Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beach House Coca Cola Collectables

Well today the sun was at its best, here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, so I whipped out the camera.

I had to shoot in cameo today, as I am cleaning up in cameo too. That little mess on the kitchen bench you can just make out on the right, is actually a big mess and is indicative of other parts of my Beach cottage today.

The Beach House Brats, God love them, are very badly trained and seem to just drop stuff and walk off.  What is that?  Mr Beach House is able to make them clean up their stuff, because when he starts shouting, they know he means business.  His kiddo tolerance levels are very high though and he rarely shouts.

I, on the other hand, am continually doing so.  Accordingly, my discipline currency seems to have waned greatly, over the years.  I keep telling Mr Beach House, this is not a popularity contest.  Because if it was, he would have won years ago.  What I want, is well rounded, respectful independent children who become good citizens. I don’t want to be their best friend.  I’ve already got one of those.   Not much to ask I know, but getting from A to B on the ‘raising kiddos scale’, is not at all easy.  Hands up those who agree.
As I have said before , I used to be a great mother until I had kids. I am well aware of my limitations.

I wanted to be an earth mother to my kids, but it hasn't turned out that way. You know, organic food (sometimes), cloth nappies (for about 3 days after leaving hospital), bedtime stories after a  bath every night (yes, until I had Beach House Brat number 2) They tell me they love me though, so something is going right.

Now back to these shots.  You would not be at all wrong, if you thought I had a thing for Coca Cola Vintage, because I really really do.

I’m not sure if it’s the red pops of colour, the evocative language, ‘it’s the real thing’, or just that those icons were all around me as a child, but I just love the stuff.

Throw in a Barbie Vesper, a red telephone box and a couple of old yoyos and I am back in my 1970’s bedroom, playing Superman saves Barbie complete with airborne maneuvers, courtesy of the yoyo string.

And that’s another thing.  I just love styling with toys.  Why have them scattered all over the floor, when you can use them on the shelves and mantel piece and pretend you actually like having toys spread all over your living room. 
More kiddo toys here.  A tin of brightly coloured pencils, an IKEA light house and a vintage Commonwealth Bank money box, are just the thing. See there's even a book full of luxury toys, a Christmas present for Mr Beach House.  I cater for everyone here.

Now what about those Coke jeans?  Would you believe me, when I said Mr Beach House used to play golf at ‘Royal’ Avalon in those little beauties?  I have a photo to prove it, but have no idea how to scan it into the computer so you’ll just have to imagine it.  Look how skinny he used to be.  He thinks I am mad framing them, but I do believe you could call that art.

The golfing photo of Mr Beach House, I was describing, was taken in the 70's, well before I made his acquaintance.  He was very young and spunky then.  Still is good looking, but no longer young.  But then neither am I.  As I mentioned I was a child in the 70's, playing with Barbie in my bedroom.  So Yep, you guessed it, there is a big age gap between us. Now the pros and cons of that situation would fill another 2 blogs.  Enough said I think.

Well red lovers, big hearts to you. That's it from Beach House Red. Until tomorrow, oooh roooo


The books lying around the Beach House today are;

At My French Table by Jane Webster
My French Life by Vicki Archer
Luxury Toys eds Anja Liorella Oriol
The Complete Book of the Home Murdoch Books
France a Sense of Place by Francois D'Humieres
The Way We Live Alfresco by Stafford Cliff and Gilles De Chabaneix

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  1. Sitting here sipping my Coke Zero and admiring how you framed pants!
    xo Cathy

  2. kids are hard work even when they grow up but the rewards are definitely worth it.. i find the saying keep calm and carry on is good to remember when raising kids. i have this hanging in my kitchen just to remind me!
    i remember having those yo yos.
    cheers cheryl x

  3. LOVE it! I want to do this in our pool house...WHENEVER we make it bigger. It's more like a pool shed now. ;)

  4. I love everything! Coca Cola is one the world's famour brands. Here in the Philippines, the company release a lot of collectible items too. I can relate to the "yoyos" and the wooden case that housed many bottles. Today, the company no longer uses that wooden cases. They opted for plastic cases.

    Have a great day ahead!

  5. Great mantel, you are funny.. 'you were a great mum till you had kids' lol I know the feeling well x

    I remember being in red phone box like that, sadly they have all been replaced now xx

  6. What a fun beach house you have and my kids were playing with Barbies in the 70's ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. i adore all the coke ephemera...especially those wicked cool jeans...i love a good pop of red and when you combine it with vintage advertising goodies it looks wonderful...thanks so much for linking up to fridays following!


    stuff and nonsense

  8. So fun! I love all the red!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Love your red accents and your sweet treasures- Those jeans are incredible!! Thanks so much for sharing at FNF! :)

  10. Its PERFECT for the space! LOVE IT!

    Thank you for linking this up to WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!

    Hope to see you next Wednesday:)


  11. I totally love all of your red accents and those jeans are super cool! Mr. Beach house must have rocked the golf course in those! You need to just take a picture of the picture so we will believe you. :-) And I was raising my hand in agreement that parenting is hard! My mom says that we are imperfect people raising imperfect children in an imperfect world so how could we expect it to go perfectly? LOL! Thanks so much for linking up again this week to Inspiration Friday!

  12. Those were pants?!?! AND he actually wore them? I am tweeting your post, this is too cool. Great display and red accents!

  13. I thought those were banners! Those jeans are truly bizarre.

  14. I just adore your pictures that you share and always look forward to a new post of yours.

  15. Love the pop that the red brings to an otherwise tranquil space.

  16. Oh so like all of those red stuffs. Happy Rednesday...

    mine is here

  17. I love your coke Collectibles , Coke-a-Cola is a state of mind . :)


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