Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beach House Decks

When we start on the topic of decks here in Oz, we are really entering hallowed territory. Call it what you will, veranda, porch, deck or terrace one thing is for sure, it is a coveted addition to the Australian home.  Throughout our long Indian Summers, it is used almost exclusively, as the dining and living room.

Down here at beach house central, Mr Beach House has even had it arranged so he can watch his plasma screen, whilst sitting out on his beloved deck sipping his rose.

I on the otherhand, prefer going solo on the adirondack.

This well loved deck was not always like so.  The space was once a jumbled mess of paving and concrete at different levels.  The baby's bottle is a dead give away as to why it looked such a wreck.  Yes you got it, I was a sleep deprived crazy mama living in baby land., but not anymore.

And so now it looks like this.

We are lucky to have two such outdoor spaces at the beach house. The other deck is on the shady side of the cottage. It's where I hang out when I'm not flying solo and the beach house brats want to ride their scooters and bikes on those blisteringly hot Summer days, in my presence.  The space is covered, so it's our wet weather option as well. 

The view from here is like this,

so I have been able to make many wise and considered decisions sitting on the woodern bench, that you can just make out.  The kiddo's cane rocker was puchased for next to nothing at the Red Cross Shop and belongs to Beach House Brat number two. 

 Most of the other dressings were salvaged from garage sales and thrift shops too.

So there you have it outdoor lovers. Tomorrow I am going to show you some gorgeous pictures of how my fellow northern beachers live outdoors too.  Here is a taste of what's to come.

 You won't want to miss it, as it will inspire you to embrace the great outdoors in new and fabulous ways.

Until then,

Best Carolyn  

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  1. Wow; beautiful--what views. I'm really loving those decks. Have a great weekend.

  2. You absolutely transformed that space! It looks so inviting and I can just imagine how relaxing it must be to lounge in that adirondack chair while basking in the sun. Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday too!

  3. Hey Carolyn, you have transformed the deck very beautifully. I like the Adirondack chair where one being solo can enjoy the whole sunny day and can listen to the wonderful birds chirping and much more. Loved your new deck!!!


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