Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Church Point and Scotland Island a Fantastic Day Trip in Sydney

If you are in search of a day trip from Sydney these holidays, why not venture out to Church Point and Scotland Island for a little look see.  Church point is 32 km north of Sydney and is a beautiful historical outpost, complete with gorgeous homes and a fabulous boating culture.  It is named for the Wesleyan Chapel that was erected here in 1872, which was also the site of the first school in Pittwater.

The old post office still operates as a store, cafe and low key function centre.  Infact everything about this place is quaint and low key.  If you like nostalgia, you will love Church Point.

They do lovely coffee, and have a classic menu of rolls, wraps and cakes for lunch.  There is also quite a comprehensive blackboard menu for hungry troops.

They seem to be avid gardeners as the flowers and plants were very pretty

It's all a little rustic which is just the way I like my sea ports.

Church Point is the main staging post for the residents of Scotland Island, which is a very interesting little ferry trip across the bay.

As it is inhabited by around 650 residents, this barge is kept busy hauling building supplies and catering to the needs of her residents.  There are no shops or cars on the island, but there is a circular dirt road, which takes about an hour to walk around.  If you get off at Tennis Court Wharf .  You can picnic there and take a dip in the shark netted pool.  There are also swings for the kids.

The ferry departs from Church Point wharf on the hour from 8.30am to 6.30pm.  For timetable information on the Church Point Ferry go here. 

The ferry goes to all the wharves on the island as shown here and if you want to go to Lovett, Halls or Elvina Bay, you need to tell the captain.

This is the Tennis Court Wharf picnic area.  There must have been a tennis court here back in the day, but now there are coin operated BBQs, picnic tables, 

a sweet little park with plenty of shade 

and a little low tide beach.

One thing you do need to know, is that due to limited parking for the residents of Church Point on the mainland, the parking station at Church Point is now $40 per day.  My suggestion is to park in the Quays Marina or round at the Bayview Yacht Club on Riddle Reserve at 1842 Pittwater Road.  Both are a short walk to the ferry wharf at Church Point.

Lovett Bay, another set down point on the ferry run, is home to the stunning home built in 1925 for Dorethea Mackellar of 'I love a sunburnt country' fame, and is now in inhabited by Susan Duncan who wrote her award winning memoir of the area Salvation Creek.

Chips Rafferty's famous home with the beer bottle wall is also in Lovett Bay, but unfortunately neither home is open to the public, although I have been on an organised tour of Dorethea's beautiful home, so look out for those as advertised.

Tilly Devine, the infamous madam's waterfront retreat in the 1920's, is located just past Tennis Court Wharf.

There is also a Youth Hostel just up from Halls wharf if you want to stay longer.
We have stayed there and it is absolutely one of the best family holidays we have ever had.  Here are the details of how to make that wonderful trip, just one hour from Sydney's CBD, but a million miles from care.

Back on Church Point, there are the remnants of an historic cemetery, which is definitely worth a look.

I always find it sad to find overgrown and long forgotten graves, which in some cases are illegible.

And this sends a shudder through me like, nobodies business.  This child died about a month after the landings at Gallipoli , which got the big Beach House Brat wondering if her father was involved.

Despite it having been left to decay, it is still an eerily beautiful place.

With a lovely elevated view from where the chapel once stood, across the bay.

So if you need to entertain the kiddos for a day these holidays, come on down to Church Point, have coffee, check out the history and jump on this cute little ferry, you don't even need to get off, just do the round trip and check out the beautiful scenery for a great day out.

If you are on them, I hope your holidays are going well.  I have had some one on one time with the Big Beach House Brat, as the little one is still at kindy.  It was lovely, he is such a sweet 9 year old when he wants to be.


  1. really enjoyed your photos Carolyn. what a lovely day out and perfect views while having your coffee :) Kate x

  2. I have never heard of either place, they sound fabulous! I need to get to Sydney more often!

  3. What a lovely place to visit that is so close for you! How lucky. Heading off to a beach house near us on the weekend to enjoy some time with my boys over school holidays. Unfortunately the weather isn't looking too good for water activities! Letitia

  4. Beautiful photos Carolyn. I haven't been there for years. Maybe on my next extended visit to Sydney? Enjoy the holidays.
    Kylie x

  5. Great pics Carolyn. Looks and sounds really interesting. Might try and visit next time I'm in Sydney :)
    Cas x

  6. Only 650 residents. It must be like heaven to live there with so few peeps.
    When I order coffee I never get it with that cute whirly creamy heart. I'm
    going to the wrong places.

  7. church point is beautiful! i would love to live there.
    thanks for the tour.

  8. I just showed this post to my hubby and he loved it. He grew up at Lovett Bay and believe it or not but Chips Rafferty is Carl's Godfather too. Such a beautiful area isnt it. xx

  9. I felt like I just took a mini-vacation, Carolyn! What a beautiful place! It's definitely on my bucket list now. :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. What a fabulous place to visit, thanks for sharing

  11. Fabulous photos, I love to see towns by the sea! I know Australia is into the spring season and than summer soon...nice!

  12. Pittwaterpossy here.... I’ve lived here for 40 years and still totally luvit... no shops, a few cars, peace and quiet, no peak hour traffic, tank water, no mail delivery, no shops.... I wouldn’t live anywhere else.... I’m hoping to die here when my time comes ♥️♥️♥️


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