Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beach Cottage Magic


Hi All

Today the sun was dumping rays where I live, so I ditched the gym routine, grabbed the camera and went for a walk around my suburb to shoot my favourite beach cottages. Make hay while the sun shines I say. The cross trainer with my name on it, will still be there tomorrow.

So with salt spay in my hair and a sea breeze at my shoulder, I was on my own, taking a little moment to just be. Ah Bliss!!!! 

Now, I do believe a combo of weatherboard and sandstone is a complete winner when it comes to beach house style.  I love the double posts mounted on sandstone on this abode.  To me, this is the Beach House look of the minute.

This gorgeous cottage, was once a red brick bungalow. Now it's a swoon worthy stunner. Who would have thought?

What I love about this one is the picket balustrade,the plantation shutters and the exposed trusses.  The symmetry is very easy on the eye.

This Beach House blue cottage is deceptive from the front.  It is huge inside and one of the most beautiful interiors I have seen in these parts.  The fretwork detailing on the carport and fencing is simple, but oh so effective. Check the swing out front.  The Beach House Brats would be well entertained by that for hours.
Love the plantation shutters and the sandstone here. The tropical garden is copybook beach house. You'd have a ready supply for every vase in the house.  

Now this is one of the originals.  It is still so contemporary. I'd love to get my hands on this baby.  I bet this cottage has seen lots of surfboards and sand through its threshold over the years. 

Here's a contemporary beach house to contrast the cottages.  They are actually two townhouses. Now call me old fashioned, many people have, and they've called me lots of other things as well, but....I do declare, I will always be a fan of the weatherboard and sandstone beach house.

Now there's a thought... a Beach House fan club.  Anyone else want to join? We could pound the pavement together, in search of the perfect beach cottage dream home. Now this is my idea of how to spend a morning, in fact a lot of mornings. The perfect forum for the true interior loves of my life, vintage nautical beach house bliss.

Water bottles, hats and sunscreen compulsory. The rest we'll make up as we go along.

I'll meet you on the corner one of these sunny mornings.

Lots O' Love Carolyn

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  1. These are gorgeous!! I love them ALL and I would so enjoy walking around looking at beautiful beach houses! Sounds like a perfect morning to me. :)

  2. my favourites are the old one with the sandstone (i could have fun with that house too) and the one above it.
    cheryl x

  3. Hello Carolyn! All of the houses you featured are beautiful! I love the contemporary beach house style is homey and beautiful too. But I also prefer the classic beach house style where you could see a garden, classic white fence and the wide spaces.

  4. These views beat the view from the crosstrainer any day Carolyn!
    xo Cathy

  5. Gorgeous homes...dreaming of a beach house!!

  6. oh my dear...thanks for giving me a lovely day dream today with this tour. there's nothing like living by the beach. or even visiting it.

    these houses are beautiful.

    thanks for linking up to the SPRING FLING!

  7. What a lovely area of homes ~ so beautiful! I hope you're having a wonderful week, Carolyn :O)

  8. Beautiful! Loved every single one of them. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Carolyn - I absolutely love the one with the picket balustrade and exposed trusses. The carport is great - I'm looking at doing something similar so I will definitely being putting this away in my inspiration file. I was trying to work out the colour of the exterior walls and the roof? Looks like a pale grey but a bit difficult to know for sure. Thanks for sharing. ;)Sharyne


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