Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tropical Tablescape


We had a birthday in da house last weekend, so the table went tropical for the occasion.  I don't know about you but I think a three year old has little idea of what is really involved at this stage of the birthday game.  So with that in mind, we just had a family dinner and kept it real simple.

In fact she has had more fun out of the lovely red bow on this package than any of the toys she received.  With the first Beach House Brat, it was nothing for me to have 40 kids on some gorgeous beach around here for a sailing pirate party, complete with a healthy food spread including, home made designer pirate cake and joy rides off the beach in one of Mr Beach House's freshly manufactured boats.......but those days are over baby.  At least until she is at an age where she can remember and appreciate all our efforts.

So we went tropical with roast know the one with the lime and garlic stuck up its b*m, which you can see here if you want to find out how to cook it.

I love going big in a small space and I think this palm frond is just great as a centrepiece.  The glass bottles and shell wrap complete the look, for a simple and elegant beach table centre.  It's great when the guests make an entrance, but has to be relegated to the floor or other convenient spot once the meal begins.

The table cloth is just sheeting hemmed at each end  and as my mother remarked at dinner.  'I couldn't sleep on sheets this busy'.  I had to agree, I'd be too distracted picking the hibiscus and diving under the waves to get any sleep.  But it works well as a colourful tropical table cloth.

Alas Mr Beach House missed all the fun as he was in transit from SFO.  He wouldn't let the birthday of one of his kiddos spoil any of this sailing adventures now would he.  He walked through the door a day late to my queries about when we were heading off on our mini ski break, which he ever so lovingly promised as a consolation price for him heading off sailing for 2 weeks.  His reply.....'But I've blown the budget darl'

My reply   'Well you better unblow it. Get out there and earn some bucks so you can fulfil your promise'  The end of the ski season will probably beat me though!!!! Although he won't be getting off that lightly.  Aspen looks nice.....I wish.

Oh well, at least my muse is back.  I feel like I can be funny again giving him lots of stick on this blog.  The only reason I can is that he only reads it when he is away from the family it seems.  He kept emailing me telling me how good it all looked. It appears whilst he is in Australia, I can say anything about him on the blog I like, safe in the knowledge that he will never read it.

And even if he does I don't care. Cause a promise is a promise. 

Hope you are all having a great week.  I'll be back with a winner from my giveaway next.
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  1. Love the use of the palm (whatever it's called). What a great idea!

    And yes, a promise is a promise...Sometimes, in our house, that promise might be a year or so late, though. With this economy, everything seems to change in the blink of an eye...

  2. such cute pics and great pieces. a happy belated bday wish too~

  3. What a fun table setting, looks so beachy! Your kids are adorable, I'm with you, save the good parties till they can really embrace it.

  4. That painting is a scene stealer. Lucky man to spend two weeks in California. You deserve skiing in Aspen!

  5. Beautiful tablescape!
    XXX Ido

  6. Carolyn~

    Fun and Fabulous!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Cricket @Gypsea Nurse

  7. Everything looks just perfect! I just love your painting!

  8. Love your tropical table Carolyn. In this dreary weather, that table is a breath of fresh air. Bring on summer, I say. Your children look gorgeous, I hope your little girl had a lovely birthday. Leahx

  9. I love your tablescapes, you always do a fabulous job!
    I hope hubby keeps his promise, everyone needs some time away. :)
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  10. Loving that tropical tablescape! The blues and yellow are wonderful together.

  11. love the ceentre piece, table setiing looks great.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  12. A palm frond! Now THAT is a fabulous idea! I was trying to figure out just what the heck that was, and when I read it was a palm frond, my mouth hit the floor!!! That is WAY cool!!! There are no palms here in the Midwest, U.S.A., but I love the idea!!! WAy to go!


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