Monday, March 28, 2011

Rust The Sequel

Hi All
Now, who made it down to Rust this weekend?  It has been real wet here Saturday into Sunday, so some interiors shopping was just the thing.  Junior soccer was cancelled.  I was not unhappy about that, as it clashed with junior sailing.  Mr Beach House was a little more relaxed  too, as he didn't have to be in two places at once.  He did his usual and went sailing, even though it's full body wet suits, at 50 paces. The Beach House Brats and I had a much need day in.  Yippee

Winter is really leaving her calling card here at the Beach House this weekend.  A taste of things to come over the next few months I fear.  It doesn't get really cold here until June, but the houses are so set up for Summer, that I  think we do it tougher (inside anyway) at the height of Winter here, than our mates in the Northern Hemisphere, who, I am reliably informed, can walk around inside in shorts and T-shirts. 

  Anyhoo, I have more of the beautiful Rust for you today.  I am particularly partial to this gorgeous blue glass.  It's vintage, nautical nature is evocative in the extreme.  It just reeks of relaxing walks along a sun soaked beach, collecting flotsam and jetsam, sand squelching between your toes, water splashing up your legs, soaking your sarong. Sparkly blue and white everywhere.

I am thinking about something like this glass balled filled shell for the other side of my media room.  The side I can't show you yet as it needs work. Click here if you would like to see the 3 renovated sides of my Beach House Blue media room. 

Check out that little stack of shells tied together with string.  Simple and very effective.  A great way to display a little shell collection in a small space.

Rust also has a fabulous array of lighting.  This chandelier appeals to my love of French interiors.  And I have some of those lovely hydrangeas at home 

There is a great array of industrial lighting as well.

This is eclectic vintage on steroids. The skis are really me.  Gluwein anyone? 

Gorgeous old radios

Cane furniture for the deck

and more lovely industrial lighting

Now, I have had a few questions about what I have purchased at this lovely store.  My answer is the same as to that other question I am often asked.  What can you do with a drunken sailor?  My answer..... LOTS!!!!

OK, if you didn't make it down to Avalon this weekend, we'll see you next.
Dress: boardies, bikinis and sarongs.
Foot ware: optional
Til tomorrow lovely people


  1. thanks for adding me! i love seeing inside the masses of fishing floats, the colour and all the vintage things..
    cheryl x

  2. Good Morning Carolyn,
    Thanks for visiting my little blog and for the sweet comment. I think you might have us two Janet's confused ;->

    I paint, but nothing like the gorgeous painting Mis. Janet Hill creates. You want to go to

    Her work is amazing!!!!

    Love that sparkly chandy!

    janet xox

  3. Wow! Too many gorgeous treasures in there ♥

  4. Hey Carolyn. Love the blog! Thank you for coming to mine. I will ad you to my blog roll as well and I am now one of your followers. Love the glass floats. Have a great day.


  5. Spring is supposed to be knocking on our door but it's a cool 20 degress this morning! Love the blue glass!
    xo Cathy

  6. What an awesome store!!! And I love the tied together shells, neat idea!

  7. What a fabulous shop! I adore your site. I am your newest follower :0

    [ keep calm & blog on ]

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and I love yours. I am your newest follower. Rust is such a beautiful store and I wish I could get up there more often for a look. I love Avalon. Have a great day! Leahxx

  9. What a gorgeous shop!
    I did some white beachy shopping on the weekend too and some antiquing! :D love it.


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