (:

  13. That's a really cute idea and I love how you've styled it.

  14. This is one of the best Christmas ideas I have seen so far. Absolutely fabulous. I love those little buckets. I have a ladder just like it. Need to think of something clever for my advent calendar.
    So awesome!! I am pinning this.
    Have a great week,

  15. you out did yourself here looks fantastic love dee x

  16. You are SO smart... that is such a unique and interesting way to do things... inspiration for the rest of us less crafty mummies.

  17. This is simply stunning. I would love to make and have this in my house, but it would be way to tempting for my one and three year olds to trash :) We will be doing our first santa writing session here too soon. I can't wait!

  18. This is just the cutest advent calendar ever!!! I usually done do one but you have inspired me to want to do one…I would love it if you came by and shared it at One More Time Eventshttp://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2013/11/one-more-time-features-and-party-with.html.. Hope to see you there…Tammy

  19. This is the most gorgeous advent calendar I have ever seen! I love, love, love it! How clever are you!!! :-)

  20. Gorgeous. What a great idea! You've got my noggin ticking over. Thanks.

  21. This is just gorgeous Carolyn. One day I might have grandchildren who will appreciate something like this. By the way, we're currently in Telluride, Colorado loving the snow!

    Princess Lucy

    1. Hey Julie
      Let it snow!!!! I got your book and am reading it with interest. Thanks.

    2. Hi Carolyn, please tell me that the book parcel had a stamp on it! I sent my son to the post office with it and he is such a day dreamer that I'm worried he may have forgotten to pay for the postage! It has been snowing here; we are in a winter wonderland but do have a good excuse not to ski.....the season doesn't open until next week. Julie

    3. Sorry Julie I cannot remember about the postage, But I got it. If there was no stamp, Aust Post will send you a bill, so no need to worry.

      Best Caro
      PS I love a little Winter wonderland

    4. Just so long as you didn't get a bill from Australia Post. I've been thinking about you for the last couple of days because I know you love Sydney sandstone. Here in Telluride the sandstone is a most glorious pinkish colour; I'll send you some photos when I get home. Julie

    5. No and neither of us will as I found the wrapper today and it had a stamp. So thanks

      Best Carolyn
      PS look forward to the shots

  22. That looks amazing Carolyn! I made advent bunting last year, but I can't find it anywhere now!! It's driving me nuts :(

  23. You have by far outdone all the other advent calendars out there with this buckets on a ladder one! You are so clever!! I still have the print out of last years envelope in a frame that you did, I thought that was a great first advent to tackle but I couldnt find the envelopes I needed so opted out. Now those Ikea bags are adorable, maybe I can do something with those this year. I better get cracking as its just a few days until December :)

  24. Hey Carolyn! It's Deonna from the Child at Heart blog! I love this post and would love for you to link up to the Merriest Blog Hop each Friday until Christmas and share your creations! I LOVE just red and white for Christmas. Very cute! I need a ladder like that!

  25. what a great idea, Carolyn, this is adorable, LOVE that ladder, I'll be featuring this post tomorrow on Be Inspired. thanks so much for joining in!

  26. I love your Advent calendar. It's so cute!

  27. This looks gorgeous Carolyn - and good minds think alike as we both have gone with ladder advents this year. xx

  28. I love this, Caro. It's so pretty and festive and must make your children so excited. You have some lovely ideas of how to fill the buckets too. I wish I was more crafty! I'm hoping to have a night where we drive around viewing the Christmas lights too. And I want all three of my kids in a Santa photo - this will probably be the last year ever - after all, Archie is about to turn 21! xx

  29. I know this was several years ago but I am wondering how tall and wide your ladder was? thanks


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