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Australia Day Flag Cake

Australia Day Flag Cake

Here's a post from the archive.  I made this cake last year for Australia day.  She's a bit wonky, but you may like to whip her up for the big day of National Celebrations.

Or for an alternative how about lamingtons on the table like this?  Run a few bowls of these down the table for your centrepiece

Anyhoo here's the post from last year.

Wanna rock your Australia Day BBQ with the cutest Aussie Flag cake?  Well come on in and I'll show you how!!!!  If I was to say this wasn't fiddly, I'd be telling lies, but I've done all the hard work here and figured out how to do it (almost), so the second time should be alot easier!!!!!

The Union Jack bit was the fiddliest, but since when did the Brits stop giving their Aussie cousins a bit of jip anyway?  I'll tell ya...... they didn't!!!!    Isn't that why we are all here in our new island home, rubbing shoulders and celebrating Australia Day so heartily together.  Cause the mother country, which ever one that be, gave our ancestors or us a rougher deal than we get here. The Brits and the Aussies have a friendly rivalry, which is usually played out on the sporting field.  Lots of Aussies want the Union Jack out of our flag for what it means symbolically, but I like it!!!  It's our history.  Seinfield once described the Australian flag as, Britain at night time and you have to laugh.

Most of my friends down here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney are from England.  Don't know if it's sheer numbers.  There's lots here, cause I guess if you're going to immigrate to Australia, why not live next to what Australia is famous for?  Her gorgeous beaches. The Brits and I seem to have a similar sense of humour and lots of laughs.  Quite often I am the token Aussie at the table.....funny!!!!!!

Anyhoo once you get past the Union Jack fiddle, an icon I think is uber stylish by the way,  the cake is quite easy to assemble.  I hung a flag over my lounge chairs so I could follow the design!!!!! But clearly that didn't work!!!! I've just walked out into the living room to have another look at the flag and realised I didn't get it right.  I forgot the horizontal red stripe of St Georges Cross.  But you get the idea and to be honest anymore strawberries in there would have just about done my head in.  

So to put it together, I bought lots of navy and red fruit

Made sure I had some stiff cream cheese frosting, that meant I didn't need any white fruit and that it was easy to work with.

So once you've made a half decent, if a little wonky looking Union Jack, border it with blue berries

Next make the six stars.  I made them too small and ended up having to add more berries to the circumference so they looked bigger.  I eventually settled on six berries, but I think they could even be bigger, looking at the final result.

Then fill in the cake with blue berries.  This is Stephanie Alexander's Simple Carrot Cake and it's fabulous and quick to make.  I made a double quantity here and cooked it for an hour instead of 40 minutes and it worked fine.  Go here for the recipe

The frosting I made for this one was a little different, as I wanted it real stiff.  I used
250g cream cheese at room tamp
150 g butter at room temp
125 g sifted icing sugar
Beat until smooth

The Beach House Boys are doing another regatta this week and today is the lay day.  Guess what they are getting for morning tea!!!!!!!

Even if you don't decorate this cake as an Australian Flag, it is a fabulous one to entertain with.  It's super moist, easy and goes a long way.  And most of all it tastes great!!!!
For my other simple baking ideas have a look here.
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  1. Your cake looks fabulous!
    I bought some cupcake cases and little flags from Big W yesterday and I am thinking of taking a batch with me to the Australia Day BBQ we were invited to might have to do a batch of carrot cupcakes- always a hit!

  2. I like the union jack too, for the same reasons. And I love the cake, it's fab! x

  3. wow this sure beats damper and jam!
    Bec x

  4. looks great you are a very clever lady-love dee x

  5. You can actually do this for Valentine's Day. Great looking cake and I bet it is delicious!

  6. Looks amazing and sounds amazing Carolyn. I love lamingtons too and I've been doing really well with the eating healthy thing so I might just treat myself on Australia Day :)
    Cas x

  7. What a great idea! A bit of a variation on the usual lamingtons and lamb chops on Australia Day, I wish I'd seen this earlier!

  8. What a great idea Carolyn. The cake inside looks delicious too.
    Thanks for joining the Australia Day party.
    Amanda x


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