Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Armchair Colletive Inspires New Yellow Love

I was taking random shots of the Beach House Brat at our fave new hang out, The Armchair Collective in Mona Vale. We had dropped the boys at soccer and resolved to go for girly coffee, as I didn't want her standing out on a field in this freezing weather. Her current new best friend is that syringe she is holding. They are currently inseparable.
For the first time in her life she's taking medication.  I mean its not the first time she has been prescribed medication but this time she's actually taking it.  I asked the doctor to explain to her that she needed to take it to make her feel better and it actually worked.  No more gooey strawberry flavoured liquid running down the side of her face as we are both screaming at each other....she out of fright and me out of panic that she wont get better. And so now she has a new best friend and everyone is happy. 
As I was clicking away I noticed a girl dressed in a beautiful bright yellow jumper and basically nothing else.  I don't know if it was the visually resplendent surroundings of the Armchair Collective that framed her or what, but to me she looked beautiful.  Perhaps it was the bleak day outside and the lack of sunshine that made me notice her, but at that point she inspired in me a desire to see and shoot yellow.

From my armchair at The Collective I could now see so much of it.  Talk about the penny dropping.  I was starting to warm up.  Now ordinarily I would walk past a gathering of sticks without a second glance but today they were beautiful.
This waiter was juggling a very busy role as this place rocks on the weekends.  He looks frazzled juxtaposed against the order of the iconic pineapple and those bottles all in a row that match his shirt.
Then I just started shooting random yellows

We left the cafe and the yellows kept on coming to me.  What would have originally looked to me like an ugly blonde brick 1960's mistake suddenly became beautiful in all its yellow symmetry.
And the street signs, instead of being a directive to slow down and watch for pedestrians, were just big beautiful pieces of urban art, that were brightening an otherwise horrible Winters day.
Even the fire hydrant made it into my yellow Nirvana.
We stopped at the video store on the way home and the yellows were everywhere now. In the dispensing machines and on the counter.

 A piece of kiddo art work aimlessly thrown on the back seat of the car after kindy, was now seen in a new light.  This one is keeper anyway as it has those priceless hand prints.  I have never been a mummy that has been able to keep every piece of kiddo art.  But I have to tell you a secret.  Every time I throw one out I think....oh God what if something happens to my child and I have thrown this art out.  It is a link with them and now it's gone.  Then I shut the cupboard door and walk away.  I am ashamed to say I am the cruel declutterer.  But there you have it, another little bit of the real me.
And there goes my muse.   She will never know that she inspired so much yellow joy on a freezing Winters day on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Even on the drive home I could not help but stop the car and shoot some last pieces of yellow before going home with some sushi to hibernate in the hope of the sun shining tomorrow.
Beautiful Australian wattle.

This blogging is making me look at everything in a different light.
I hope you have a great week and that it's very bright.


  1. I love how you can get inspired by someone or something and take photographs of things you might have passed by normally. Gorgeous images! Looks like a lovely afternoon :)

  2. I loved this soo much! So inspiring to open your eyes to see life! :)

  3. Hi Carolyn, I'm so sorry that you're have a difficult time linking up to Masterpiece Monday. I'm trying an "updated" version of Linky Tools. Some people are able to link up and others aren't..strange! The last thing I want is for people to feel frustrated when they visit my blog. I ran a test and tried to link up myself and couldn't. I sent a message to Brent Riggs of Linky Tools describing the problem. I really appreciate you joining my link party every week and I hope you will try to link up again, the link will be open all week and hopefully the problem will be fixed. If the problem continues, I will just go back to the old way of linking.

    Thank you for your patience, Mary :O)

  4. This was a great post for me. I have had those days with red. I've seen red everywhere but without a camera. This was inspiring and you have the cutest little model in little Miss Beach House Brat. Adorable.

  5. Yellow is such a happy color. I can see why you like it.

    Your daughter is adorable. I'm happy for you that your daughter now takes her meds with ease.


  6. What a happy post. :) I am really loving yellow more and more these days as well. I am so glad that your daughter is doing better and thank you for your sweet words about my son and the passing of my dog, they meant so much to me. My little one is feeling better as well and he is taking his medicine like a trooper too. :)
    Enjoy your week Beach House Girl!

  7. LOL as I was all abpout yellow just the other day! Great minds... Loved your yellow day!
    xo Cathy

  8. i'm not usually a fan of yellow.. but i like the painted timber chair and the first cushion. your little one is a character!
    cheryl x

  9. Hi Carolyn, I'm pretty sure I've fixed the problem with Masterpiece Monday. I disabled the link back requirement. I know you've already tried twice, but could you please try linking one more time? By the way I forgot to tell you how much I really like your yellow post! Funny how the girl never knew she inspired it. Blessings, Mary :O)

  10. what a lovely, gorgeous post!!! cheery and bright!
    Laura x

  11. lovely post! I have been smitten by yellow over the past few years, definitely very cheery an upbeat, . this was a nice little outing you took us on and your grandaughter is adorable.

  12. Thanks for a very warm and lovely post! Great pics too.

  13. How lovely!

    If you have a moment, please stop by and enter my giveaway.

    Happy Monday to you.

  14. I'm OBSESSED with yellow. My blog is called "case of the yellows" and even though I don't always plan on it, most of my posts include a ton of yellow. It just sneaks in without notice until I'm afraid people will think I'm nothing but yellow pillows and handbags. Great post, thanks for sharing :)

  15. Gorgeous shots! Beautiful blog you got here! Calling from creative bloggers party...hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a great week!

  16. Hi, hopped over from TTT. What a doll that little one is! Love all of your random yellows. It's nice now and then to take time to enjoy things that usually don't stand out. How can we not? Yellow is such a cheery color.

  17. I love that yellow top too! Gorgeous. I also loved the two stools in the first pic.

  18. I wish I could show you the YELLOW velvet arm chair I bought at the thrift store yesterday, It would definitely make you smile!

    I'm following you now! I'd love if you followed me back at

  19. Just found your blog. I will never look at yellow in quite the same way again. Thanks for your creative outpouring!!



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