Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Vintage Life

Today I'm coming to you from vintage heaven, also known as my mum's house!!!!!!!  Over the years, this home has been fondly referred to as a museum, a time warp and a place where 'it all works'.  Lately my mum has been flinging open her cupboards and getting rid of some stuff.  I have been helping her and it has been lots of fun.

Just today I got an email from my childhood school friend who now lives in New Zealand.  Nicola is bringing her mum back to our old suburb to check it out and she wrote me the following:

Hi Caz
 on tuesday 13th,  I'm going to take mum to T to look at the old house etc
do you see your mum on a tuesday usually?
if so, want to meet up somewhere there with mum (as in, with your mum)
and with my mum?
tuesday we will probably be out and about and wed we leave at 5pm for singapore for 3 nights.

When I wrote back and said I'd love to, Nicola replied

cool! will keep you posted and call you sunday night when I am in sydney to confirm etc
yes, lets do morning tea at mums in the posh lounge. Ill bring some cake.
that would be so fun!
So this room seems to have made an impression on one of  my little childhood friends
This is the 'posh lounge' that Nicola so sweetly  refers to.  Full of lots of 60's Nordic inspired Parker furniture, with the odd family heirloom thrown in.  It's been the hub of my family home.  I recall playing monopoly in there on play dates.  I remember sitting in this lounge room after attending my first day of high school, at a very exclusive Sydney girls' school, that I so didn't want to go to, looking up through the massive  floor to ceiling windows at a gum tree branch and feeling very alone in the world.  I remember entertaining boyfriends as a teenager in here, in a fruitless attempt to gain some privacy, as my parents hunkered down in the family room keeping an eye on things through the not so sound proof wooden louvre doors.  I also remember returning from the hospital after my father died, to a bottle of wine and two glasses left on the coffee table, that he had drunk out of for the last time, whilst entertaining a mate.   But what I remember most about it, is the good times, namely the wonderful  parties.

My parents were fabulous entertainers.  Although mum always cooked for guests, my parents were both great cooks and my father was a fabulous recounter of stories and jokes, so they were a wonderful double act.  A dinner invitation from them was a highly coveted prize amongst their friends......I know 'cause people used to say so.  Things like, 'I didn't eat lunch today cause I was coming to your place for dinner' or 'I just thought yippee, we're going to Marlie and Brian's for dinner tonight'  Later as my parents' choice of entertaining  become the long lunch, it was not unusual for guests to be still at the lunch table well into the evening laughing and carrying on.

 As an only child, I was usually invited to dinner as I got a little older, I sometimes assisted  mum in the kitchen, but not with the cooking, as she didn't need any help there.  I certainly learned how to work a room as a result of my attendance, a skill which was perfected during a brief encounter with a political career that was never seriously perused.

I also believe this may be why I married an older man.  I really enjoyed the company of my parent's friends.

So this is how the table often looked.  Many courses, the table set elegantly, with every detail just so.  As I was mucking around with this setting, mum was saying things like, 'Oh you've got the fish knives out, so you'll need to put out the knife rests for those'.  Or 'The table looks bare, put out the silver wine caddies'

After I shot it, I didn't want to put it away, it was so lovely in the moment.  Mum and I made up a guest list of people we would love to sit down with for just one more meal.  Impossible I'm afraid.  But I didn't want it to end.  'That's OK' said mum,  'Leave it 'til the next time you're here and you can do it then'.

After this little play, we went through some of the other stuff.  This is mum's mink stole from the 1950's, which I just loved.  It fitted me like a glove.  My new 10 kg lighter body that is.

And would you believe my c.1960's baby pram.  It's a little rusted and chippy but the bassinet was as new after I scrubbed it clean.

Another dinner set, this time Wedgewood 70's retro.  I kinda like it!!!!

and one of my pieces that I have recently put into an auction. A saucer chairs and table setting.  These are highly collectible and I grabbed this before it went into the skip at a house clearance near the Beach House. It was getting ruined in the salt air, so I thought I might as well sell before it is totally trashed.

And that's it from me today.  I hope you have enjoyed my little walk down memory lane with you!!!!!!

I've had a great response to my weight loss tips post. It seems to have touched alot  of you.  It's been the most clicked on post at several parties this week.  I so don't want to sound glib, but it hasn't been that hard and I've lost another kilo since I posted it.  It's funny cause up until now, I have always found it very hard.  I almost wasn't going to get on the scales at mum's this time cause I had only done it 2 weeks before.  But I broke my own rules and nearly fell off the scales when I had dropped another kilo. Not sure if cause I haven't been able to exercise properly because of the school holidays and muscle weighs more than fat.  Anyway,  next up I will share with you a typical meal that has helped me loose the weight.  Lucky I love salad.....Yum !!!!

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  1. Oh Carolyn, this has been such a sweet post! The table is set very beautifully and I loved hearing about your childhood memories in the posh lounge.

  2. Can I just add, the posh lounge could only be ' played in' at her birthday party, so any other time I came over we were banished to the tv room, her room or 'outside'
    But now I am older, I still feel like I m going to get told off for being in there!!!
    Hey skinny mini, 1 kilo of fat is the same as 1 kilo of muscle. Muscle cannot weigh more...so don't believe that old chestnut! Nic x

  3. I love how it was called the posh lounge. Lovely memories. You go girl, on that weight loss. Leahx

  4. Such great vintage finds - my parents have my old pram in their basement! Great memories were had here - lucky you!

  5. some lovely memories for you! love the silver and the hydrangeas!

  6. The table looks lovely with the vintage lace tablecloth and the vintage silverware and the silver pot with greenery.

  7. All lovely! Btw, thanks for linking up at my Market Your Biz and Giveaways :)

  8. what fun finds!! your table looks beautiful.

  9. What wonderful memories you have and what a nice thing for you to share them with us. My parents also entertained after they retired down here and I have all my Mother's beautiful dishes like your Mom's but what to do with them? My parents have passed and I don't entertain formally at all and my children certainly don't want them so here I sit. The dishes, silver and glassware were very expensive I know but I need to start clearing out some this stuff. It's sad to let it go but it starts getting a little crowded! Your "Mum's" things are lovely and you have fond memories of them. That's so nice.

  10. Your mums place is an absolute haven for treasures. You have inspired me to raid my parents house. :) Look out Mum here I come! xx

  11. Happy raiding :-) Your mom has great taste and can't believe your wieght loss. Yay for you!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share at Pin'Inspiration Thursday. Hope to see you on Saturday to help "Beat the Winter Blues". Have an awesome day.

  12. Oh Carolyn,
    This is such a great story. First of all congrats on the weight loss. Secondly, congrats on raiding your mum's house. It's so funny you mentioned about the house being like a museum. I use to say the same thing about my grandmother's house. Once I was grew up I could really appreciate it. Your mum's things are absolutely wonderful. I really love the Wedgwood. Now that is retro at its best.

    I would really love it if you would link this amazing post to our What's It Wednesday linky party. I hope you can join us.


  13. The tablecloth is exquisite, gorgeous. The china is beautiful...we all live on precious memories at times.

  14. Walking down Memory lane is the BEST ~ what wonderful stories
    & Beautiful Treasures.....Thanks for sharing & hope you'll stop by~
    Have a wonderful week

  15. This post is so sweet, Carolyn! Thank you for sharing this story at Potpourri Friday!

  16. How fun to meet up with friends from childhood - love your mum's "post lounge" and all her retro stuff! I found your link at Chic on a Shoestring, thanks for sharing with us. Hugs ~ Mary

  17. Oh what a precious post! I actually had tears in my eyes. Your parents sound lovely.

    Just one of those happy wonderful posts, thank you so much.

    Love the pram, it is classic!

  18. Found you via Pink Saturday I believe! Sweet post and congratulations
    on your weight loss!

  19. Hi, Carolyn! First, I laughed very heartily when I read that you have been "helping" your Mom (Mum) clean out her cupboards. I "help" my Mom, too...and take it all home with me! :-) Isn't it funny what we remember about our childhoods? How we have memories that only WE can make sense of? You gave a wonderful description of the feelings evoked by the "posh lounge." I'm glad you have such fun memories of your Dad. You can't help but to miss him, but you sure have some great memories. I was just thinking about fish knives last night and how I don't recall my Mother EVER serving a fish course...and yet she has billions of fish knives!!! The floral container for your centerpiece is lovely. I really like the little feet on it. That baby pram looks just like what you see in the movies!!! I've never seen one like that in real life! ANd your Mom's mink stole...totally reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth and all the glamorous actresses of that day and time! Beautiful post, Carolyn. Have a good weekend!

  20. What a wonderful blog piece about your mother, father and family home. It brings back many memories for all of your family to treasure, thanks for sharing, Maureen.

  21. I enjoyed so much your post today, it's so sweet and you walked around mum's home like if we were actually there! I love her dishes and pretty crochett tablecloth. Hope my mom calls me to "clean" her cupboards, lol! Delightful story. Have a lovely Sunday and thank you for sharing.

  22. Your mother's table and dishes are just gorgeous! I'm a crocheter and fell in love with that beautiful tablecloth! :) I like the blue and white dishes too.
    Your baby pram - amazing! I think my mother strolled me around in one similar! :)
    I've rally enjoyed your post.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Beautiful dishes and table. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful memories with everyone.

  24. So many treasures --- and the best ones are always the ones that contain lovely memories.

  25. Wow! So many beautiful pieces and such a sweet story! Thank you for sharing at my place! And I love the fur stole! Beautiful! So envious! And congrats on your weight loss journey! Woo-hoo!

  26. What a sweet post! How fun your parents' dinner parties must have been.

  27. Such a sweet post- Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!


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