Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach House Decor, A Pretty Tropical Table

Hello Beach Dwellers
We had an intimate dinner for four at the Beach House over the weekend and I added a little coastal bling bling to the table. A humble bunch of nasturtiums pumped up with some green foliage, meant the flowers were on budget.....being from the garden and all.  A palm frond, a few shells and rattan place mats, pulled it together for a simple and low budget tropical table.

You haven't seen my chandelier hung in all her glory yet.  Well here she is, all minimalist and middle eastern  looking.  Had the garden been more productive, I might have jooshed her with flora too, next time perhaps.

Our dining room opens onto the deck, which is brilliant for pre dinner drinks.  I was hoping to pull this off, but the island bench won again. Everyone sits around her as I cook their dinner. There were calls of  "Nigella", as I whipped up a storm around that bench. Some people are so easy to please. I'll take that any day of the week though, I love Nigella.  She is about the sexiest and most fabulous woman on the planet to me.  The little Beach House Brat calls her Gella and we watch all her programs together.  Funnily enough, I don't cook much of her stuff, a fact I plan to rectify.  

This is actually a Jamie Oliver inspired vegetable side, I put together.  The bacon didn't crisp up in the time indicated, so next time I'll do it with prosciutto.  There's a surprise package under that bacon, which makes it delicious.

It's been a while since I posted a table scape on here, but we didn't entertain as much as we should have in Winter. And those of you who have been coming here for a while, would know I don't iron table clothes.  I kind of like the scrunchy look.  But I like it even more that I don't have to iron if I don't want to.

The napkins are a Red Cross shop find.  This kind of stuff, with the cut outs and grey stitching,  is from the 1950's and the six napkins came complete with their own beautifully starched and freshly ironed finish.  Looks like I'll have to get my iron out after all.

A few little tea lights completed the look.  Such a simple thing, but people are always stopped in their tracks when they see a table set with care.  They then profess that they could never achieve such a thing, which of course is unture.  Just depends what you like to do, I think!!!!!

I always go back to my mum with these things.  As a kid I was forever assisting her to set beautiful tables for dinner parties.  It is soothing to me.

Have a great week people.  It's school holidays here and I hope to maintain my regular posting schedule.  We shall see if that happens.

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  1. You table looks lovely! I have a similar set of napkins, actually I have a few sets all slightly different, but enough to seat 12, also all op shop finds. Have a great school holiday!

  2. Looks so beautiful! I love a well set table! My girls have inherited my table setting & we often set the table just for our own enjoyment for an ordinary dinner. The pop of colour with the flowers was a perfect touch.

    Jos xx

  3. the table looks beautiful! sounds like a great night.

  4. Looking just gorgeous Carolyn, it makes me yearn for Summer! Hope you and your family are well! xo K

  5. Looks great. Love the table centrepiece.

  6. Looks lovely and summery Carolyn :) I love those round placemats! Happy school hols, lovely :)
    Cas x

  7. I love the use of the palm frond base Carolyn. I often look at them thinking they'd come in handy for something. There's something beautiful about them. I think I have that tablecloth and napkins too. Just need you to cook the asparagus for me. I'll set the table shall I? (School holidays here too. Good luck!)

    Anne xx

  8. Beautiful centerpiece. Original.

  9. The Beach House Decoration were great and nice .....

  10. This is trully lovely... Love the inexpensive jars of flowers, perfect! So completely my kind of dinner party & your beach house looks gorgeous. I love Nigella too, she makes me giggle (in a nice way) ... i am just amazed at how she does sexy & cooking both at the same time?? How is it possible!

  11. So pretty and simple. The nastursiums really brighten the table and bring the sunshine in. They are such a happy flower.

  12. What's not to love in your home? Everything is gorgeous and fresh looking. How I would love to visit your country, it's always intriqued me. Your table is so beautiful. The flowers and foliage really cap it off. Setting a nice table is showing your honor of your guests and family.
    How you have time to do all you do is a mystery, let alone host dinner parties. I'm not confident in my cooking enuf to cook for other people. I get all nervous and see all the things that should be fixed up for a visit from anybody.
    Have a lovely week. I'm cleaning out my studio, or at least the closet part right now. Want to do a little rearranging but since it's a really small room, it's hard to move in here. Cleaned up my shelves and table somewhat other day so front hallway is cluttered with "stuff" til I can go thru it all. Hate to take time away from crafting but it feels so good to clean out the mess.

  13. Nicely done, Carolyn. Love all the textures and the candle accents. Beautiful!

  14. Oh...looks so comfortable! You set a pretty table! Have a great week!
    Blessings My Friend,

  15. the simplicity of your table is stunning! And I have always loved sweet little nasturtiums :)

  16. Simple is my favorite kind of table because it puts people at ease as well as adds that little something special.

  17. i like that last shot through the candle chandelier. great.

  18. Love the asparagus!

    - The Tablescaper

  19. I really love the simplicity and low cost of this Carolyn.
    All it takes is a bit of effort and using what you have and you have an occasion ;O)
    Tania xx

  20. I love how you rapped bacon onto asparagus. That looks like a tasty combo.

    -Mike of ontario honey


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