Monday, August 1, 2011

A Weekend at The Coast

I love this town, we still have a month of Winter to go, but it was positively balmy over the weekend and continues today. Due to the high pressure cell sitting slap bang over the South Eastern corner of Australia, there was no wind, so Mr Beach House ditched the Sunday sailing routine. Instead we had a little fishing and morning tea picnic at a beach near here, called Paradise. It's on Sydney's Pittwater and as you can see from my random shots of the area, it's gorgeous.

So whilst the Beach House Brats were at the end of the wharf trying to catch dinner, I skived off with the camera to see what was about.

I got a wet bum taking this shot, When I got under there, I realised the shark net was going to over take the shot.  But hey, I made it under there in a kind of crouched foetal position and was sitting on wet sand, so I took it anyway.  I have wanted to take a shot under a wharf, sans shark net of course for some time, but it has been too cold until now.  I'll get the shot I want eventually....that is, a clear view out to the boats, but it wasn't to be here.

Love the colour of this boat

This was our impromptu picnic, with the remains of an orange cake I made.  Yes, I know I said no more posts about oranges, but remember how I told you I lost and only recently retrieved, all those emails  here .  Well Annette sent me her 'Best Ever' orange cake recipe after I said in a post here, that the one I made was only average.  Well I made her recipe and it is truly worth passing on.... absolutely fantastic actually.....Even the Beach House Brats were begging for more and they are terrible eaters, so I'll be bringing you that recipe later in the week.

The book in foreground of this shot, is one I am reading at the moment.  I can't put it down really.  It's about an Australian dancer who gets a job at the Moulin Rouge and then goes on to become a Blue Bell at the Lido in Paris.  Her name is Shay Stafford and it's a real page turner.

The houses along the beachfront  here on Paradise Beach, all started out as humble little cottages, but are now being re vamped. Some of them still retain their Beach Cottage charm though. Love the use of plantation shutters here.

The green of this algae made me take notice

and the red of this hibiscus likewise. 

Now I'm off to lap up the remainder of this beautiful Winters day in Sydney Australia. Some of my British mates are already down at the beach doing laps. Apparently this kind of day would be considered as high Summer in the mother country. Wow!!!!   I hope I will not offend you dear reader, when I say that, when I hear things like that, I am more than a little pleased that my antecedents left her shores some 160 years ago for this Great Southern Land because on days like this, my friends, I just feel so good to be alive.
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  1. Love the pic under the jetty so worth the wet bum! :P hehe

  2. I like your photo under the wharf. An interesting shot. It's a keeper. Looking forward to the 'new' orange cake.

  3. such a beautiful area! isn't the weather great.. almost summer like.

  4. I love all your beautiful photos and I would love a comfortable day like you described for a change. Great shots under the wharf!

  5. What a great day and your pics are just fabulous. Great shots. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a beautiful weekend - love your photos!! Your picnic blanket is adorable :O)



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