Friday, January 27, 2012

Hoping For a Miracle This Valentines Day

I've finished brewing the love potion,  lost 10kg and I'm being really, eerrr hrrrm,  nice to Mr Beach House at the moment, so things should be looking up at the Beach House this Valentine's Day!!!!

Who am I kidding?????  As usual there will be very few celebrations here.... Not because we don't love each other.  I do love him 'a bit' and he says he loves me........Probably 'a bit'  too.  Things are about as exciting around here as they can be after 10 years of marriage, dodging all the bad bits that are thrown into the mix when raising kiddos and the mundane tasks that have to be completed in the successful running of a home. 

I kinda like the even keel that we are on.  I never pine for him, but I do like it when he comes home.  It's a fun part of the day.  The kids run to the door to greet him and he always bounds through the door with a smile and something interesting to say.

He still makes me laugh alot,  he is generous, when he has the money  and never questions any of the things I do in terms of spending,  who I talk to on Fake Book or what I do.   He doesn't gamble, cheat, as far as I can tell, or drink in pubs.  He is a fantastic father. 

I am a sailing widow, but I guess if its his boat which is the other woman, it could be worse!!!!!

I could very easily have an affair, raid his bank account or ruin his life in so many ways, but he probably wouldn't notice, he's very self contained. He's lucky he chose well, because I would describe myself as honourable and would never ever do that.  I know how good I've got it too.  He trusts me completely and I can pretty well live as I wish.  He doesn't control me at all, he gives me all his wages for the running of the household,  and I can buy what I want within our tight family budget.

Sounds pretty good so far don't you think????  But there is one thing missing.....can you guess what it is????  It starts with 'R'....

Yep that's it....... Romance. The romance has fact I would have to question if it was ever there in the first place.  I mean real 'sweep you off your feet' style romance.  I have said on this blog before, that I walked down the aisle, absolutely sure I was doing the right thing in marrying Mr Beach House and that I was deliriously in love with him and it's all true.  He is a good man and I am not stupid.  But I have to question whether the Aussie male is actually capable of said romance......And if there are any Australian males reading me, which I doubt,  you may be the exception here, but in all my experience with the Australian male, which I can tell you has been relatively extensive....I have never found this characteristic to be at the fore front of his personality.  He is buff, he is tanned,  he is cute and he is very funny, but I have never found him to be particularly romantic.

So I guess that leaves it up to us girls.......  I set this table up at the front door this morning.  I thought I would test the waters with this one.  Mr Beach House couldn't miss it, could he?  It's right at the front door.  I mean he practically has to climb over it to get out of the house on this daily walk to the curb to get his second great love.......The newspaper.

So just when I thought the romance was dead.....he calls out 'Have we got any butter darl?' Yes I am real lucky, he even makes his own breakfast,  even if he opens a cupboard or fridge door and he can't find a thing.  So I jumped up as I was writing this, found the butter and asked, 'Are you having breakfast at the Valentines Day Table?  He just smiled and said 'Isn't that on 14 February?  Todays' Australia Day Darl!!!!'  Ahhhh a breakthrough!!!!! Maybe he will remember and maybe I do love him a lot.

 And it looks like will just be having love potion and chocolate on the big day.  Ever done a tablescape shoot and forgotten to put out the cutlery?.... It's first for me!!!!!!

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  1. Now that was funny! I've been with my hubby for almost 20yrs now and I get yah...but just when you think they just want to be "friends" (which is totally cool right...nothing better than living with your best friend!), they surprise you with flowers or some other little thing and actually do notice that you don't have a 3rd leg like that occasional table up against the wall! Hahaha! xo

  2. hilarious! i know what you mean about australian males and romance..the romantic ones are pretty rare. hope the love potion works ;)

  3. What a funny story, I really enjoyed reading it so thanks for sharing. Good luck on valentines day, I do hope he surprises you. Don't forget to let us know. ;-)

  4. You brought a smile to my face's not just Aussie men. Believe me. But, after 35 years, and all that goes with it, my man surprises me..."Just because." Today he wrote an email to one of our daughters-in-law, just to tell her how much he loved her, and how happy he was that she was a part of our family. Awwww....He is a darling man.

  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post at Potpourri Friday!

  6. You are too funny! But honest and I admire that. It sounds like you've got a great marriage to me but then what do I know...I've only been divorced twice! LOL! Romance can be highly over rated in a male and in my book "action speaks louder than words"! But I'll say a little prayer for you. As for me....(I'm much older...think your Mother's age or older), I'll be happy to curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book and my 2 great dogs....for me at this point in my life they're better than a man any day! Ha! Ha!

  7. P.S. But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your vignette! You're a very talented decorator!

  8. Congratulations on losing the 10 kilos, great work :)
    Your marriage sounds similar to mine. We have been married (second for me) 3 or 4 years I forget and there is no romance/intimacy zilch!! Why does it have to change. I pine (? spelling) for the heady days of a new romance. Have thought lots about affairs but like you have morals. But it's sooo hard. Thanks for sharing, thinking of you xx

  9. Oh, honey, I had to laugh: I'm American as is my husband of over 20 years and we are the least romantic couple on the face of the earth; this isn't limited to Aussie men! Before I married my hubby, I had a long-term boyfriend who was half Italian and, although a great kisser, the most he could come up with for Valentine's Day or any holiday was little leaves he found on the ground that looked like hearts although, looking back, I think it's sweet (at the time, I wanted candy, flowers...a ring!). Our men, they are what they are...mine drives me nuts but I can't live without him! Now, I did read something this week which brought me to tears. It was an obituary about a man who, so that he'd never forget a wedding anniversary, simply chose the same day out of each month (I think it was the 6th) to always bring his wife flowers and take her out for a nice dinner meal. And, incredibly, he did this for 60 years. But I think he was definitely the exception and not the rule!

  10. Brilliant- my husband would consider himself quite romantic at times- but I can ASSURE you, he would have got to that front door & probably squeezed past the table & truly NOT have even seen it...

    After living away for four years- I'm not sure that our Aussie males are any more, or any less romantic than the Brits for example, and it seems according to Vicki above than the Americans...

    What I do know is we girls want a little Italian/French romance at times- that would make me smile big!!! :-)

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  11. This is so cute and so tender-hearted. I have to say that American men don't really hold the romance card either. We have been married almost 16 years and there is NO romance, never was in this relationship which is kind of odd cause I think of myself as very romantic but it is all wasted on my hubby. :) He is a wonderful man and I love him dearly but he totally missed the romantic train! :) I love your setup, very pretty. :)

  12. I think your man may surprise you this valentines day. At least he remembered the date. He sounds like a great father and provider. I think they sometimes need a nudge in the right direction. You may have yourself a rough diamond there. Leahx

  13. Your Valentine table looks lovely. Valentine's Day is such a special day for me. You keep doing what you're doing. The love potion will kick in soon. I think your husband sounds like a keeper. Have a nice weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. He sounds like a wonderful hubby, and I would like to wish you a happy Valentines Day! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  15. So pretty!

    My PINK. I would like to invite you also to my meme, come link with me with Color Connection.

    I am your new follower..

  16. My daughter, who has now been married 9 years, used to say that the worst "Single Awareness Day that she ever had was the one that she spent with her mother (me) when she lived as a single in Nashville many years ago. She despised Valentines Day...but she likes it a lot now! Men are funny, with their tendency to compartmentalize everything, but I've discovered that they are more than willing to do what is needed to please us...we just have to tell them what that is. I think that you've done a great job of telling him with your darling Valentines tablescape. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  17. that was funny :D
    you're a creative decorator..lovely!
    happy pink saturday

    much love,

  18. What a cute tablescape for V Day! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  19. It was the red bowl that caught my eye and then the post got my eye. I have a little magnet by Mary Englebreit - says "Some folks are just about as happy as they make their minds up to be." I suppose that really is quite true. Just as forgiveness is a choice, love is one too. It's hard to realize that sometimes, but it's true. Looks like you set your mind to a little difference and it got through a bit. Sometimes, it is up to the girls. Enjoyed reading your post -wasn't sure where it was going for a moment! :) Jenn (You may have to hop to my google acct and over to my WordPress blog b/c open ID is being very very finicky lately . . . here goes, I'll see which sign off works! Jenn

  20. That was a fun post to read!! You both sound like great people. Sometimes just being together is enough.

  21. What a fun post! Happy Valentine's Day! :D :D :D

  22. This post made me smile! We were married on Valentine's Day....need I say more about how romantic we are? :-) Visiting from Seasonal Sundays.

  23. ha this is a fun post! is it love potion #9?! My husband is the romantic..always buying flowers (I say don't spend the $) telling me he love me (I say words, words, mop the floor to show me) get it right?!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  24. Ha ha! You didn't just prepare a tablesscape, you even labeled the components - love potion says it all! Perhaps if you embed the newspaper into the tablesscape, bind it with a rose and some lingerie.... Well then again, just count your blessings. My husband keeps telling me that Valentines Day is a made up holiday, commercialized by the card-making companies and florists. After 32 years of marriage, he's not budging.

  25. Oh, I hope your love potion works! I don't think it's just Australian men. I think it's hard to find any kind of romantic men.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  26. Fantastic!! I hope you will link up to my I Heart Projects Party.

  27. A fun post. I hope your romance shows up soon and is a wonderful surprise for you!

  28. Here's what I love about this post, Carolyn: YOUR BLATANT HONESTY. My Mom freaks because she thinks I have a tendency to share a little too much on my blog, but I think you HAVE to keep it real. I am so glad that you share that sentiment! As far as Aussie men lacking that romance gene, I think that's fairly universal among men. I think perhaps the definition of romance varies so much that the poor one-track minded dears are just plain confused! While most women would be thrilled to get flowers, I discourage it. What revs my engine is when he remembers to put the toilet seat down, pick up his socks without being asked to, or when he thanks me for doing the laundry. (Although that last one I should maybe take as an insult!) I find romance in the fact that he thanks me and gives me a kiss after every meal I prepare for him. I find romance in how every night before we go to sleep he says to me, "Wake up," meaning please be here in the morning. One of the most romantic gestures ever was when he fixed my hair using the curling iron when I was too sick to do it myself. I'm sure I looked like Raggedy Ann when he got through, but it was the gesture that counted in my book. The fact that he brags about my blog to any and everyone he meets (even whips out his cell phone and insists that they look at pictures on the blog!) makes my heart race. We are newlyweds, with just 21 years together. I'm hoping for at least 30 more and so sorry we met so late in life. I love it that you posted this!

  29. We all need some romance, even if it doesn't come naturally to us all. Your table is beautiful.
    I would love your you to share your honest post at my Valentine contest linky, there are some great prizes.

  30. Please, please, please let us know what happens on February 14--we won't be able to stand the suspense! :) Your posts are always funny and lighthearted--and honest. And there IS romance...he calls you "darl" and you love him and he loves you. It just shows in your own private dance, and that dance is romantic because it's yours. Happy anticipation for the big day!!! :) ~Zuni

  31. My hubby of 20 years told me when we were first married that of course, I would get flowers on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc. But he assured me what would mean more were the flowers he would bring me for no reason. Well, I haven't seen any flowers for any reason in a long time! BUT, he took care of my uncle who had Alzheimers and is very good to my aging parents. For me, that's romantic.

  32. Cute post. Sounds like you two have a normal marriage. Love your tablescape. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  33. What a cute post, love your love potion and your table set right before the front door.
    Sounds like Australian men aren't much different from American men............sounds pretty normal to me............but good men are hard to find, and you can't have everything, I found out a long time ago that hubbies don't come with soap opera scripts,
    well, there might be a few..............but they are probably newly weds or fiancee's
    would be my

    Have a Happy and well, er hopefully, Romantic Valentines Day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  34. My DH romances me daily by emptying the dishwasher ( knowing I hate that task), setting up the coffee percolator the night before going to sleep, etc. We absolutely never celebrate Valentines Day

  35. Trust me, be thankful for what you have. It can definitely be a lot worse. Just always remember it takes two to tango.

  36. Cute post! Love the "love" spelled out on the table. Clever idea! We've been married 36 years. I think most men in general are not all that romantic. ;-)

  37. Very enjoyable post. Here's my advice to you: Enjoy him while you have him. (But I'm sure you do)

  38. Aww...liked reading this post and hope you have the best Valentine's Day ever

  39. It's so hard to fit romance into daily life, isn't it?! It sounds like you have a great marriage, and definitely appreciate each others differences!
    Happy REDnesday,

  40. Too funny. Wow. Isn't that funny how marriage becomes more of a partnership than a romance? I think Hollywood has missed that. Love is a choice. Sometimes great, sometimes hard. I think you did a great job setting up for some love! :)

  41. Very funny, Caro. Has he spotted that table yet? I think all Australian males are guilty as charged. They need a good dose of Latino blood xx

  42. I want those chairs Carolyn......they're awesome!
    Where did you get them. Please don't tell me you found these on the side of the road this time ;O)

    Good luck for valentine's Day 2013!!!

    Tania xx

    1. I did get them for free. The old chap across the road threw them out. I stupidly sold them and the table at auction for $130. Way too cheap.


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