Monday, January 23, 2012

How I've Lost 10 Kilos Since September

Hello lovely people.  Today I am taking a break from crafting and creating.   Below, are some of the strategies I have used to lose the first 10 kilos of baby weight, on my quest to get back to the pre baby me.

These 10 strategies are all relatively easy and not too punishing on the soul and they have worked for me.

1) Mind set: 

As with any addiction, you need a catalyst.  Something that clicks you into really wanting it.  Mine was on our ski vacation in September.  Mr Beach House was doing 2 runs to my one.  He's 12 years older than me and I'm supposed to be the skier in the family and to be honest I wasn't enjoying it.  Those who know me, will know that is completely out of character.  I was so disgusted with myself, that I just decided I needed to do this. I've always been a cold turkey kind of person.  Your motivator might be choosing life, which is basically what I am doing.  It might be the need to fit into a wedding dress or to attend a school reunion in 6 months time.  I truly believe that if you are not in the right mind set it is very difficult to change your eating habits.

2)  Find a mantra that motives you: 

I read in the CSIRO Diet book (written by a very reputable Australian  Scientific Organisation) that if you eat less and better, your health will start to improve within 24 hours.  That meant I would start to get results within just one day, even if I didn't notice them.  That statement really had gravitas with me. It gave me instant reward for effort.

3) Make it sustainable: 

I cut out alcohol, cake, coffee, potatoes, pasta for the first eight weeks.  I continue to have them rarely now.  I found this relatively easy cause I was in the right mind set.  So many girls who ask me how I did it say.....'I could never give up alcohol/coffee/ etc so that counts me out'.  If you can't give it up, just reduce your will take longer to lose the weight, but it's got to be better to drink/eat less.  I didn't cut out bread cause I love it too much. I used to eat 4 slices a day, now I eat 2.... wholemeal of course.  If depriving yourself is not something you can handle, it wont be doable.  So don't, just accept that this is going to take a while longer and do it anyway.

For me, especially without the booze, I have slept better and definitely feel better. I have indulged over the Christmas period, but am back on the wagon now.

If it's not fun and interesting you will want out.

4)  Eat lean protein with every meal and lots of vegetables. 

 Everyone knows that protein is filling and CSIRO says eat all the vegetables you like.  They are so low in fat so it  doesn't really matter how many of them you eat.  I exclude potatoes here but I find roast sweet potato a great low GI and delicious alternative.

5) Don't  fight the hunger between meals...... eat something

If you are hungry between meals, think before you put something in your mouth.  Do you really need it?

Often I will have a cup of black tea and I no longer feel hungry.  If I am still hungry, which if I am honest, I am really scared of,  I'll have a banana, apple, a carrot or a small handful of walnuts and sultanas.  Make sure you have this kind of thing around the house all the time.  You cannot let yourself get too hungry, as then you will just eat anything.  It's better to put something in your mouth that is nutrient dense to satiate the hunger, than junk that just adds calories and no nutrients.

6) Don't count calories, but don't waste them either

  If you are eating or drinking something and it's horrible, STOP.  Why waste the calories.  I was that way with alcohol over Christmas.  I adore Rose, Mr Beach House was experiementing and he got some new ones. If I didn't like it, I tipped mine down the sink.  Everything I put in my mouth has to taste really good, or it goes in the bin.

7) I have very little Will Power, so I reduce temptation

 If you have no will power don't buy it.  I can have a pantry full of commercially produced biscuits cause I hate how they taste, so I don't eat them.  But if I bake a cake and am left alone with it, look out.  All the baking I do for this blog is either given away, or Mr Beach House takes it to work for the lads' morning tea.

My Australia Day Flag

8) Be Kind to Yourself

 If I do have a piece of cake, I don't beat myself up....well not completely anyway.  Just get back on the wagon tomorrow.  Obviously this wont work if you are behaving like this daily.

9) Weigh yourself irregularly

 I only weigh myself every 4-6 weeks and I always do it first thing in the morning.  I do it when I go to my mother's and I am always pleasantly surprised and often shocked in a good way..  If you have a set of scales store them elsewhere.  I don't own any.

Chicken, Snow Pea and Almond Stir Fry

10) Eat Good Fats Happily

Don't cut out good fats. Lots of foods have good fats such as fish, extra virgin olive oil and nuts. All my salads are dressed with my homemade vinaigrette, which is just 2 parts extra virgin olive oil, with one part white vinegar and a teaspoon of Dijon Mustard.

A Typical  Fish Meal at the Beach House 
11) Bonus Tip
 Consider this a long term project.  It's a lifestyle change and I'm going to do this forever so I have to like it.  It's taken me 9 years to put all this weight on.  Everyone said eat what you like when you' re pregnant, you'll take it off breast feeding.  Arrrr nope..... I put it on breast feeding.  I was 68 kg when I got pregnant. I'm 173cm/5ft 8, tall.  I was 79 kilos at the six week check for my now nine year old baby.  I got up to almost 86kg...ashamed to say it.  I weighed myself at mum's last week and I was 75kg.  I still need to loose another 7-10kg.  To me this is about living longer.  Genetically I have all the nasties in me, but they are all pretty much dietary related disorders, so I'm taking control here.  For me this is about living longer and quality of life as I age.

 This was all done in conjunction with exercise mainly consisting of 3, 40 minute workouts a week at the gym and the odd walk.  I exercise as soon as I drop the Beach House Brats off and that way it's done and I can get on with my day without it hanging over my head.  I used to do 1 hour sessions but I wasn't enjoying them so I dropped them back to 40 minutes.  They are more attainable and I'm still losing, so what the hey!!!!!

I have always done this exercise, but without changing my eating habits I never lost any weight.

As for food
I usually have 2 eggs scrambled with a dash of skim milk and one slice of whole meal toast with hommus for breakfast.  For a change I have 3/4 cup of natural muesli with about 6 walnuts, sliced banana and skim milk.

Today I added smoked salmon as it's Sunday........ I rarely do this!!!! But it's protein and I wont need to eat til lunch now.  I am very full.

Lunch is either a Pitango Soup ( an organic low fat meat and vegetable soup ), a salad with lean meat or sushi.  The salad and soup are served with the other slice of wholemeal bread and hommus, but not aways, as with this Peking Duck, Peach and Noodle Salad which serves about 3-4 people.

Dinner is any lean meat/fish with roasted vegetables or salad or both.  Lots of my salads are made with lentils.  They pack a punch nutrient wise and are very filling.

I spray the veges with olive oil and try to remove all visible fat from the meat.  If any remaining fat from the meat runs onto the veges it's usually minimal and I don't worry about it.

I don't eat desert, I mainly drink water or black tea.

And I am far too vain to show you any full body shots of me yet.  Maybe after the next 10kg are gone. The main thing is there's a whole lot less of me to love these days, which should make it much easier for Mr Beach House don't you think?

If you got this far with me thanks and I hope you got something out of it. Now it's your turn...... any hot tips that are sustainable and that work well for you?

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  1. Thank you for your post. I have been doing just this for 3 weeks,I will start my 4th. week tomorrow and I have lost 5 pounds...I do want to lose 15 more like you. Keep it up! I'm so inspired by you right now that I am doing the right thing. I eat lots of veggies and fruit, the ones that are not fatty. I have an insentive as my daughter might end up getting married this year, so I want to be ready! Thank you for all the tips! Enjoy your week. Hugs,

  2. Congratulations!!! You are an inspiration. I agree with the mindset being in the right place. That's the only way I have ever succeeded with any weight loss. Your recipes look delicious and healthy. Did you really give away that Australia day Carrot cake? Man, you are strong. That looked delicious!! Leahxx

    1. The part of the cake I took to mum's I had 2 pieces of at once. So you can see I am an absolute tragic. I am hopeless around good tasting food. Hope you try the cake, it is truly lovely but then it's Stephanie Alexander's so I would expect nothing less.

      Apparently lots are making it for Aus Day.
      Carolyn xx

  3. Oh, and I don't have a scale, I don't ever weight myself except for this time at my mothers, lol! I went to visit her yesterday caz she has a cold. I hate to weight myself and feel dissapointed! Thanks again, sooo inspiring! Hugs,

  4. You're children are adorable! I also love your recipes, thanks! Do you think coffee it's fatney, or bad for health?

    1. Coffee beans contains lots of oil. But if you can't cut it out just cut down. Currently I have about 2 skim flat whites per week.

  5. good on you carolyn!! that's a lot of weight to lose! your photos are sensational too :) it's hard keeping weight off as we age..especially around the middle.

  6. Well done, you have already achieved so much and consistently doing what you are doing is going to get you to where you want to be. Not weighing yourself often is a smart idea.

    I have been off coffee for 8 days so far - just think what I'll save over the year! It's a couple of pairs of shoes.

    Thanks for the tips and keep up the great work.

    Lou ; )

  7. Yay for a great, inspiring post! January is always the time that I take full stock of where my eating habits have gone astray and a time when I get exercise so rarely. I know the changes I need to make but as you point out early is the mindset. I have to get that straight.

    Please keep us up on your progress! I am so happy for you!


  8. What a lovely post on losing weight the CORRECT way! I have struggled with my weight all my life and especially after having children. I have finally lost most of the weight but it is still a struggle. Sounds like you are doing everything the best way possible! Thanks for a great little pick me up!
    Stopping by from Sumo's Sweet Stuff.

    I dont drink and no coffee or tea...I should be a skinny mini!
    I am not and after trying for the last 3 mths (after seeing cairns photos of me...eeek) I too decided now it was time to shift at least 10 kg. I was exercising but nothing was going. Then last week, I counted up the calories I was putting in my mouth that was just rubbish and not cos I was hungry...1600 just from 4 things!
    so no wonder the hours of exercise wasnt doing anything.
    so in 8 days I lost 1.6 kilo...I am doing pilates daily and still riding my exercycle for 30 min min a day and counting up the junk calories in my head, each time I say..thanks but no..dont need it!
    Just saved 1200 / 1000/ 800 / 1600 cals today from going on my stomachs.

    Museli (raw, with nuts, fruit, coconut) fills me for about 4 hrs. I was having a protein shake or eggs for breakfast but was starving after 2 1/2 this can take me till lunch. I am now not having a whole cake, cos I am finally seeing results on the scale. When I wasnt...I thought, what is the point, and would partake. Now I think twice and if I really really want it..enjoy it and just have one. Not 12!
    (add the 11 you save up in your head and pat yourself on the back for the cals you have saved from your bod)
    PILATES> on there, so I do a new one a day on the floor in my bedroom. LOVE IT. never done it before, but already I am feeling leaner and taller and stronger. And you dont see a fat pilates chick do ya. Keep up the good work, and I wish I was 86kilo!! (I know you are less now...but at your heaviest) I am 5 ft 7 (170 cms) so 60- 70 kg is my 'ideal weight' the chart says, but 76 kilo would be fine...

    how fun!!!!!

  10. I'm impressed. Your diet is fantastic. My down fall is coffee and sweets.

  11. You have some really great and sensible advice here!! You are dead right about needing the motivation! I lost 30kg over a year, two years ago because I saw a photo of myself! you can do anything if you really set your mind to it! Well done!!

  12. Good for you, girlie! You should be very proud of yourself! I've been on the exercise train since Christmas....and even though I haven't lost anything yet (AGHHH!!!), I know that my 45 of treadmill or elliptical work 4 days/week will show results sooner or later. Now.....if I could just control what goes into this mouth of mine....! I truly need to cut back on portion control and THINK before I eat anything! Thanks for the encouragement today! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. All great advice on how to lose the "extra you". The only thing I do different is I weigh every Sunday...after the bathroom. This is often enough to keep me on track, but not to often enough to be discouraged by the normal ups and downs. I so agree, if you don't really LOVE it trash it.

  14. This is specially wonderful for me now - as I am DIETING. Yes lifestyle change is what is important and I got to be at it and be patient. I book marked this page to come back for motivation in down times :-). Thanks

  15. Hi Carolyn,
    Great post and congratulations on your efforts so far - I'll reiterate "lifestyle" over "dieting" any day - ie making sure you can maintain your new healthy habits. Thanks so much for visiting my giveaway page and my blog - it's really appreciated.

    On a completely different note - how gorgeous is your blog and all those coastal designs. I'm design challenged and I think you craftier types are just amazing!

    Liz N

  16. Carolyn~
    Good for you!!! Although I am a die hard black coffee drinker!!! You gave great tips and advice in such a positive..."I can do this way!" KUDO to you my friend!!!
    Your Gypsea.....:)

  17. Congrats, sweetie! Your tips are all wonderful, very doable and practical. I started a new lifestyle (I don't call it a diet) on Jan. 1st and haven't weighed yet but am feeling so much better. I can't have junk food (sugar) in the house - that's my weakness so I don't buy it or make temptation :O)

    Big beachy hugs,

  18. Well done Hun that is majorly impressive. You should be really proud of yourself and I bet you feel bloddy good too. Those beetroot inspired me to go and buy some today. Yum. I am cooking the cake tomorrow, wish me luck. P.S nope not mArketing or a journalist (though I'd like to be :) I'm the Business Development Manger for Huggies and Kleenex.....close guess though, kinda, ok not really lol xx

  19. Wow, you are soooooooo good. Congratulations!!! The pics at the beach are wonderful. All of your meal suggestions sound amazing. I need to give them all a try. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. Great tips—and great job! The only way to do this effectively is to think of it as a lifestyle change, just like you are.

  21. this is such a great post i really need to get back to eating better. I hope you'll add it to my What We Wore and Made Party over at

  22. Well done Carolyn! Good on you. I bet you are feeling fantastic and deservedly so. Keep up the good work. Ange

  23. these are some great tips

    i lost nearly 50lbs a couple of years ago
    using similar methods to yours
    but some 15 of them have crept back

    i need to get back on track
    with keeping my food diary
    and finding some time to work out

    thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded
    and congrats on the weight loss!


  24. Good for you, taking charge; thanks for the good tips. I wish I had your salt water pool (I'm thinking that's what that gorgeous photo is). Almost every time I'm at My Romantic Home's Show&TellFriday, I wind up clicking on your image, returning to your site so, to me, that's a pretty-good indicator that I'm hooked on your blog, so I've added you to my Favorites. You have excellent photos. I just 'drink up' the area in which you live; the blues alone in the photos are a big lure (so refreshing!).

  25. I read somewhere about the CSIRO book and had forgotten about it - thanks for the reminder! Great motivational post, and congrats on your weight loss :)

  26. Congrats on your weight loss and your new lease on life! My hubby & I are doing that as well. We are doing a lot of the same things you have been doing & trying to eliminate as many processed foods from our diet as possible. The biggest change for us has been drinking water. We each drink at least 80 oz. per day. Keeping your body hydrated is such a key health benefit.

  27. Thanks for sharing. My hardest habit to change is eating healthier consistently.I love whole grains but still want sugary stuff too. I'm dedicated to a lifestyle of exercise but I work out to eat what I want. I will run miles and then eat something bad after. As I'm writing this I'm debating getting the fiddle faddle box that my kids left in our van. The pictures of your meals do look good. Stopping by from inspiration friday


  28. Thank you for sharing this. It has motivated me!

  29. So many great tips...I liked what you said about eating less/eating better and you're already improving yourself within24 hours. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the Tuesday To Do Party!

  30. Great tips! I am trying to get motivated to get moving... doesn't come naturally to me. Thanks for the ideas and thanks for linking Flaunt it Friday! :)

  31. good tips-and so true. i am trying to eat more mindfully and make better choices-rather than go on a 'diet'. It works some days and others not so much-just trying not to bet myself up about the bad days

  32. So thrilled your change in lifestyle is working for you and you're seeing such amazing results. How good does it feel to be in control? There's no mystery to losing weight, it really is all about what you put in your mouth over and above anything else. Can't wait to see how good you look. Well done. Keep it up!

  33. Wow, this is an amazing post and really helpful! I will come back to it when I need a reminder as I am trying to lose 5 kilo. My downfall is definitely wine and cheese--I live in France! All of the food that you presented looks amazing. Healthy but yummy. Thanks for this!

  34. You know what? I am seriously taking your advice here and taking the challenge up. I had a couple of very embarrassing moments where people publicly asked me why was I getting so fat!I took offence and everything but I think I need to do something and I will do it.

  35. Good for you, and so sensible! I absolutely loved that Dear Diet note - so very funny :)

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! It wouldn't be the same without you there :) XOLaura

  36. You have a great blog - I really like this post. I'm back on the healthy bandwagon after bub #2 and this post is a great motivator :-)

  37. I expect that by now your goal has been more than achieved. I am in the throes of trying to lose a great deal of weight, and since I am currently quite sedentary due to an injury, it's extra hard going. One thing I do that I learned from a nutritionist was to leave a bite of everything. Just a bite. I find that doing so makes me feel so much more in control. Thank you for sharing your quest and your life here.

  38. great post! I saw it on your sidebar and had to click! I was enjoying some roasted potatos (which I normally never eat) and nearly choked on them when you said no potatos! But then I read on and was like ok, moderation... I like your phlosophy, I have a similar one. My issue is the exercise lately. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I found this very helpful and motivating.


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