Monday, March 7, 2011

Beach House Junk and Disorderly

It does occasionally get cold and windy in Autumn down here at beach house central.  So when the Beach House Brats are bouncing off the walls on a Saturday morning, having zombie nerf wars, it's time to get out.

Mr Beach House and I decided to bring the "divide and conquer" strategy into play.  I was a great mum until I had kids.  He agreed to watch BHB number 2, whilst BHB number 1 and I went garage sailing.

Whatever you call it, yard sale, garage sale or as the French so quaintly put it, "empty attic", it seems to be a global phenomenon.  The thrill of finding that "just so" piece to complete a room or to add light and happiness to one's day at bargain prices, is of course, irresistible.

So, it was with this in mind, that we headed to Lisa's.  This garage sale was word of mouth for me.  No classifieds necessary here.  In fact, I rang her the night before to start bagsing stuff.  I could give you a guided tour of the stuff in my house that has been purchased at one of Lisa's famous garage sales.

Lisa has the knack of putting it all together, in that oh so casual, beach house, lived in, kind of way.  She styled 'a living room' on the driveway, which, at $70 for the lot, would have been great for some young coastal bods starting out.  I admit the rip needs work, but nothing that a strategically placed throw couldn't hide.


I did intend to move onto other garage sales. It's not often that Mr Beach House offers to mind BHB2, so I can race around fulfilling my passions. But at Lisa's......BHB1 found some mates, hostilities in the form of zombie nerf wars were recommenced,  I was offered a cup of tea and a chat with some of my yummy mummy mates and so my morning was covered.

And now, what you've really read this far for.The reveal of my purchases for the beach house.  Top of the pops was this tattered old wooden box.  Hand made and it's been said before, but again for clarification.  "If only it could talk."

This fabulous spritzer bottle from Tooths & Co

A cute vintage cash toy register which appears to be c.1966, as it has both decimal and empirical icons.  Along with a lovely striped hall runner, which I will put to good use in my styling business.

Well that's it from the beach house for today junk lovers. I'm off to replace the 'J' with and 'D' and an 'R'.  Not really..... but I'm going to join Mr BH on the deck, for a sip of Rose and a debrief about our respective days.  Perhaps I'll just give him the blog to read.

 I'll leave you with a sneak peek at some of the stuff Lisa was not selling today.  Maybe next time.  She is my number one go to girl, for advice on how to style beautifully.

Note the tell tale nerf gun bullet

Until tomorrow then my lovelies.


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  1. Great finds! especially like the great box x

  2. I can see why you like to go to her sales. What wonderful treasures she is selling, and you got some great ones. The spitzer bottle is so pretty, and the little cash register is adorable. Sounds like a wonderful day. thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  3. Lucky! I want that surfboard book and and... well everything really! Great finds! Lucky duck.

  4. Great finds! If you ever score one of those oars/paddles you could hang it above the sofa in the media room. I did something similar above our couch.

  5. GOOOOOD stuff!!! I found myself looking at the pics like I was there, trying to scope out the treasures! LOL! thanks for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!


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