Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Girls Bedroom Cubest Inspiration

 I bought these great cubes off the fabulous Lisa, at one of her garage sales.  You can read about that sale here if you like.  My post on her garage sale was one of my first so it was a while ago now.
Lisa had baskets in the cubes, which she decided to keep. So they came naked,  I rather like them 'nude', but they do need a repaint as the baskets have scratched the paint.  That will be for another day though.
What I was trying to do here was to get some little girls bedroom inspiration happening.  The Nada Herman painting was my muse.... read more about her here..... If you look closely, the painting has all the colours I have styled the cubes with. And it will be the central feature of the Beach House Brats bedroom makeover....whenever that occurs.
I've told you in the past how I am keeping her in the cot for as long as is possible.  Perhaps not the greatest of parenting practises....but since when have I followed what the experts say???  Especially with my second.  She is a very determined  babe and as she is very little, she hasn't got the ability to climb out of the cot, so she is staying there as long as possible.  I just know she would appear at my bedside at 3am in the morning if she could get out.  She is currently waking at that time and calling me in to tell me she has a 'sore' something or other.  Last night it was apparently a sore eye.  I thought she might have had a tick in her eye, as they are pretty common around these parts.  So I went into her and said I'd have to turn the light on so I could have a good look.  After doing so, I asked her to show me where her eye hurt and she pointed to her chin.  Now this kiddo is nearly 3 and she is smart enough to know the difference between her chin and her eye.  I snuggled her back under the bed clothes and told her in no uncertain terms, not to call out again until morning...she toed the line, but unfortunately by that time, with the walk to her room and lights on etc, I was wide awake, so by then my slumber was pretty well over.ARRRRRGH!!!! 
The only bright spot in the sleeping shenanigans of the Beach House is that she has dropped her day sleep and is in bed by 6.30pm theses days. Let me tell you that is a scenario I am none too unhappy about. It is just so relaxing with her in bed by this time.   
 So back to this Beach House inspiration..... I picked up this mosquito net at a garage sale about a year ago. I bought it because it went with the painting and the old mosquito net had been spewed and chewed on for long enough.  My inspirational painting used to grace the master bedroom until that turned Beach House Blue, so I have a gorgeous queen size doona to match it, which will probably be re vamped for this bedroom.
Today the mosquito net, which is essential for protection from sneaky mossies, in the Summer months when all the doors are flung open, was fashioned into a little cubby house for the Beach House Brat.  She liked it so much that it is now a permanent fixture in her room.
The blue and white cushions were bought for a makeover of my front porch but she now claims them as her own.  I'm gunna have to fight her for them if my porch is to become aqua and white next Summer aren't I?
The Ikea catalogue turned up at the Beach House last week and it had the bed I wanted to get for this bedroom makeover.  It is fantastic daybed with draw storage and pulls out to become a double bed.  So the old queen doona will be perfect here.
And now for the colour splashes styled in the cubes
Apple Green... a particular favourite of mine.  I call that guy Mr Darcy and of course she is Elizabeth Bennett.
 Purple... I'm in love with my darling's ruffled tutu
Pink...... I picked up this cute Hawaiian cushion at the Palm Beach Markets.  You can read more about those markets here
The knitted cup cake and the duck are presents she got on her birth.

Her first money box.

Gift packages from Ikea all in a row.

And red Russian Dolls
 Blue....Those were her first shoes and I bought that carousel in France, when I never dreamed I'd be so lucky to have her at all.
And yellow.....I have had that daffodil painting since I was flatting in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney all those years ago
Well today's little project has almost made me ditch the cot and go for the move to a bed.  Almost.....its just that I have to get my head around the battles I'll face getting her to stay in her bed until dawn.  Maybe I'll keep the cot in the corner and just put her back in there if it doesn't work out.
One thing is for sure, with the budget we are on until the end of the financial year... you can read more about that here if you like, there won't be any bedroom makeovers completed at the Beach House for a while.
Beach House of the Week up next.
Best Carolyn
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  1. It is so pretty Carolyn, I love the cubbies and all the colors that you have, such a perfect girls room! I love the painting that you used as your inspiration! Oh I loved it when the kids went to bed early, such peace and quiet! Those days are long gone though! :D Oh well, I enjoy the time with them. :)

  2. You have me all smiles again at your post. And you dear sweet Miss Beach House Brat is adorable and worth all your focus here. The love the color combo.

  3. Carolyn...I love it! So cute how you put it together too!

    I just redesigned a toddler bed for a client in white...Come over and take a peek! :) Meme

  4. Hey sweetie...My follower button is below the FB Twitter section...keep scrolling...i may need to move it up huh? lol

  5. thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet comment! I love your blog too! I am already a follower of yours and would love it if you would follow my blog too! blogger is being weird with my GFC follow button but you can still follow me by clicking "FOLLOW" on the top left side of my page along my navigation bar. Just go to my blog, scroll up to the very top of the page and click on the follow button. Its next to the "share", blog search links at the top! Thanks so much!

  6. This post was so much fun to see from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at what was in each cubbie! Amazing!
    I have a smaller cubbie I found at a thrift store. Painted it with chalk paint but just couldn't figure out what to do with it. It's been sitting there for a while now. You have given me some great ideas!
    Oh how I would have loved a room like this when I was a little girl. Stopping by from At the Picket Fence link party. So glad you shared!

  7. the shelves were a great find for your daughters room! when they're older like mine they wake you up at 3am when they arrive home. ; )
    cheryl x

  8. Carolyn, that is absolutely adorable! You dressed up those "naked" cubes just perfectly. :-) Thanks so much for popping over and sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday!

  9. Beautiful! My girlie sleeps exactly in that IKEA bed and she (and I) love it!

  10. Hi Carolyn, this is so lovely and i love how you have made little 'pictures' in the cubes. Such a sweet little girls room, have a lovely weekend x

  11. I just love this, it is fab! I am starting my little girls room next month and would love something a bit more quirky like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love this, and I am sure any girl, big or small, would!

    Would you like to link it up to our Weekly Playdate at: ?

    Come & Play :: Playdate!

  13. Love the cube shelves. I just finished painting some. Darling bedroom. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday. Karie

  14. Lovely shelf and all the things you have in it are beautiful too. Love all the fun colours. Very enjoyable post :)

  15. Such a sweet room~ the cubbies are lovely and the little reading nook is quite charming!! I love it~ Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  16. What a wonderful room for your daughter. I love the cubbies and the pink. You have done a great job decorating on a budget. Thanks for linking this up to HSH!

  17. Your baby girl sounds adorable - I would cry out too if I had a tick in my eye...I mean my chin!!!

    Love the cubbies and all of the pretty things you chose to use. Great painting!
    Thanks for coming to THT.

  18. In your post so many lovely stuffs and I like each and every little pictures in the cubes. Well, these all are absolutely adorable.

  19. The blue and white cushions are very beautiful. I also bought same fabric from city mall, but colour is very different, It is in light red and other one is dark brown.


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