Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poolside at Bannisters for Some Coastal Inspiration

 Aloha from Poolside at Bannisters. As if it was not enough to wake up to this.......

and have lunch around this beautiful table at Leah's Home Atelier, which you can read all about here.

My friends and I also found ourselves poolside at Bannisters at Mollymook last weekend.  With a wet edge pool and an outdoor bar, we were right at home. We kicked off the cocktail hour with some mojitos in line with our 'live it up ' mantra and although we were not up to dinner, we were certainly back for breakfast.
There's lots of outdoor coastal inspiration in these shots.  This pod chair was a favourite. It looks like there's room for two in there.

The outdoor shower is also something I am working on here at the Beach House.  The less sandy babes in doors the better I say.
Bannisters had some great inspirational wall art in the reading room.  This instillation would be free to construct, except for the cost of some fishing wire and a few screws.  These palm fronds grace the streets of the Northern Beaches at garden collection time every three months or so.  Oh and of course you would need a good man to help you string it up.  Not always easy to harness, if Mr Beach House is any indication.

I think this light fitting is fabulous for a bar or even above an island bench.  Of course I snuk a good look as to how it was put together.  It seemed to have a purpose made plastic ring and the bottles just clicked into it.  So you could change the bottles at will......very cute!!!!
And how's this for a breakfast bar with a view? 
The restaurant looked out over the ocean to the north so it was a light filled space.  We breakfasted here but as usual I got into the moment and forgot to shoot the food.  I guess you can't always look at life through the lens of a camera!

And there's that great view again across the infinity pool.  The waves were just forming in front of us and the off shore breeze was making them stand up beautifully as the sea spray drifted off their backs. Just Gorgeous!!
Well I certainly arrived back to reality with a thud.  I came home to a daughter who need to be hospitalised over night for a severe post viral rash and I lost my voice from one too many glasses of champagne.   Can you imagine standing at emergency trying to get help for your daughter.  I thought it was menigicocal...where time is of the essence.  She had a bright red rash growing all over her legs and beginning to take hold on her arms, that did not fade when I pressed it and I'm trying to tell the triage nurse my daughter's history and I couldn't speak.  She told me not to panic.  I felt very small at this stage.
Grandpa if you are reading this it was HSP and she seems fine now but as you will know, has to be watched for any kidney damage, a very rare side effect.  I think I deserved my 36 hours off don't you!!!!!,

Best Carolyn
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  1. The photos are out of this world. The last ocean shot was fantastic. Loved the wall art. I hope your darling daughter is OK. And, yes, you sure deserved the time off in that paradise.

  2. gorgeous pics - but so sorry to hear about your daughter. hope she makes a fast recovery - very scary homecoming.
    cheryl xox.

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Glad you got to go to Bannisters. Your pics really show it off well. Sorry to hear about your daughter, but it's great that she's OK.
    Beth x

  4. looks like a good spot to stay. mollymook is very pretty and the photo with the waves is beautiful. hope your daughter's ok.
    cheryl x

  5. Oh, fabulous photos, fantastic place. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh how frightening for you. I hope that she is making a quick recovery now. As for Bannisters! Lucky you, I love Milton. Did you check out the Mollymook bottleshop? It is better than most we have in Sydney. Sounds like a seriously good weekend Iif you lost your voice!

  7. And you deserve another time off for recouping. Glad your daughter was okay! And hope you get to return to Bannisters soon!
    xo Cathy

  8. Glad to read your little one is ok..my goodness...I did have menigicocal, so your right about time being the essence..glad it wasn't.

  9. Loved the photos and reading of your adventures on your holiday, the lunch on Friday must have been such a highlight. Hope your daughter is going ok.

  10. Your holiday looks like it was just magical, with great views at every turn! Glad your daughter is ok. Sounds like you could use another holiday after that experience!
    Happy REDnesday,

  11. What a beautiful place and great views. Thanks for joining the party.

  12. Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

    I'm visiting from The Blog Party. It's a pleasure to find your blog.

    Have a great day.

  13. Poolside looks like the perfect place to relax!


    Woman in the scarlet coat,
    Are you heading for a boat?
    Or perhaps you need a bus
    To get far away from us.
    Whether wheels or sails you take
    Don’t forget the chocolate cake
    To sustain you on your way;
    Red-clad damsel, now we say,
    “Go with grace, enjoy the ride,
    See you on the other side!”

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Faded Red Sidewalk

  14. Beautiful pictures! What a gorgeous and relaxing place to visit.

    Glad your daughter is better!

  15. I am so glad that your daughter is feeling better and I hope that there are no lasting affects, poor little one and it is very scary when things like that happen.
    You definitely deserved that beautiful place to stay! Oh my gosh it is gorgeous, everything about it!! I am not sure I would have gotten out of that pool!

  16. Love that table setting.. and what a wonderful place x

  17. So scary about your daughter. Hope all is well...

    LOVE this location! It's so inspiring... I am headed to the yard to find palms so I can make my own hanging art. It's perfect for our poolside...(Not sure how my husband is going to like this, but he usually lets me have my way...for awhile.)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  18. Carolyn,
    Beautiful vacation spot. Love the views. So sorry you daughter was ill. Kids always keep you grounded. Thanks for linking it up to Home Sweet Home!

  19. Beautiful pictures and place to relax.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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