Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beach House Featured over at Sally Lee by the Sea

Hello Dear Readers

Well I do believe someone is looking out for me.  Those lovely gals over at Sally Lee By the Sea, have chosen to feature me today.

So my new found blogging happiness, just went through the roof.  Read more about that happiness here.

The story they are featuring, is my Beach House Blue Bedroom story. 

I must say,  The Sally Lee Team's timing is impeccable.  I have been spending so much time on my laptop this month, that I have reached my download limit.  My internet provider has slowed down my internet service, so I have paid a ridiculous amount to get this little baby to speed up again.  But the budget only allowed for an extra 1 Megabite..... whatever that means.  So who knows how long I'll be able to blog at this speed.  (Note to self:  Remind Mr Beach House never to sign up to an internet company, who cold calls and spins you a line)

Now dear reader, I hear you asking 2 questions :

  1. What does this have to do with SallyLee by the Sea?
  2. Why doesn't Desire Empire get an unlimited internet package?
As for question 2, I hear you loud and clear.  It sounds like the obvious and sensible solution  But no........   apparently, said internet provider does not do 'unlimited'.  'Oh really' I said.  How terribly inconvenient, as Mr Beach House and I have just had thousands of our respective business cards printed and set up new websites using those email addresses.  ARRRRGH!!!!

As for question 2, regarding SallyLees'  impeccable timing, it goes like this.   If I post about her, posting about me, I can use less of my precious megabyte, which must be conserved 'til my billing month roles around.  You know, less time uploading photos etc. 

Funnily enough, there is a post script to this Beach House Blue Bedroom story and it only happened last night.

My darling Beach House Brat number one, woke up in the middle of the night feeling unwell.  Actually, he has  just gone off to school, as it's school photos and bridge building today, so he made a miraculous recovery.  Phew 

Anyway, Mr Beach House, great dad that he is, got out of bed in the middle of the night, to get a drink for said unwell BHB. 

On the way back to bed he walked straight into that vintage box at the end of our Beach House Bed.  After expletives and major cursing in my direction. He said, "that DOT DOT DOT box has to go in the morning".

It was only dragged in for the shoot last week.  He OKed its future tenure at the base of the bed.  I said, "What if you trip over it in the middle of the night?"  He said, "It can stay, but only if you take all that 'stuff' off it.  I want to throw my sailing bag on it." I agreed to compromise and I left said 'stuff' on top, in the hope he'd forget about it.

I was loving it's new position.  Thinking he has never picked a thing up in his life, so that candle and boat in a bottle will still be there next year. But alas, after last night's drama, it's already back on the deck this morning.  Oh sweet reality!!!!

Well my loves, I'm off to Sally Lee's place to familiarise myself further, with that lovely lovely blog.

Until Tomorrow then,
Lots of Love 

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  1. congratulations on this feature!! cherylx

  2. Congrats on the feature! I love Sally Lee by the Sea, they are so wonderful over there! Sorry about the box being moved, we had conversations like that as well. :)

  3. Congratulations! I particularly loved this post too :) so gorgeous!

  4. Hello! I discovered your blog through "Wow Wednesday of Savvy Southern Style." Congratulations on the feature. I'm sure it would open up a lot more opportunities for you. I love the room. Blue is actually my favorite color that's why the room really atracted me. It's so relaxing and refreshing.

    I hope we could develop a connection by following each others blogs. That would really make me happy.

    Wishing you more "wow wednesdays"

  5. Stopping by from Wow Us Wednesdays.

    Your room is beautiful. Congratulations on the feature.

    I posted a waterside bedroom also.

    Pat@Back Porch Musings

  6. That trunk/chest at the end of your bed is beautiful!! In fact,. the whole room is gorgeous!!
    Congratualtions on being featured!


  7. Thanks for the blog love, Carolyn ~ we love you and your blog so very much. We are sorry to hear about the trunk incident; however it does look very charming on the deck ;o)

  8. I love this room. Especially love the old weathered chest. Thanks for sharing this at WUW last week. Hope you will join again.


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