Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beach House Decks Part 2

Ciao to all you fellow outdoor lovers. 

As promised, I am posting again today about the way us Northern Beach Combers live for about 8 months of the year.  That is, on our decks.  Mosquitos aside, it is a healthy and all together wonderful way to spend those balmy evenings, at the Beach House in Summer.

Australian entrants, such as the extremely talented man that is everywhere, Jamie Durie, do not win medals at the Chelsea Flower show for nothing.  Home renovation is a national past time here in Oz and as I mentioned yesterday, the outdoor space in an Australian home, is perhaps the most coveted.

 The Jamie Durie designed winner at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show

The Aussies did not exhibit at Chelsea in 2009, owing, I guess to the GFC. Not surprisingly, their absence was duely noted by Her Majesty The Queen.

So, with such a glowing reference from Liz and in the interests of sharing the love and warmth that is the Australian outdoors, here are a few gorgeous shots of some Northern Beaches exterior spaces.

Ok, I admit it's been a lazy post. It has nothing to do with my own work and I have lifted the photos from elsewhere, but how could I not share this stunning beauty with you.  All these homes have either been sold recently or are currently for sale.  Find them on if your are in the market for a home in paradise.

Yours in exteriors


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  1. Beautiful pictures and such wonderful views .. looking forward to seeing more... I think my hubby would like that seat on your deck but he would probably have a beer lol.

    Thank you for making me one of favourite blogs I'm very honoured and I glad I made you smile.

  2. OK... I am loving them all! :-) I wish I could have one in my home.

  3. I should not have read your post on this dreary, rainy dismal day in Kentucky. I so want to be sitting in everyone of those lounge chairs soaking up the sun and gazing out over the water...can I come visit you Down Under I promise I won't stay too long..okay so maybe for a month or two. grin!

    Thanks for linking up to Inspiration Friday, you inspired this winter weary girl to get ready for summer!

    Heather @At The Picket Fence

  4. Gorgeous spaces and stunning views. Much appreciated on this snowy and slushy day here in Ontario, Canada.


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