Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Fun Night in at the Beach House

With my new 'going with what ya got' mentality in the interests of getting to France quicker, I brought in some greenery from the garden and we stayed in for home made pizza last Saturday night.

Earlier I had harnessed the brawn of Mr Beach House to help dig out a few saplings that were dangerously close to the foundations of the house and cause I didn't buy flowers  last week I brought some of the cuttings in.
I have often taken photos of this gorgeous antique boat, that was a toy of my father's. These boats are known in Sydney as Balmain Bugs and in the 1930's and 40's they were raced on the lakes at Centennial Park and bets were taken on the outcome.  My dad was lucky enough to have his own, although as he was born in 1935, I doubt he was involved in the gambling. 
The sails are all snail eaten now but I love this boat as it's a link to my dad.
So after a spot of palm frond and coastal banksia jooshing, I got out the pizza ingredients and put the youngest Beach House Brat to work.  No need for any recipe action here, as you can see what I used and you can use anything you like.  Thinly sliced sweet potato is another favourite, but we were all out of it last weekend.

 We loaded up these store bought pizza bases. I hope you aren't cringing right now but these bases are really great.  They are from Harris Farm and they are like thin Italian pizza crusts with a lovely herb infused tomato sauce. So in the interests of having dinner on the table in 25 minutes from fridge to table, I use these.
 I think this  a great way of disguising vegetables that the kiddos would not otherwise eat.  I must say I was a little concerned that this kiddo would do the tight lipped shuffle, as often happens at dinner  time around here and not eat this pizza. She knew what was on it, so that was a real risk,  but no I was wrong....they all gobbled it up.  No lunch box left overs here.

 And what do you do whilst the pizza is cooking?  You dance around the living room to Van Morrison, snapping shots of your amazingly tidy for a Saturday living room, that's what.
 Mr Beach House, bless his soul, is still turning up with a bunch of flowers for me most Friday nights.  And there they are in the red and white striped paper bag.  White lilies this weekend....... you can tell I'm well and truly over the 'baby booster bust up' of the weekend before....which you can read more about here  if you haven't already.
 Anyway, when the pizza was pulled from the oven, the cork on the rose was popped, or in this case screwed off.  The kiddos got water in a coke glass, cause that's as close as they get to coca cola around here....... One exception Christmas day!!!!!

At that point, everyone turned up in the kitchen eager to get into it. Mr Beach House does not stand on ceremony and it's off to the table for a great family dinner for four.

This Saturday night we will be at home as well. The Tour de France begins.  Yippee!!! This is perfect viewing synergy for Mr Beach House and I.  He watches the bikes and I am perfectly content to watch the scenery.
Happy days everyone.
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  1. Oh it looks like a fun night...

    Love how you make your pizza,
    it has so much cheese.

  2. What a sweet story. I wish you blessings and good luck on your trip to France. My grand-brats are lucky to have mon amour-he works at Disneyland on the weekends so they can go there anytime they like-He works another job during the week.

  3. You are doing pretty good there by just going by what ya got!!!
    Fun times...
    Love it!

  4. Pizza looks great as does your home. That's my idea of a perfect saturday night in...and Van Morrison..well who could complain about that. Leahxx

  5. Your home and that pizza look yummy...and oh you have just described my husband and I watching the Tour de France, I have not a clue whats going on with the bikes and don't care, I'm just sighing at the scenery :)x

  6. I love the awesome sailboat. What a sweet story behind it!

    We love to do pizza on Friday nights and although Chicago is well known for it's pizza, it's fun to make our own as a family. And we do love the grocery store crust. Then we use up all the veggies from the week. Fun, fun, fun!


  7. What a lovely blog. I'll be lurking around here for a while. If you'd like you can enter this precious giveaway. It's the last day to enter.

  8. Carolyn,
    I love your vignette with the old boat! Your pizza looks fabulous! Looks like the crowd enjoyed it. Thanks for linking this up to Home Sweet Home!

  9. What a lovely post Carolyn! Sounds like the perfect family night to me (we have dance party nights at our house). I loved seeing the boat that belonged to your father and those gorgeous giant branches added so much to the whole grouping. Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week!

  10. Hi Carolyn,
    You're so lucky to have that lovely boat as a link to your father. The pizza looks great and so does your lounge room. Thanks for your positive feedback on the new look of my blog. I thought it was about time I updated it.
    Beth x

  11. An awesome night home! I love your pizzas...I make my own too! It is such a nice feeling to relax for dinner. the old boat is a great memory for you. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  12. What a nice idea. I usually prefer to hang out at home.

  13. Your meal looks great. Love your pretty room--I agree, snap the picture while it's tidy!

  14. I wish you blessings and good luck on your trip to France.


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