Friday, June 3, 2011

Beach House Puts Her Feet Up

It has been as busy as Pitt Street Mall in the week before Christmas here at the Beach House lately,  and I hope to be putting my feet up this weekend for some R&R. 

 We have no social engagements this weekend, which is unusual.  The only thing I have to do is front up to BBQ duty at Soccer at 8am on Saturday morning.  I figure if my friend who has just finished chemo can be there so can I.  I told ya she was nice.  Read more here if you like. The other reason I like manning the BBQ, is because it's a good way to catch up with all the locals.  Most of them come by, as who wouldn't want a warm bacon and egg roll on a freezing Winter morning.

After I sign off from soccer that's it gals. I'm hangin' at the Beach House. I've asked Mr Beach House to bring his power drill home this weekend as I want to hang some art, so lets see if he remembers. If you see those shots next week you'll know he came through for me. Other than that I'll be spending lots of this
by the fire and around the garden if the weather holds.  Mr Beach House wants friends over to check out the new roof, but as I have to do all the work and he just shows up I'm against the idea. Lets see how that goes too.
Before my 'me time' weekend starts, I am driving across town today to have lunch with some old school friends.  One of them I have been with since kindergarten.  I love these girls so and  am looking forward to a great day with them.  I have even organised others to pick up the Beach House Brats from school so I can relax about time.  Can't wait to see them.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Next up is Beach House of the Week.  It's a gorgeous home with high ceilings and beautiful furniture, not to mention the views, so don't miss it.
Until then
Best Carolyn
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  1. A great week-end to you, too. Looking forward to the Beach House of the Week. Great opening shot!

  2. You sound busy, Carolyn!! I'm glad you will have a little time to rest up at the Beach House...time around the fire sounds good to me! Have a great time!


  3. Love the sidebar photos of you beach house -

    Am a new follower-

    Best Wishes,


  4. Enjoy the ME time Carolyn! And I'd rather be warming my feet by your fire in the cooler temps than the blistering heat/humidity that arrived here. Love your photos in this post - made me smile!
    xo Cathy

  5. Have a wonderful weekend BHG! I hope you get to put your feet up and relax!

  6. Love the leg photo :).. have a relaxing weekend Carolyn x


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