Thursday, January 24, 2013

How I Plan to lose 5kg in 2013

I have noticed this month I have had loads of hits on a post I wrote a year ago, about how I lost 10kg in 4 months.  People are obviously looking around the internet in the hope of fulfilling New Years resolutions and some of them are landing on my story.  I have been meaning to update it and thought you might like to know about how I intend to proceed this year.

I should say, that I eventually lost 15kg, dropping from 86kg to 71kg and have maintained that body weight by and large, but have not been able to shift the last 5kg, to put me at my pre baby weight goal.  

I cut out alcohol, butter, coffee,  potatoes,  pasta and all sweets for the first 8 weeks.  I now have alcohol on weekends, drink coffee most days and eat sweet things in social settings, if I feel like it.  The potatoes and pasta are still pretty much off the menu.

So how to shift the final five?  That is the question.

Here's what I am planning.  My mum passed me this brochure last week and said "You may be interested in this." 

Phone 1300 806 258 if you are in NSW, ACT or Tasmania

It's a FREE health initiative conducted by the NSW government.  The ACT and Tasmania have also now joined the program and the phone number listed above, is the same for those states.  The FAQ fact sheet suggests that 80% of a state's health burden is generated by preventable diseases, so you can see why they are throwing money behind the scheme.  The FAQ sheet also suggests there may be similar privately run initiatives in other states.

 I have been watching my weight since I was about 16.  I was a very lean kid and thought I could go on eating what ever I liked for ever.  Puberty taught me otherwise.  Until I had kids, I had always played sport or exercised in an organised way, through things like the gym or jazzercise.  It is an effort of course, but the benefit I get, even just measured in terms of feeling better, makes it very worth it. 

So what does the Get Healthy program offer?  As far as I can see there are 2 main aspects to the program.

1. A great info booklet on healthy eating and lifestyle and a book to chart your progress.

It contains info on waist measurements and  Body Mass Index and here's how I fare.

 My waist measurement has gone down from about 100cm to 87cm.  It's still needs to be 80cm or less to be out of the 'increased risk' of adversely impacting on my health.  But previously I was in the greatly increased risk which was > 88cm for women and > 102 for men.

I worked out my Body Mass index, another great way to tell if you are a healthy weight.

The formula is 

weight (kg)
height (metres) x height (metres) eg 1.73m

So originally I had a BMI of 29, which is just below obese on the chart and now it's just below 24 so I am considered a healthy weight.

2. A free counselor who will call about 10 times over a period of 6 months.  They are all university trained in relevant areas and help you to set goals and motivate healthy exercise and eating.  I feel I'm already doing OK, but just need some help to get over the 5kg hump.  I will be taking my first call on Friday morning.

So now for your viewing entertainment, here's the old me.  I never want to go back to this again, as it made me very very unhappy and feel terrible.

Evidence that kaftans can hide alot. As this shot is not too bad.  I was probs sucking it all in too for the camera. Believe me, I was huge underneath it.

And the new me

I think you've seen this one

Sorry no full body shots, I don't have any.

Wish me luck guys and I will be reporting back.
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  1. I need to shift the Christmas holiday kilos - fearful if I don't move them quickly they'll become permanent fixtures!
    Good luck Carolyn!

  2. Good luck, it's a constant battle isn't it. I think you look great in all the pics, but it's how you feel in your head isn't it. I haven't got many pis of me with my kids, something I plan to remedy this year. Oh yeah, and a little more than 5kg ;)

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Love this post thanks for sharing and congrats on the weight loss love seeing before and afters it is so inspiring. Have been on a similar journey, still a good amount to go, similar formula of no sugar, rice etc so nice to hear your story.
    xx Tina

  4. good luck carolyn, you've done it before you can do it again!
    you look great!
    Bec x

  5. Oh I hear you.
    I need to do this too!
    Tania xx

  6. I have another 6-8 to lose to be back at prebaby weight. I have lost six but and struggling to keep going. I read in a book yesterday how lack of sleep can sabotage one's attempts to lose weight because it makes you hungry, slows metabolism, stores fat and reduces the hormone which signals you are full. So no wonder I wake up starving every morning, and have no will power and can't seem to budge the bulge! I am only getting 3-4 hours sleep a night max, between the baby and 3 year old waking up, so God knows when that will change! Good luck on your challenge - I'm sure you'll do it, just as you did last time.

  7. I am stuck on my last 5 or so kilos too!
    I have cut out all the junk since new years, but haven't really had the results I am after, think I might need to do a little soup fast to kick it into gear, that's what really got me going last time!

  8. you've done so well so far.. i'm sure you'll lose that extra bit, it doesn't look like you need to though.

  9. Good luck Caroline! I have 8-10 kgs to lose this year .... I am using an eating plan which is quite balanced, but precludes eating carbs after lunch, so just protein and veg/fruit after about 1pm. This is my first week so I will only weigh myself again next Monday .. but I find my clothes are a fine indicator of how well/not I am doing!!

  10. Hi Caroline!!

    I just wanted to say that the first picture I thought you looked amazing. Healthy after having a baby. Being out and being active. The pictures after that shows a loving mom who loves being with her family.

    I have struggled with my weight all my life. Being a diabetic and after having 2 healthy boys, I seemed to gain weight just walking by the pastry aisle.

    I wish you all the best and know that you will achieve the goal you have set out for yourself.

    Take care.


  11. Wow Caroline what an achievement! That's pretty major!
    Don't read too much into BMI, according to mine I'm malnourished so in some cases it's very off. I guess on average it's a good estimate though.
    Anyway congratulations and hope you're still going strong. Good luck!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I'm very excited to get back on track and keep blogging and get back to following you too!

    Kirsty xox

  12. Ok, I so am trying to lose 30 lbs. You look amazing. Congratulations!!!!! Hugs, Marty


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