Monday, November 4, 2013

A Two Party Weekend Some Vintage Fashion and a Great Community

There was a time when two parties over a weekend was standard for me, but backing up for Friday and Saturday night these days, is generally unheard of.

The start of November and the unofficial beginning to the silly season has been a game changer and accordingly, it was on for young and old this weekend past.

 My lovely girlfriend Lisa, in the shiny gold number above, buys and sells vintage clothing.  Her main criterion is that it has to be colourful.  Lisa has a real knack of being able to see what a piece will look like on someone she has in mind, when she buys it.  Often these dresses look very ho hum on the rack, but come to life once they are on a woman.

Especially if you are 23 and have not had the ravages of child bearing do crazy things to your body yet.  Everything this lovely young girl tried on, looked fabulous. 

I love the fabrics as well.  The 60s and 70s began to see fabrics used, which were wash and wear. So it was the first era where the Womens' Movement actually translated into practical applications for easy care and a lighter load in terms of housework.  Most of these dresses don't need ironing and can go straight from the clothes line, into the wardrobe.

Like this Champagne 60's dress, I bought at the Salvation Army store for $15.  I had it on sale at the stall last week and it didn't sell. With Lisa as inspiration,  I decided to keep it, as it's very smart and lovely to wear.

The quality of the shots aren't great.  There was lots of movement and twirling of skirts at the party and my poor little phone camera could not keep up, but you get the idea.

I also tried this purple dress on before the party.  It was very slimming and I love the fabric, even if the faces are the wrong way up. Those faces are like a metaphor for vintage clothing.   It's quirky and vibrant and is likely to start a conversation.  

 I kind of have a policy with Lisa's clothing rack.  That is, if a dress I like, is still there after some time, well I am meant to have it, so we shall see with this one.

The one I did buy, was what I am calling the 'Lost in Space' number.  I don't have a full shot of it, but it comes to just above the knee and is a figure hugging 'A line' number.  It's very smart on and I wore it to the party the following night at the Sailing Club.  More on that party up next.

The thing I love about Lisa's parties, which she has every few months once her stock is renewed,  is they remind me, that I live in a fabulous community of supportive women, who definitely like to have fun.  We all stand around wearing the pieces and getting a feel for them.

It takes confidence to wear some of these clothes, but I have never been short on that.  When everyone is doing it, we have a good laugh and feel very feminine.

Lisa has really opened my eyes to the value of vintage clothing.  They are usually Australian or US made and have been put together with great care.  I guess that's why they have lasted so well and still look as new in some cases 40 or 50 years after they were made.

This recycling also has so many environmental benefits and it is lovely to wear something that has a history and is very different from the contemporary brands on offer today.

So next time you are in the op shop, seek out the clothes rack and try on some vintage.  You might just be surprised at how good it looks on you.

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  1. What a fun party and you guys all look amazing. I love the two on you, they both look wonderful. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks Marty that's very kind of you to say so. Have a great week

  2. what a cool idea! they all look fab!

  3. What a fun night. It certainly looks like you were all having a blast. I love the red dress you bought and I'll look forward to reading your post on that party at the sailing club. I did see your Instagram images and it looked like a great party. I love how the vintage clothes are so well made and come from an era where we didn't import cheap crappy rubbish from third world nations using prisoners and children as slave labour. For those reasons alone, we should all be wearing vintage! xx

  4. This all sounds so fun...the companionship of women, beautiful dresses, a little wine. Love it! And you do look lovely in both dresses. I love the purple one in the last picture but I don't know if I would be brave enough to wear it, black and gray are more my style!

    Great post!


  5. Keep the champagne dress, it looks fabulous on you! Sonya

  6. I will! Very inspirational... this looks like such a hoot of an evening, and what a nice bunch of girls. Very good!

  7. Looks like everybody had a blast and all of you look gorgeous on those vintage dresses. I love the champagne dress, you look gorgeous in that dress. You should keep it. I love your friend's dress as well. I love the idea of being with the girls, drinks and beautiful dresses. I would really have fun if i were at that party.

  8. I absolutely love vintage clothing! That first dress would honestly go perfect with these vintage glasses i just got! By any chance do you know if that dress is available any where online?

    1. Me too. No Joan sorry I don't where you can get the dress, as I picked it up at the local charity store by chance.


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