Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Way to Find Your Dream Home

HI Beach Dwellers
You know all those swoon worthy beach houses I show you? Those houses I dream about living in and many of you seem to like too, well my go to site to source those homes, is always realestate.com.au. They are the market leader in real estate listings and if you are in the market, you will surely find your dream house there. So when they offered to sponsor me to try out their new app and tell you what I thought about it, I was more then a little interested.

The app is a free down load to your ipad or cell phone. It's a great tool to add to your property search armoury if you are a serious property junkie like me.  It has all the regular features you will find on your PC, when you use the website.  But the app provides lots of extra features too.  Once you've installed it, all you need to is touch the screen on the part of the map you are interested in and it will take you to all the listings in that specific area.

The thing I love about it, is that you can organise your real estate searches by saving them easily. Just touch the star attached to each listing to favourite it and it is saved for a later time when you are out on the hustings, viewing that potential house of your dreams. All you need is your mobile device.  There is no need to take along a newspaper any more.  The app has satellite and conventional maps, which you can also enlarge to help you find the property on your way to a viewing.  The app also gives directions to the properties you choose. You can contact the agent by phone or email with just a tap and check out open for inspection times and save them to your calendar.  You also have the opportunity to view full screen images of the searched property.  If you are a serious property searcher like me, it makes the experience all so much more organised, convenient and efficient.

So now for a little house porn.  Fancy a little trip to the country?  Usually I post beach houses, but my other favourite location is the Hunter Valley. My parents once had a vineyard near by this home, infact we were practically neighbours and I have had a love affair with this house for many years.  I was interested to see it for sale again. It was once owned by the late Carol Willisee. She made many improvements to the house, building all the stone retaining walls and making the gardens what they are today. Everything grows so well on the alluvial soils and with the extended growing season, plants get big and lush very quickly. This property is in Broke and it's a bit of a bargain at $1,800,000.  I have known this home to sell for substantially more than what it is on offer for now. I love her French provincial style. It is a truly beautiful property.
Check out more of this beautiful home here
Next up is my other dream house go to region, Palm Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches of course.  You will always find style and elegance here, with a touch of coastal.

I just love the parquetrie floors, the high ceilings and the chandeliers in this home.

and how about the view?

And finally how about a little piece of Noosa?  I am loath to tell you about this one, because if I can get a lazy $1.3 mill together by next week, I'm buying it.  It's for sale at below replacement cost.  In one of the smartest locations in Noosa and this is truly value for money, because word on this street up there, is the bottom of the market has been hit and the only way is up.

Check out her property details here and if you want a great way to add her to your search and store her for a date with destiny, why not down load the realestate.com.au app now. and do it that way. I'd rate it 10/10 for efficiency and a great way to find the house of your dreams.


  1. That last image is a beauty! But the home merging the chandeliers with modern was wonderful too.

  2. Downloading as we speak! Love a good real estate app. Particularly as my husband wants to move to Byron now!


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