Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beach House Goes on Holiday

Hi Gorgeous people
The time has finally arrived after nine long years I am finally going away for a girly weekend.  Actually it's only 36 hours but Mr Beach House has his trainer wheels on so I thought I better not leave for too long.

We seem to have a real division of labour thing going on at the Beach House.  He earns the dollars and I do the kiddo/ house thing.  Nothing wrong with that and it's the way I wanted it, but I am one of those mummies that has basically been real hands on, especially in the early years of raising the Beach House Brats.  That is to say, Mr Beach House patted and paid for them until they became really interesting.  When they got past pooing, spewing and chewing and started to respond, he got interested, but until that time I was very much on my own.

You know the type...fantastic guy, great bread winner, a bundle of laughs and all that, but unless he is getting something out of it he's not really interested.  So all the dreary, boring and hard kiddo raising work was left to me.  The only real help I've had these last nine years, was from my mum.  I often say Mr Beach House is like a bachelor who is married with kids....lets just say his needs, apart from a resentful wife who gets the pip with him, are almost always met before anyone elses.
Don't misunderstand me he is fantastic father to his kids, but it has to be on his terms. When I went into hospital to have my second, not only did my son fall off the balcony, but Mr Beach House had the gaul to say  on my return from hospital, when I ventured to ask how it all went. "Oh your jobs take 5 minutes". Maybe they did, after I had made sure all the washing was up to date and put away. The pantry was full and the freezer was well stocked with ready made dinners. I had also organised school drops and pick ups down to the last minute, so all he really had to do was get the Beach House Brat dressed and visit me and the bub in hospital. Poor guy!!!!

So it is with heightened delight that I am off this weekend for my 36 little hours of homewares and dining pleasure with 3 other great Northern Beaches gals. And where I hear you ask. Well we are off to Leah's at The Inside Story. She opens her home every second Friday for a long lunch. It's generally lunch for eight and I have added a sample menu at the end of this post. We then get to check out all her homewares for sale and you can check out more here if you like at My Home Atelier. These pictures will give you a hint of what we are in for.

So as you can see, getting away for a day and a half is a big deal for me.  I am not entirely blameless in this, whole 'poor me' scenario...That is too say, if I am completely honest, I have always found it really hard to leave my kids.  That's something I'm working on and it will be interesting to see how I go this weekend.  Perhaps this is the first of many weekends alone to come.  I must say it already feels good
Well Mr Beach House has just walked through the door with a bottle of rose for me.  He's not that bad after all is he!!!!!  He has just asked me how early he can drop off the kids in the morning.  Now that kind of talk just makes me nervous.  Perhaps a rose and a debrief of our respective days will put me at ease!!!!
He's got an action packed Saturday with soccer photos, a band concert performance and his mother's 80th birthday party!!! I hope he just loves his hands on experience ha ha!!!!!!
Put if this way, if he mucks up and picks the kiddo up late from kindy.  At $10 per minute fine past 5pm....he will be paying the bill.  It's those little things that have exhuasted me over the last nine years and I think 36 hours off will be just the ticket!!!

Can't wait to elaborate on the details of Leah's next week. So until then my lovelies, have a great weekend! I know I will.

The sample menu for the month of May was:

For lunch a choice of:

Lobster with Indonesian Noodles, coriander chilli and garlic
Goats cheese, sundried tomato and basil Tartlett

And for dessert

Creme Brulee served with mixed Berries
Hazelnut Meringue ice-cream cake with Hot chocolate Sauce
The price is $35 per head and includes champagne on arrival and tea and coffee.
All pictures are used with the permission of My Home Atelier
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  1. have a great day..i'm sure you will, leah's place looks gorgeous!
    cheryl x

  2. Leah has an awesome website. I visited. Have a fantastic weekend away from your loved ones! Wonderful photos. Would like to visit.

  3. I do hope you have an absolute blast gal!!! You go girl and make the best! Relax to the max and I will drink to your um very mini break!

    Lovely dreamy images above.

  4. Have a wonderful time! I love all your photos and I am sure that Mr Beach House will be fine and the kids will take good care of him. ;)

  5. Beautiful blog!
    Fabulous home!
    Have a great weekend.

    Angela - from playgroup :)

  6. I'm so envious. Have a wonderful time and don't forget to give us a full blow by blow on your visit to Leah's! ;)Sharyne

  7. Hey Carolyn,
    Wasn't that a great day yesterday! I've posted about it. Hope you and the girls had a great time on the south coast. I think I've become a follower of your blog - I seem to have trouble trying to follow. Anyway, hopefully I can email you in the future if I need any more help with blogging!
    Beth x


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