Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beach House Living in Blue and White

My muse is back.  Mr Beach House has been pursuing his dreams for the last two weeks sailing around the San Francisco Bay, attempting world domination in the Laser World Masters Championships.  Even at his age, he's competitive, but unfortunately this time the unknown conditions in the form of strong tides and freezing water got him.  He still had a top 15 finish but not as good as last time.

So while he was away, I have spent the last two weeks doing several things towards pursuing my dreams.  I told you how I joined a home exchange website....well it has come through for me in the form of a two month swap for July and August next year, in a villa that is suberbly located, 6km behind Nice in France. Woohoo!!!! Free house, free car and we have to live anyway.  This a very quiet time in the boat building industry in Australia, so my idea is to spend it in France and not Sydney.

Here's what I have resolved, while my darling husband has been globe trotting!!!
  1. I am definitely going to France next Northern Summer.  I am slowly dying here not being able to pursue my dreams.
  2. I would love Mr Beach House to come, but if he doesn't want to, that's kind of OK, but it's time for me to start getting back into life after 10 years of babies, no matter what his plans are.
  3. The Beach House Brats may or may not come with me, but if they do Mr Beach House will have to move in with his father for 2 months so we can swap the Beach House. His dad offered after all.
  4. If no one comes with me, I will organise a few little cooking courses and brocante tours of my own and spend a month in France instead. And of course this would still involve a week in Paris.

So watch this space gals.  This time next year I will be blogging from France one way or another.  I told you in my marriage tips post here that a girl's got to have some running away money.  Well I always take my own best advice and I have got enough already, so no one is going to stop me!!!!!!  Oh and I am going to arrive home at 3.30pm on the afternoon I am to fly out, pack my bags,  kiss the Beach House Brats on the forehead and leave on my trip without doing anything else to assist in the running of our family life for the time I'm away. Cause that's what Mr Beach House did and no one seemed to suffer for it.

So what do ya think? Selfish B or a highly educated, high spirited 40 something who probably has 25 years of time left to travel quite easily....even if she lives 'til she's 100 and is determined to take the opportunities that are presented to her with open arms.  Let me know cause I can handle the truth.

Oh and I changed out our living room while he was away. From Red to Blue.  He didn't even notice.  Promise I'm laughing while I write this......... not crying!!!!!

The irises made me do it.  I am loving my new blue and white living room and it didn't cost a penny.  I just shopped the house.  Amazing what a little make over can do to lift the spirits.

And if you haven't already, why not click here to enter my first giveaway. Not many takers yet, so you have a great chance of winning a lovely Danish porcelain hand crafted house number. Even if you don't use it to create a grand entrance to your home, use it to add texture to a vignette or to bring out your styling genius.

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  1. Carolyn, if your family does not go, and you need some company -- hand raised high here saying pick me, pick me!
    xo Cathy
    ...who once painted the dining room green and hub never noticed!

  2. love it - the travel plans taking shape & the new blue accents in the room.
    exciting stuff ahead me thinks!!
    cheryl xox.

  3. Wow your dream is coming true. I'm so happy for you. I want to read all about it!

  4. i like the blue and white in your living room.. i would love to go to the south of france and hope to get there one day. house swapping is a great idea!

  5. You Go Girl!!! Happy travels! Lovely blue and white.

  6. Thank you so much for visiting Concetta's Cafe and following - I am following you now too!
    Your pictures are simply breathtaking! Please let me know how the muffins turn out!
    Have a great week.

  7. Oh I laughed when I read that your husband didn't even notice what you did to the living room. My husband is the same. It's just not his thing - not on his radar. I get way more comments and feedback from other bloggers that I do from my family!
    Go to France. You'll love it.

  8. I can believe he didn't notice the change from red to blue! Guys!

  9. Your travel plans for Nice sound awesome!!! I've been in the area a few times (while living in Switzerland)..., and it's gorgeous! I want to go someplace again next year. I so much enjoyed my two months in Miami Beach these summer (while husband was working).

  10. Thanks for adding this post to my Share the Love Wednesday link party!

  11. your space looks so fresh and fun...adore the vintage surf board wall art...thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded!


  12. Carolyn,
    Oh, yes absolutely GO! Your right 10 years home with the children, you have it all running smoothly and they will survive. Love the idea of the little side tours you have planned. What a great idea those are! Your blue and white are lovely. Enjoy! Thanks for linking it to Home Sweet Home!


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