Friday, March 18, 2011

Beach House Louvre Windows

The louvre window a quintessential part of beach house design. I for one, absolutely love them. Louvres can create a wall of windows, that allows for breeze control. 

They can be used very successfully as a panel along side a conventional window or door, to frame it.

Of course they always look better with a view like that behind them.

They can add texture to a room and they just shout out 'coastal abode'.

They are fabulous in bathrooms or small rooms, to increase access to light.

They are just so functional in every way.

They are fabulous for temperature control when located on high.

They can fill a gap
Or they can provide a security window next to the front door, as they do in my house.  I sit at my island bench and can see the world go by, looking out this window. Joggers, bike riders, skate boarders, dog walkers and beach combers alike.  I give them all a little wave as they pass by.  Some of them even wave back.  I am lovin' this casual coastal  living.

 These little babies add to the beach cottage charm of my home.
What kind of window are you looking out of at the moment?

Catch ya tomorrow gorgeous people
Lot O Love

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  1. Fabulous for flow through ventilation here in the tropics. I've got them throughout the house. Sitting here at my little desk I am looking out through a whole wall of floor to ceiling louvres at my jungle/garden! Only problem is that we really need to have insect screens on our windows (with all the insect life here!) and it really spoils that lovely open natural look louvres provide. Would love to know if there was another alternative? Love the photos. ;)Sharyne

  2. I love to watch the photos you post here. It's like a little holiday for me. ;-)

  3. So true FiliGrace I feel like that too.. lovely photos x

  4. Very nice! I love them as well, and you have such a charming home. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    The Late, Young Family

  5. oh carolyn -i just saved 3 of those pickies for a kitchen reno/extension of our manly beach house for when we eventually return to sydney....

    where did you get that fab coke wooden tray/box from- love it....
    melissa xx

    p.s- what are you doing up at the ungodly hour of 5am-ish...please don't tell me you're jogging!! tee hee!! x

  6. Gorgeous post! Love the photos!
    Your place looks just as gorgeous too by the way! :D

  7. Gorgeous inspirations and photos- just beautiful! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  8. I am obsessed with windows-they can make or break a space. Every photo you posted is excellent. Great post! Have a wonderful weekend.


  9. Hi Carolyn! These are just gorgeous photos! We stayed in a condo in Hawaii right before our son was born and it had louvered windows. It was steps from the beach and having them open made it feel like we were being enveloped by the essence of that beautiful place. Thanks so much for sharing these with us at Inspiration Friday this always make me feel like I just went on a vacation! :-)

  10. Don't mind me, just catching up! :) I love these photos and the windows are amazing!! How fun that you can enjoy the outside while sipping your coffee, your home is just beautiful!


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