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Herb Garden in a Colander for Christmas

Herb Garden in a Colander for Christmas

I think this ensemble would make a fabulous hostess gift at Christmas time.  It is simple to put together and can be made for around $10-$15, including ribbon and home made gift tag.

The colander was thrifted and the herbs were $2.69 a punnet at Aldi.

I am all for beautiful gifts made with love.  If they are practical and useful, well even better.  Put your hand up if you already have too much stuff.  Personally, I could put both up hands.   The Beach House is groaning under the weight of too much stuff, so I have been thinking about giving gifts, which are useful, take up very little space and can be done on a budget.

This little bomb ticks all those boxes.  Not to mention its 'green' credentials.

You may have noticed, I am passionate about food. The healthier the better.  Part of my Mediterranean eating plan to stay trim, is to pack in more nutrients per punch.  Eating nutrient dense food, means I stay fuller for longer and it increases my energy levels.  Part of that strategy, is trying to get fresh herbs into as many dishes as possible.  Due to bad planning, my herb garden is planted right down the back of the garden.  Often as I am throwing dinner together, it is too dark to venture down there with the scissors.  So I made a pretty little garden containing the herbs I use most often, for my bench top.

I thought how much I would appreciate receiving something like this for Christmas.

So I knocked up a Christmas version to share with you.
I found this colander by the side of the road.  It is made from aluminium, which really should not be used to drain pasta.  I talked with my mum about using a new colander as part of the gift, so that it could be used at a later date in the kitchen.  Mum suggested some people might find that revolting.  Personally, I would not have a problem reusing a colander, which had previously been potted up, if it was properly washed in hot water.  So that is something to bear in mind, when you are deciding on the vessel you intend using for this project and the recipient of the gift.

Here's the how to:

First, line your colander with a double sheet of newspaper to assist with drainage and so the dirt does not fall out of the holes.

Engage your little helper to assist, but make sure she is masked up to avoid contracting Legionaries Disease from the potting mix.  She loves any excuse to don her brother's army disposal store gear. This is actually no joke, as I know a man who died from Legionaries Disease, contracted from potting mix.

I used a less elaborate version of mask.

Half fill the colander with some potting mix.

Arrange your herbs so they stand up nicely.  I used parsley, basil and coriander, because these ones I use the most.  Chives, sage or salad leaves are other great options.

Fill with potting mixture and pat down firmly and water in well.

Whilst the colander is draining.  Make a home made gift tag using Christmas stamps,  little pictures or glitter pens.  The more rustic the better, as it indicates it's made with love.

Tie a big red bow around the colander.  I actually attached this bow with a bread tie pushed through the colander's holes.  Make sure you do not attach the bow until the pot is well drained, other wise you will end up with a big wet bow and a smudged card.

Put it on your sink for a little Christmas lift to your kitchen, or take it along to a Christmas event as a gift.

So there you have it, a simple Christmas gift made with love on a budget, from the Beach House.

I am running a Christmas series this season. You can check out some Christmas projects I have already completed here.  I will be adding lots of great budget ideas and recipes to the list this Christmas, to give you loads of inspiration to create easy projects, which will bring some joy and cheer into your home.

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  1. Love it Carolyn, great gift idea. Would be a good one for a teacher too. And I'm with you, I'd re-use a colander no trouble. A possum just ate heaps of my herbs and the tomato plants so I ought to move some inside!!

  2. Bonjour,

    Une très belle et astucieuse idée... Nous aimons tous avoir des herbes à notre portée... Une idée cadeau géniale !
    Gros bisous et merci pour la démonstration en image avec votre adorable petite fille.

    Gros bisous à toutes les deux.

  3. That is such a great idea, thank you so much, this will be treat to my two daughters who left home this year for homes of their own. xxx Rae

  4. That's a really cute idea, love it. And so quick and easy to make. Looks lovely.

  5. That's a cute colander. A great idea for a gift.

    Anne xx

  6. I love this the colander idea Carolyn! You are very creative. I am visiting for the first time, and just became your newest follower. I invite you to follow me back at . I look forward to visiting again soon.

    Betty (maddiebellahome)


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